Mathira Just Got Shamed For Being Divorced And Her Response Was SAVAGE 👏👏👏

By Iman Zia | 28 Jan, 2019

Mathira has never shied away from being herself. She’s always remained a crucial, societal voice for divorced, single mothers out there and has always served strong armor against haters who have continually abused almost everything about her. Cyber-bullying is far from over, but Mathira’s response to a recent troll has everyone in awe of her.


Mathira posted a few pictures of herself in her pajamas, captioning it as a #lazysunday while also giving a shoutout to the sleepwear brand.

Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


While the pictures were harmless, trollers took to the post nonetheless, with one particular hater saying that this post was all for show and referenced her being divorced.

Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


The troller labeled her a “talakshuda” before insulting her and saying this was all “dekhawa,” – and it was this particular comment that triggered Mathira to respond.

The user then oddly said “we know you are hot and naughty.”


Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


The celebrity brilliantly and savagely responded to the troll who was shaming her for being divorced.

She said how it’s “sad to know that men like [yo]u” would prefer divorced women to not enjoy their lives, and reminded him how “it’s 2019” and joked about how she was sick of this “bullshit.” She went on to shut him up and said to “respect women married single or divorced we all have the right to do what we feel.”

Source: @real_mathira/Instagram



Via Tumblr


Her comment received tremendous support.

Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


Many agreed with Mathira with how no one has the right to judge a divorced woman.

Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


She even gained a few new fans…

Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


People defended Mathira and lauded her for her reply to live and let live.

Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


Source: @real_mathira/Instagram


Here’s the full post:


What are your thoughts on Mathira’s response?


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