11 Reasons Why Makeup Classes Are The Absolute Worst

As if the classes we already have aren’t bad enough *gasp* makeup classes?! Here are all the reasons why makeup classes are the worst:

1. Makeup classes are like over time – for students

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2. That usually take place during your breaks or after when you’re suppose to done for the day *sigh*

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As if the amount of normal classes weren’t enough.

3. Sometimes, you forget that you have makeup classes and makes plans, then have to cancel your plans.

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4. Makeup. Classes. On. Saturday/Sunday.

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But why?

5. They don’t feel like an actual class, for some odd reason.

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Maybe because it isn’t a real class *gasps*

6. Sometimes you’re forced to do assignments in them too ::))

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7. The presentation make up classes are such a waste of time *facepalm*

Why am I wasting my time here..?

8. You don’t ever want to attend a make up class but have to just for the sake of attendance.

To attend class or nah, is the question.

9. When you show up, but the rest of your class doesn’t.

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How dare they..

10. You don’t get any ‘me time’ and start feeling cranky and tired.

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Please and thank you.

11. You can’t catch up with TV shows and readings because you have spend half your day at uni.

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Am I the only person who passes out the minute I get home?


Why do you think makeup classes are the worst?

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