Karachi’s Biggest MUN, MUNIK, Is Just Around The Corner and Here’s What You Should Expect

Karachi has had the pleasure of having an absolutely refined Model United Nation’s circuit. It does so with a multitude of conferences happening every now and then that makes sure that the delegates improve continuously. However, out of them all, Karachi’s most awaited MUN conference is finally around the corner!

Model United Nations IBA Karachi (MUNIK) is back with its ninth edition this year, and is happening from the 11th to the 14th of January!

So suit up, because here’s all that you should be expecting from the amazing 4-day conference:

An amazing academic experience

MUNIK this year is hosting 16 committees in total, with General Body committees such as DISEC and SPECPOL, to more specialized agencies such as the Cabinet of Bengal and the Cabinet of Power. With all of its 16 committees, the conference aims to “Reform from Within”  and discuss a multitude of agendas which are crucial for the entire globe. That’s an incredible learning experience all in all.

Source: Facebook // MUNIK – Model United Nations IBA Karachi

A diversified chairing panel

MUNIK not only has the biggest MUNing names from across the country, but also has international chairs coming in for a more well-rounded and diversified experience. MUNIK has always been championing the cause of diversity, and it never fails to deliver!

One of the few conferences to have training sessions for its delegates

One thing that the conference is known for is the amount of effort the conference puts in to make sure that the delegates get to learn a lot and improve their skills. The training sessions, which are arranged weeks before the conference begins make sure that the delegates are equipped with enough skills to make their entire 4-day experience more rewarding not just for themselves, but for the entire committee.

Source: Facebook // Black Ink Studio


Oh, and… STRINGS! 

Strings is making a comeback at the concert night, and you know it’s going to be an absolutely incredible way to unwind after a tough debate!

Source: Facebook // MUNIK – Model United Nations IBA Karachi

All in all, it’s going to be a pretty solid experience so what are you waiting for, head over to MUNIK’s Facebook page from here for more details!