The Music Society of LUMS Collaborated With Patari To Make A Lit AF Track

The Music Society of LUMS has released its first original song exclusively with Patari. “Falling Again“, a western dancehall reggae track; all written, composed, mixed, mastered and performed by members of the society, with no external assistance.

This is the first time any Pakistani university’s music society has published an original track for the masses.

Falling again – The Music Society of LUMS

So The Music Society of LUMS is all set to release its first album exclusively with Patari and performed their first song "Falling Again" live for the first time yesterday! Let's support these talented kids and listen to their song:

Posted by Patari on Freitag, 24. November 2017


The track is part of a project making original music for an album, currently untitled. It is going to be released as a compilation mixtape at the end of LUMS Spring Semester. “Falling again” is the first track of the album, which intends to cover all genres and styles from western dancehall reggae to eastern psychedelic tracks.

Future plans

The second original track, an Urdu rock anthem, will be released on December 7 at the Indie Music Food Festival. This will be the first ever university festival of its kind, by the Music Society of LUMS and LUMS Culinary Club, featuring food and live performances by well-known Indie musicians (Shajie, Mehdi Maloof, Poor Rich Boy and Jimmy Khan)

Younis Azeem, the President of the Music Society had this to say when speaking to us:

“It gives me immense pride that the Music Society of LUMS is the first society of an educational institute in Pakistan to take on such a grand creative project; I sincerely hope that from henceforth every year Pakistan will see an original album come from our society. I’d also like to really thank here Ahmer Naqvi and the rest of the boys over at Patari. They’ve believed in this project and are slowly making our vision into a reality. I really hope in the coming years that this also becomes a thing throughout the art societies of Pakistan.”

‘Matlab bohat covers ho gaye hai yaar. Kuch apna likho, kuch apna gao, kuch apna banao’ Younis added. 

You can listen to “Falling again” here.