We Asked 13 Pakistani University Students What Their New Year Resolutions Are, And This Is What They Said

2017 went by so fast, it is absolutely insane to think that 2018 is almost here! It’s time for those “New year, new me” captions again, and this time every student should get in on the action. With a new year comes a new beginning, so we asked students to tell us about their new years resolution and the answers we got were:

1. Increase my CGPA

Hey, every student could always work to try and better their CGPA.

Source: NBC

2. To create balance

To have a balance between University, family, and friends is what every student hopes to achieve.

Source: Tenor

3. To get myself more involved in co-curricular activities

You’ll definitely regret not being involved in different activities in and outside campus after you graduate.

Source: CBS

4. To learn to relax

Use your winter break to take a little breather, and just chill out.

Source: Dharma Productions

5. Focus on my family more

University is important, but so is a strong, healthy family relationship.

Source: KTLA

6. Concept not ratta

The ratta might help you pass your exam, but the concept will take you a long way.

Source: HUM TV

 7. Work on my grammar

It’s never to late to brush up on those skills.

Source: Deenga

8. Stop procrastinating

Whatever you thought about when you read this, do it now!

Source: SLB Films

9. Go on a University trip with my friends

Make some memories, this winter vacation is the perfect time!

Source: Khabarfeed

10. Be more organised 

Organisation skills will help you be more efficient and increase your work ethic

Source: PakistanInstagram

11. Drink less coffee

We all could use a little caffeine detox

Source: Deenga/Mangobaaz

12. Be more grateful 

We have countless blessings in our lives, let’s show a little gratitude shall we?

Source: AIB

13. Focus on my health 

Your mental and physical health should be your top priority, don’t let it slip!

Source: UTV Motion Pictures

What are you new years resolutions? Comment them below!