11 Things Every Student Goes Through During Their Junior Year Of University

Junior year is the busiest, saddest, wackiest, happiest, chillest and most phenomenal year of university. You’ve had 2 years to figure things out (a little) and get your shit together (a little) and now it’s time to live it up. Responsibly. Here are a few things that you can expect to be doing junior year.

1. Go to every talk and (budget-friendly) trip

In junior year, the reality that only 2 years are left kicks in and the desperation to make the most of your time left drives you to glorious talks and adventures (that will not be easily accessible after college) that you wish you’d taken on before.

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2. Tell seniors to switch to Law

When most of your friends are seniors, you will spend hangouts attempting to persuade them to switch to the 5-year undergrad program so that you can spend your last year and graduation together.

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3. Attempt to decorate room and fail

You will hang up some fairy lights and plan to make a memory wall with your roommate but you might not actually get to it.

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4. Actually cut down on smoking

Most chain-smokers will switch to vapes when the need to be cool and fit in diminishes with their will to do anything at all.

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5. Get your budgeting shit together

You’ll feel more comfortable saying no to plans without experiencing major FOMO since you’d rather skimp on going out than on meals.

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6. Scorn at freshies since they’re taking over

Freshies in the ATM, freshies having chai at YOUR group’s spot, freshies EVERYWHERE. The united scorn for freshmen is the one thing that the entire upperclassmen batch bonds over. (It’s actually because we wish we could be in their place to start over and have so much time to do the things the right way)

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7. Quarter life crisis all day everyday

Too late to switch majors., too early to know about your career, too small to know the objective reality, too limited in our human minds to view the world and know everything. Welcome to the quarter life crisis before reaching quarter life.

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8. Show up to class in PJs because fucks denay ke liye hain hi nahi

You will become the people you used to scoff at for turning up to classes in their jammies. And that’s okay. Class ke baad waapis room he bhaagna hai.

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9. Invest time in people you care about

No more vapid socializing with random people. You now know the people who genuinely care about you and will stay and you will dedicate all your social time to them, since there’s very little of it left.

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10. Attempt to workout every week and kinda pass

You know that you’ll never invest in a gym membership so might as well make use of what you have right now.

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11. Suffer random breakdowns for no reason except that everything is arbitrary and nothing will ever make sense

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Do you relate to these? Let us know how your junior year is going in the comments section.


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