Karachi, Get Ready For This Epic Courtroom Drama Hitting The Stage This Month

Stage Nomad Productions, an initiative by like-minded students and alumni from IBA, Habib, SZABIST, KU, and Arts Council, believes in providing a platform to theater enthusiasts and students wanting to pursue theater as their career and promotes a team of youngsters.

This July, the ensemble brings forth an adaptation of the Golden Bear winning, American motion picture of 1957 – 12 Angry Men: Mulzim Ya Mujrim. 

Source: Facebook // Stage Nomad Productions

Adapted by Wusutullah Khan, it is the story of a dozen jury members who fail to see as one when it comes to a murder case. A son has murdered his father and the heavily-male dominated jury thinks the facts of the case point to only one conclusion—that the son is guilty of slashing his father to death with a pocket knife.

The play was previously performed for three days in May, and was acclaimed as a considerable success. 

Source: samaa.tv

In a day and age where our society’s progressing at large, and our entertainment industry is undergoing a revival, and a revolution at that, it’s fairly sad to see Pakistani theater being overlooked the way it is. However, with the efforts of these brilliant students who are bringing forth such tremendous performances packed with drama and laughter, it’s safe to say that the future of theater looks pretty bright!

Let’s all support the revival of quality theater for the masses, and encourage these students to shine their way through this epic courtroom drama.

Mulzim Ya Mujrim which opens up at the Karachi Arts Council from the 14th to the 30th of July! 

Source: Facebook // Stage Nomad Productions

Cover Image Via: Facebook // Stage Nomad Productions