Here’s How Kinnaird College Could Do More To Help Its Differently Abled Students

At Kinnaird College for Women’s Studies, a special quota is given to ladies with different disabilities.

This allows them to attend the same lectures and receive the same education as every other student. However, it is much harder for them to learn at Kinnaird. These students, whether they’re partially or fully blind, not only require a helping hand for tests and exams, but also for walking to their classes, or anywhere else within the institute.


They can’t note down important points of a lecture. Often, they end up recording these lectures.

Other students have physical disabilities, making it difficult for them to walk up the stairs to any class on the second or third floors. Does this sound fair?


MangoBaaz Campus got in touch with Javeria, a Kinnaird student, who suffers from partial blindness. We asked for her input on this matter. 

“Other universities have plenty of facilities for disabled students like myself, but Kinnaird doesn’t,” explains Javeria.

She talked about how it’s hard to get a soft copy of notes or books that are needed to study for exams. Therefore, it’s harder to study. Even if they do get scanned notes, they’re difficult to understand, as they have a lot of mistakes in them.

“Students taking Urdu courses have a hard time completing assignments. There’s no Urdu software that’s friendly to use for visually impaired individuals like there is for English,” Javeria states.

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Kinnaird is, undoubtedly, a reputable institute. However, it needs to give an extra helping hand to its enrolled disabled community.

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A soft copy of notes and books should be available for every student to access for every course being offered. Each student is as important as the next. It is the administration’s duty to make sure everyone is equipped to study and learn to their full potential.

Javeria also mentions wanting to write her exams herself.

“Facilities, such as computer labs, should be provided to us so we are able to write our own tests and exams. It will be easier to do, and we will do a better job,” she elaborates.


Steps must be taken to ensure these students are better equipped to handle these tasks.

An Urdu software definitely needs to be made for these students. Moreover, getting around Campus should also be a lot easier for them than it is now. This could be done by the installation of elevators.


It’s unfortunate how the tasks that are easy for us become unmanageable for these students due to these limitations.

Kinnaird College should definitely pay heed to the students’ requests. After all, everyone needs an equal opportunity to learn and grow. Let us help our differently abled communities with the same.


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