Here’s A Sneak Peak Into What’s Been Happening During ‘LUMS Dramafest’ Rehearsals

Here’s A Sneak Peak Into What’s Been Happening During ‘LUMS Dramafest’ Rehearsals

Submitted by Raas Nabeel

The LUMS Dramaline Flagship event “DRAMAFEST” is just round the corner and the whole university is buzzing with excitement. Dramafest is going to show you the artistic side of all their plays but how good are they really? Take a sneak peek at what happens behind the scenes at the Dramaline Rehearsals.

1.Directors’ commitment going overboard…

You start to realise why these 4 got chosen to be this year’s productions directors. Hamd, Maha, Maryam and Mujtaba – all 4 of them are so committed and hardworking, it truly is admirable. You should see the way they react when they watch their run-throughs – it’s absolutely heartwarming. But, of course, whenever we mess up, they’re the ones to tell us what to do and (most of the time) what not to do. Just look at Hamd here showing his dancers truly how it’s done

2.Rehearsing all night is not as easy at it seems…

The idea of being part of a play seems fun, well think again. This is exactly what happens when you have to rehearse all night. Haalat tight ho jati hai yaar!!! It’s the actors’ love for theatre and the expectation of a “muft ki chai from the director” that keeps them going.


3.This is where our infamous dance steps originate from

Raas Nabeel would not miss a single chance to dance. Why? “What Aishwariya can do, I can do better” Everything at the dramaline rehearsals is expressed through dancing, Raas is making sure he gets his point across.

4.Teaching the president how to dance…

The fun, masti, pagalpan, and enthusiasm of actors not only attracted the dramaline members but the president Aadil Lalani couldn’t stop himself from being a part of the rehearsals. There’s no better feeling than teaching the president how it’s done. All credit goes to our incredible Maryam Ahmad  for choreographing such an exquisite dance routine.


5.When you finally get the scene right!

Nothing can match the satisfaction an actor gets after successfully performing a scene. It is quite evident, pleasing these production directors is not easy.

Source: NBC

6.What are rehearsals without actors fooling around?

Things get out of control pretty soon, keeping ourselves sane is a job we are not good at. The actors are always trying their best to keep themselves motivated and we honestly don’t blame them. Sure, it drives the directors crazy, but a bit of shughal doesn’t hurt, right?

7.Voice throw exercises…

Ah, yes. The mark of every good stage actor is their voice throw capabilities. Our exercises to perfect the voice throw of our actors are absolutely hilarious – you walk into the SSE building, and all you hear is ‘HA!’ from every floor. But it makes for a fun game, especially when you’re used to not taking things so seriously.

Honestly, the rehearsals are the most memorable part of being in a production. The directors going crazy, dancers messing up, actors experimenting with improv – all of these things contribute to the collective memories we all cherish. It just goes to show that with all the khuari, some shughal and yain is much needed, especially when you’re gonna be up until 2 am and have a class at 8 the next day.

All this being said, as you can see, there is a lot of dedication, motivation and hard work that goes into perfecting a play. LUMS is putting up 4 plays, and all 4 of our Productions Directors – Hamd Paracha, Maha Aamir, Maryam Ahmad, and Mujtaba Shah Bukhari – as well as their respective casts, have been working every day to turn their visions into reality. In total, there are going to be 19 plays at Dramafest. I haven’t even seen the plays, and I’m super-excited to see what Dramafest has in store for us. Hope to see you there!