Here’s Why LUMS Students Are Protesting Against The President Mamnoon Hussain “Hijacking” Their Convocation

Convocations are literally the one of most enthralling moments in a student’s academic career. It’s a chance to say your goodbyes to the place where you learned and grew into the person you’ll be for the rest of your life. Your parents watch on as you get the degree that you worked your ass off for. A degree that will help you get the soul-sucking, financially rewarding 9 to 5 job (and insurance). A degree that will be one of the verrry few things separating you from the illiterate masses.

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LUMS managed to mess that up for its graduating batch for 2017. And it messed up big time when the President was invited to the Convocation 2017.

How did the students retaliate?

Amassing all the knowledge and English gained over their tenure, the LUMS Class Of 2017 (Graduating Batch) put up this Statement and Petition.

Statement and Petition from the #LUMS Class Of 2017 (Graduating Batch) Regarding Arrangements Of The 29th Annual LUMS…

Posted by LUMS Students & Alumni Action Committee – LSAAC on Montag, 3. Juli 2017

And there is the 2 guests issue

This happened following a long chain of events where LUMS students weren’t allowed to bring 2 guests if the names hadn’t been submitted for approval.

Let’s not forget the new Draconian measures

After the guest problem was resolved, Planet Earth started spinning on its axes again. Normality resumed its daily, somewhat dreary (yet always comforting) routine. The sun rose above green valleys and cold peaks and stuff. Everything was nice and shiny.

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And then the graduating batch was informed about the following security related measure that would be in affect during the Convocation due to the presence of the President.

  • Mobile phones and cameras were banned
  • Signals will be jammed
  • Restricted access to LUMS grounds and facilities

In response to the “unaccommodating nature” of the LUMS admin to students’ requests opposing these policies, the aforementioned statement and petition was put up by the Graduating Batch on the LUMS Students & Alumni Action Committee.

Currently, another group of graduating seniors are protesting against the curtailment of their rights, under the hashtag #NotMyConvocation 

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