Here’s What Happened Last Night After NCA Students Were Left Stranded Outside The Campus

On Friday that is last night, NCA instructed students to vacate university premises due to security concerns. Classes have been cancelled and resident students have been told to leave their hostels till March 6, when the university is set to resume its activities.

Here’s a student account of what happened last night, after they were suddenly told to evacuate the hostels. 

Source: NCA student/HumansofKinnaird


Around 300 students were made to leave.

Many were left stranded outside the campus premises. A huge fraction of the students hails from other cities of Pakistan. Therefore, they had no arrangements to live somewhere else for a week.

People on Pakistani social media were flabbergasted by the sudden decision.


Source: Twitter

While others just could not fathom as to where the hostelies would go at 9:30 pm, amid all the security concerns. 


Source: Twitter


Moreover, there has been word that the police is responsible for the sudden shutdown of NCA.

After NCA did not comply with the order to improve security arrangements, the hostels were ordered to be shut down as per police orders. Contrary to this, DIG Operations Lahore stated that this was an independent decision by the university administration.

Whoever it was, emptying the hostels at 9:30 p.m. especially when there are prevailing security threats seems counter-intuitive to the security of the students.

Lahore, stay safe. Stay strong!

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