Here Are All The Reasons You Need To Go To The Last Day Of The LUMS Dramafest

You there, yes you! How’s the fall coming down? I know, temperature, leaves, internet speed, expectations, grades are all falling at the same time, right? Well, at LUMS Dramaline, we believe that a wonderful person such as yourself must have something to look forward to this season and for that we introduce to you our flagship event: LUMS Dramafest’17. Today’s the last day, and yes, we have saved the best for last!

Not convinced? Well, by the end of this article, hopefully, you will be.

1. Socials will be lit

With a “Minute to Win It”, Cabaret, and a Food Street, you can’t not have a great time! Still, bring your friends if you don’t trust us!

2. Its gonna be star struck 

When it’s Dramaline, the entertainment industry is definitely involved. Who knows? You might just get to live the fan moment you’ve been waiting for!

3. Dramaline is performing

After a rigorous effort of 3 months, the most talented actors, directors and dancers at Dramaline bring you a theatrical treat…correction… FOUR theatrical treats! Yep, we’re putting up 4 plays as well!

4. A trip to Kashmir

Yeah, no… well sort of! By a ‘trip to Kashmir’ we mean a performance by the band that rocked the Pepsi Battle of the Bands this year. So if you’re in to music you know where to show up!

5. Dramafest is not extortionists!

Yes, we’re all students as well and we understand the curse of living life on a budget so we’re charging just 300 bucks for a day of amusement, entertainment and what not!

6.  It’s so much better than binge watching a TV series

Honestly, I’m a fan of them, Friends, GoT, Sherlock…you name it… but the fact is they’re not going anywhere, they’ll be waiting for you with open arms when you come back after attending Dramafest.

7. You deserve a break

If you’re as diligent towards study as some of my friends here at LUMS and in other universities, you are probably petrified right now because of the impending doom known as the Mid-Term Exams. Well, we encourage your effort and are in no way against honest hard work for a prosperous future but even racehorses get breaks to relax and loosen up; and what better way to relax than to witness a culturally decorated evening with your loved ones

8. The feel is going to be goals

The chilly weather, the cold breeze combined with a cup of coffee/chai and a great performance in front of you…Could you really ask for more?

9. For the love of theater

Duh! …but on a serious note, It’s a fading art, one that enriches the mind and the soul and one which is without a doubt amazingly great fun! So people, clear your weekend, zone out your problems, and come witness happiness this weekend at LUMS!