Muslims Are Pissed Off At Rihanna For Using A Hadith As Background Music For Her Savage x Fenty Lingerie Show

By Astarte | 6 Oct, 2020

Rihanna did not just hadith in her Savage x Fenty show, oh no!

Update: Rihanna has apologized for using the hadith, details below.

World renowned singer Rihanna has been hailed for breaking barriers, treading uncharted territories and being an overall badass. She is one of the top selling music artists in the world and has recently also become fashion mogul with her beauty, skincare, clothing and lingerie brands. Her lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, is pretty famous for breaking barriers just like its creator. Sadly, now Rihanna and her lingerie line is getting dragged for hurting Muslim sentiments.


Rihanna recently premiered her wildly popular Savage x Fenty fashion show recently

Everyone was singing praises for Rihanna for championing diversity, showing models from all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, shapes, sizes and genders.

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With top names like Bella Hadid, Paris Hilton, Lizzo, Demi Moore and Cara Delevingne among many other popular faces were part of the show.


Muslim fans of Rihanna, however, noticed something very odd about the Savage x Fenty show 

As soon as the show premiered on October 2, on Amazon Prime, Muslim fans around the world began noticing that Rihanna had used what sounded like a hadith in her Savage x Fenty fashion show.

Quickly, it was claimed that Rihanna had used a hadith narration by a Kuwaiti scholar in her fashion show. Many users on the internet also pointed out that the hadith was turned into a song, in a remix, by music producer Coucou Chloe. The hadith narration that people claimed was being used was one by a Kuwaiti preacher Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy.


Muslims around the world quickly began calling out Rihanna for using a hadith in her Savage x Fenty show and offending their religious sentiments

People were not happy with Rihanna for claiming to be someone who champions diversity and inclusion but then using something that millions of Muslims around the world hold sacred as background music for her lingerie show.


The song that the hadith was used in was called ‘Doom’ and the hadith also narrated signs for the end of times


After intense backlash, the music producer who turned the hadith into a song issued a statement apologizing for not knowing that a hadith was something sacred for Muslims

Coucou Chloe issued an apology, saying that the song was created using samples of another track found online and that there was no research done in order to confirm what the quote meant. It was also clarified that steps are being taken to have “the song urgently removed from all streaming platforms”.


Someone also pointed out that this wasn’t even the first time this offensive song was used in her fashion by Rihanna

Apparently, back in 2017 with the first Savage x Fenty show, Rihanna had used the same song in her show.


People also recalled that Rihanna is a repeat offender when it comes to hurting Muslim sentiments because back in 2013 she was kicked out of a mosque in Abu Dhabi for doing a photo shoot

Despite being covered in a hijab, Rihanna was asked to leave the mosque because the photos she was taking were deemed “inappropriate”.

There have been other celebrities, mind you, who have visited this mosque and not taken such posed photos therefore they have actually received a lot of love from fans. Like Camila Cabello, last year.

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As Muslims demanded an apology from Rihanna for hurting their religious sentiments, there were people who told them to stay calm

To these responses, Muslim fans rightfully called out the fact that it was their religion and only they could speak to their sentiments being hurt and demand an apology from Rihanna.


This fan made a very detailed thread about why it was extremely offensive of Rihanna to use the hadith in her Savage x Fenty show and why Muslims were rightfully hurt

They specifically pointed to the fact that coming from Rihanna, it is particularly offensive because she has been hailed for her inclusive work and diversity.


After intense backlash, Rihanna has offered an apology to Muslims

In a statement issued on her Instagram stories, she apologized for using the hadith as a background song.

Source: @badgalriri / Instagram



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