Karachi's Set To Reopen Pakistan's First Casino That Was Shut Down Before It Could Launch, Over 40 Years Ago

By Sarmad Amer | 1 Apr, 2021

Pakistan’s first casino is happening, after all

Now, we’ve all heard stories about how Karachi was a more “modern” city back in the days before prohibition was enacted by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and then General Zia’s oppressive regime changed things for the worse.


There are news clippings and old photographs about the free flowing alcohol, bars and clubs and whatnot in Karachi from the years past

Source: humsub.com.pk

And they do make one nostalgic for the past.


The enchanting tale of Pakistan’s first casino that was shut down in the day it was supposed to be inaugurated lives on

As per stories, the casino was allocated a location by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to an entertainment business tycoon, Tufail Sheikh, who already owned a hotel and a nightclub in Karachi. The casino was completed in April 1977 and had bars, restaurants, guest rooms and a nightclub built inside. However, there were violent protests by religious factions and the casino was closed down, along with a ban on nightclubs and open sale of alcohol in Pakistan, the same day it was supposed to be inaugurated.

Source: @OldKarachi / Facebook

According to Dawn.com, “In the 1990s, the casino building was turned into a recreational spot for children, with rides and all. In 2011, the building was bought over by real estate developers. It was finally torn down and a massive shopping mall was erected in its place. Many believe that had the casino survived and functioned as planned, Karachi would have become what Dubai is today”.


Well folks, we’ve got some good news for you

Because the Casino in Karachi is opening up again! Dolmen Mall, the shopping mall where the casino’s building originally was located is planning to bring back the lost glory to the city of lights.

Source: dhatoday.com

The casino is being built to counter the increasing influence of UAE as well as to compete with what the future may hold for Gawadar city, according to representatives of Dolmen Mall’s parent company.


Pakistan’s first casino is being built with an estimated budget of $100 million and is expected to add more than double of that to the city’s economy

And the company plans to open up more branches across the country once the success of this one in Karachi is ensured.

Source: dawn.com

With the city’s rich already having a dearth of public venues to party at, there is a flourishing underground rave, dance club and party culture in Karachi. With the opening up of the country’s first ever casino, it’s expected that much of the underground wealth that flows freely during the parties for alcohol consumption, betting and whatnot will become part of the city’s accounted for wealth. This should ensure a much needed financial boost to city of Karachi.


The casino is destined to become the party capital of Pakistan

With two international standard restaurants, a pool side dance floor and a nightclub, the casino is definitely going to become the hottest destination for people from all over the country to party their night away.

Moreover, the recent announcement of a Chinese company starting the first beer distillery company in Balochistan is going to help supply SO MUCH BOOZE to this new party destination. Post-COVID Pakistan is looking exciting!

Source: seanwashere.tumblr.com

Now we’re sure everyone’s going to have a gala time in this luxurious place but just remember, today is April 1 and social distancing ke zamaanay mein Casino banana bewakoofi hee hogi.

Sorry, we couldn’t resist pulling this April Fools’ Day prank for today. Love y’all. Stay safe and stay away from each other.


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Cover image via: casino.org

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