Nasir Khanjan’s Chummi For SZABIST Students Is Getting Extremely Mixed Reactions

We all know who Nasir Khanjan is, right?

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He’s just… so many things. A fitness enthusiast, for instance.

Nasir also happens to be a self-proclaimed singer.

Must watch closer song for my all fans

Posted by Nasirkhanjan on Dienstag, 7. Februar 2017

And an overall legend – in his own words, of course.


While his antics have been the cause of his virality, Nasir Khanjan has a very special message this time around. And it’s specifically for the students of SZABIST.

Don’t believe me? Khudi dekhlo. 

Invitation for Szabist media gala 2017

Posted by Nasirkhanjan on Montag, 4. Dezember 2017

Apparently, Nasir was sending a shoutout for an upcoming event at SZABIST. 

See, he even put up a festive background. How sweet.

And he was nice enough to send a chummi for all those who’ll be attending. 

Kitna bara dil hai yaar. 

Naturally, this video spread. And as it spread, people had some pretty interesting reactions to Nasir Khanjan and all he had to say.

Some people were kinda sorta fixated on the chummi.

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In fact, some motivated others to attend the event due to that very same impactful kiss.

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Others chose to hype up their friends over this wonderful piece of news. 

Hey. If you’re a fan, you’re a fan.

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Some pretty much put their friends in the spotlight.

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Others… didn’t seem quite excited by the news.

Kinda the opposite, really.

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Khair, jo bhi ho, Nasir Khanjan’s message has caused quite a stir – something the social media star is used to. Let’s see if he keeps his promise.

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