OMG, That Cannoli Mushaira Actually Happened And It Was Hilarious

By Sarmad Amer | 23 Jan, 2021

Savage Pakisani sense of humor retorted with a Cannoli mushaira after THAT viral video

The fiasco after that notorious video of Cannoli owners having “gup shup” with their manager is known to everyone in Pakistan, by now. The fallout was epic but it also started some very important discussions.


What started with a terribly tone deaf video by the Islamabad based restaurant led to discussions about elitism, colonial hangovers, labor exploitation and class conflict in Pakistan

The owners of Cannoli, Uzma Chaudhry and Dia Haider, became the Pakistani social media’s biggest villains this past week after their video taunting their manager of nine years, Asif , over his English language skills went viral.


It didn’t help that the response from the restaurant was less that perfect

Instead of learning from the situation and apologizing, they retorted with snark and said that they were “saddened and appalled” at the reaction of everyone because what happened in the video was “gup shup” with the team.


In reaction, there soon popped a Facebook event for a Cannoli mushaira

Cannoli Mushaira event
Via: Facebook

With Pakistani social media’s legendary sense of humor, someone organized a Facebook event for a mushaira event. The event was to commemorate Urdu or Punjabi poetry, as per the rules on the event page, with a winning prize of a “Jalahowapnus BURGER” also know as a jalapeño burger.

You can check out the rest of the hilarious rules here:

Via: Facebook


Well, we are pleased to inform you that the Cannoli mushaira actually seems to have happened

A video has been circulating on social media with a bunch of guys standing outside Cannoli and doing what can only be described as poetry, I guess.

Now, this is however not the actual mushaira, apparently. So in case you were actually planning to attend, don’t be disheartened you still might have time.

One person who appears to be one of the main participants of the event said that the video of the mushaira that has been going around is actually a “prank”. The main mushaira is still going to be an event that may or may not happen (it might even be underway by the time this post is published).

He also warned that anyone looking to attend the main mushaira event should be warned that this an event that is supposed to be fun. No violence, no aggression or antagonism toward the restaurant or anyone else will be tolerated.

Watch this space for updates on the actual event.


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Cover image: Hamza Bhatti via Facebook / Facebook

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