Do You Have Mommy Issues? Here Are 7 Common Signs

By Zehra Batool | 1 Oct, 2022

Men may be said to have “mommy issues” if they are immature and rely on their female partners to look after them, but women can also have mommy issues. Wondering how you can tell? Well, let’s find out!

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Almost all of us are familiar with daddy issues, but the term “mommy issues” is usually used to describe a situation where a person has a strained relationship with their mother, which may negatively impact other important relationships, such as a relationship with a significant other, as well.

In many cases, mommy issues arise from deep-seated childhood and interestingly, these problems can persist in a person even as an adult. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the signs.

Signs of mommy issues

1. Clinginess

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Being needy or “clingy” in relationships is one indication of potential mommy issues. A person may cling to other people in their life, especially their partners if they had a tumultuous relationship with their mother as a child in order to satisfy the demands that their mother failed to meet.

2. Detachment

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If your mother was distant, it may be difficult for you to form strong relationships because you struggle with affection and intimacy, which is often caused by not having that solid bond modeled for you as a child.

3. Struggle to display affection

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If you had a mother who was frequently emotionally distant, you can likewise find it difficult to show affection.

4. Dependency

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You may become unduly dependent on other people in your life, depending on your relationship with your mother.

5. Overly critical and controlling

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Demanding, critical, or bossy behavior is another way in which mommy issues can surface, especially in women. Basically, if a woman grew up with a mother who demonstrated these traits, she might pick them up and use them as an adult trait.

6. Unnecessary caretaking

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Due to having an overbearing mother, people with mommy issues may caretake for others at the expense of their own self-care.

7. Tension between you and your mom

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If your relationship with your mom is poor, there may be underlying mommy issues even if you are unable to pinpoint the specific issues. Tension with your mom may be a sign of unresolved childhood difficulties because these issues frequently resurface as adults.

You may want to consider mommy issues fixes if you’re having relationship issues. To stop the cycle of unhealthy family relationships, work through these issues and remember to be patient with yourself.

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