TikTok Star Kanwal Aftab Has Spoken Up In Support Of Jannat Mirza In The Feud With Bushra Ansari

By Sana Yasmeen | 8 Jun, 2021

Kanwal Aftab just weighed in regarding Jannat Mirza vs Bushra Ansari incident

Having unintentionally hurt the sentiments of the Christian community, Jannat Mirza found herself feuding with Bushra Ansari despite apologizing to all her fans and people offended by the post. Bushra Ansari had criticized Jannat and that sparked an outrageous reaction from Jannat’s fans, friends, and family, and plenty of people stood by Jannat.


In an unexpected show of solidarity, TikTok star Kanwal Aftab also spoke up in support of Jannat Mirza in the phadda with Bushra Ansari

Kanwal Aftab took to her Instagram stories to post a message in support of Jannat. She stated that Bushra Ansari’s reaction and choice of words were uncalled for and that mistakes happen. She further stated that it was Bushra Ansari’s responsibility to ensure whether Jannat had apologized or not.


This show of support by Kanwal Aftab for Jannat Mirza in the controversy with Bushra Ansari is significant but first here’s a recap for context 

For those of you who don’t know, Jannat Mirza had faced vitriolic comments from Bushra Ansari over wearing a chain with the Christian cross placed in what was termed by some as a demeaning manner. Jannat Mirza’s apology over the incident went unnoticed by Bushra Ansari and Bushra slammed the TikTok star for being ignorant of religious sentiments.


After Jannat clapped back at Bushra Ansari, the veteran actress issued a statement in defense of her earlier remarks

Bushra Ansari took to her social media to state that Jannat’s post had emotionally triggered her and she was unaware that it had been an honest mistake on Jannat’s part. She also stated to have been unaware of the apology Jannat had posted and called this whole situation off as a simple misunderstanding.


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A post shared by Bushra Bashir (@ansari.bushra)


In return, Jannat Mirza did not shy away from apologizing to Bushra Ansari either

Commenting on Bushra’s post, Jannat Mirza was quick to step forward with an apology from her side. She also advised Bushra Ansari to have a better choice of words in future.

Kanwal Aftab Jannat Mirza Bushra Ansari commentjannat
Source: @ansari.bushra/ Instagram

Jannat also addressed the whole situation on her personal social media platforms.

Kanwal Aftab Jannat Mirza Bushra Ansari instastoryjannat
Source: @jannatmirza_/ Instagram


Jannat Mirza’s sister Alishba was not far behind with an apology for the harsh words she had used against Bushra Ansari

Alishba explained that she was unable to comprehend the remarks Bushra Ansari had made for her sister, under Bushra’s post. She also requested the audience to stop spewing hate against her and Jannat.

Kanwal Aftab Jannat Mirza Bushra Ansari Alishba comment
Source: @ansari.bushra / Instagram

Alishba also took to her social media to not only apologize from Bushra Ansari but also explain why kindness is the way to go.

Kanwal Aftab Jannat Mirza Bushra Ansari Alishba statement
Source: @alishbahannjum / Instagram


So now, here’s why Kanwal Aftab supporting Jannat Mirza in the controversy with Bushra Ansari is important

This show of solidarity of these top TikTok stars is unexpected because of both have indicated that they aren’t exactly on the best of terms. Kanwal and Jannat have both accused each other of blocking the other one. Therefore, now that Kanwal has spoken in support of Jannat, it could mean that this is an extension of an olive branch from Kanwal’s side and maybe a possibility of future collab videos together?

Kanwal Aftab Jannat Mirza Bushra Ansari KanwalJannatcollab
Source: @kanwal.135 via Instagram / @jannatmirza_ via Instagram

With regards to the other matter, now that the apologies are done and dusted, both Bushra Ansari and Jannat Mirza have put this feud behind them and it is safe to say that the misunderstanding has been resolved.

Anyways, have any comments on the whole situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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Cover image: @ansari.bushra via Instagram / @kanwal.135 via Instagram / @jannatmirza_ via Instagram

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