14 Masalaydaar Roommate Confessions, Fresh From Kinnaird Ke Hostels

Who isn’t dying to hear the super spicy details of Kinnaird ki larkion ki confessions? Let me be the first to tell you, they are everything you thought they would be and much MORE. The sources? They will remain anonymous of course, mwahaha. So sit tight and let the excitement commence:

1. Once my friend offered me her burger and then after I ate it, she told me ‘iss mein keera tha.’ 

At least you got some protein?

Source: Al Karam

2. I accidentally farted in front of my senior and she told the warden that ‘isnay mujhse badtameezi ki hai.’

Hmm, talk about a superiority complex.

Source: HUM TV

3. I ate the chocolate that my roommate’s boyfriend gave her, and she still doesn’t know about it.

Who can say no to chocolate though?

Source: Deenga/MangoBaaz

4. Whenever the university office talks to my ‘mom’ for permission for a pass, it’s really just my roommate pretending to be my mom.

Woah, okay. Kinnaird peeps be schemin’.

Source: TUC Pakistan

5. I broke my roommate’s headphones, and then I was like ‘OMG, who did this?’

Playing dumb always works.

Source: Deenga

6. I stole my roommate’s new dress and wore it before she could, and she still doesn’t know.

I hope she doesn’t find out!

Source: Dharma Productions

7. A student was writing an application against the warden to the principal, and another student ratted her out.

That’s some serious ass-kissing.

Source: Danish Ali

8. One time I broke my roommate’s Beats, but then fixed them and put them back like nothing ever happened. She never found out.

That is really quick and slick work.

Source: EROS

9. I forgot to take off my tag on my new shirt and I walked around campus all day unknowingly and my roommate never told me.

She must really hate you.

Source: HUMTV

10. One night my roommate trimmed my eyelashes of only one eye while I was sleeping.


Source: Deenga

11. My roommate started talking to a guy she met online and she really liked him. Little did she know that guy was me using a fake account.

That’s some crazy prank.

Source: HUM TV

12. I read my roommate’s secret diary and she still doesn’t know.

Hot gossip alert!

But also potential Kinnaird drama alert.

Source: Youtube// The Living Picture

13. One time I was picking my boogers and I flicked them and they accidentally landed on my roommate’s food.

Okay, ew.

Source: Deenga

14. Once, I stained my roommate’s bed sheet, and when she saw it I was like, “Haw, yeh you tab ka hai jab tumhay periods huay thay

LOL, I wonder if she actually believed it.

Source: SOCH The Band

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