Mahira Khan Just Visited Habib University And Talked About Women Empowerment In Lollywood

On 2nd November, Tuesday, the phenomenal Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid visited Habib University

Source: Habib University

After their personal bouncers managed to get Mahira Khan and Haroon through the crowds of excited university kids, they was seated in a huge room full with teenagers brimming with questions.

Mahira’s latest film, “Verna” is set to being released on 17th November, 2017

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This movie is by Shoman Productions. Like all of Shoaib Mansoor’s previous films such as Bol and Khuda Kai Lia, Verna too has a ground breaking theme. It is based around the idea of female empowerment. The main plot hinges on the incident of the rape of a teacher, Sara (Mahira Khan) by a rich politicians son and how it leaves gaping holes within her marital life.

Habib University as a whole centers it’s curriculum around the idea of feminism

It believes in combating discrimination against genders and fighting stereotypes against different races. Since Verna too aims to raise awareness and bridge the gap created by patriarchal institutions, both these entities united under one framework to open ground to questions asked by students.

There were selfies (because ‘photo or it didn’t happen’) and then there were some serious questions were asked.

Source: Habib University

One such question that was directed to Mahira was, “The film industry is considered unsafe and immoral for females. What are your views on that?”

Mahira Khan had a response that struck deep and won several loud claps from the audience. She talked about how, within the past few years, a lot of females have come forward and joined the media in the form of talk shows and television dramas. Women are claiming their space in the However, each and every person possesses their own set of conduct and values.

She, for example, tries to lead her life based on her personal morals. However, the same ideology may not be shared by other individuals as they have a different approach to leading their lives. This is completely acceptable but one must build their life around their personal mottoes and aims.

Source: Habib University

The discussion was an hour long and varied between personal questions, struggles that are faced within society and some lighthearted jokes. A couple of brave students won the celebrities’ heart, as they got up on stage and sung a couple of songs.

Both the actors were so impressed by the raw talent present in one room that they joked about picking their next show caste from Habib University.

Source: Habib University

As the cast left Habib University, students were filled with awe and an aspiring level of enthusiasm. Many of them struggled to get pictures with Mahira while the rest reflected on her wise words.

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