Kinnaird’s Charity Week Is Here And This Is Is Why It’s Totally Awesome

Every year in November, Kinnaird College For Women’s Studies holds a charity week where students from every semester can set up stalls and earn money for charity.

So here is the gist of it: Every day of the week is allocated to a semester or two, and they can set up their stalls in certain areas of the college. There are various games that are set up, different students bring different food (who can say no to a good home made biryani?), and there’s also fun activities.

Source: Zainab Ali

The College has a different aura every time charity week comes around. There is music, food and it is all for such a great cause!

Different activities also take place and every student purchases a ticket (proceeds going to charity of course) to attend that activity. For example: exciting scavenger hunts, jam sessions, and crazy dance offs! These activities are organised by the student council, and they make sure every penny is given in the hands of the college.

Source: Zainab Ali

So, where do these proceedings actually go?

As it’s famously said, charity begins at home, thus a portion of this charity goes to Kinnaird’s lower staff. All the workers i.e Ayya jee‘s, custodians, peons etc. are sometimes in need of money, apart from the pay they already get from college, so if any of them are do need extra cash (for a funeral, or wedding), Kinnaird itself is the first to help out and provide them with this facility. The other portion goes to different organisations such as Eidhi, and Shaukat Khannam.

Source: Zainab Ali

Props to Kinnaird College for setting amazing examples for it’s students!