Attention Future Scientists: Habib University’s ‘Omricon’ Is Right Around The Corner

Omicron was formed in 2017 with the purpose of providing a platform to all future scientists of Pakistan

Omicron is a brainchild of Habib University’s ASPiRE, The Association of Scientific Progress in Research and Engineering.  It is a student-run and campus-based scientific organization. It helps bridge the gap between acquisition and the application of scientific knowledge, providing a holistic approach to science.

Source: Fatima Moin

Omicron exposes students to science beyond textbook learning

Omicron provides a basis for real-life implementation. It helps capture the essence of science in the modern age by shedding light on emerging global issues. An example of this may include climate change. Students are given the opportunity to develop innovative skills and come up with solutions to the challenges faced by the world at large.

Furthermore, Omicron aims to bring together the diverse modules of science. It tests students on their fundamental scientific knowledge, critical and analytical skills and their willingness to implement ideas around changing environments.

Source: New York Academy of Sciences

Best delegates are given the opportunity of membership to The New York Academy of Sciences

For those of you who do not know, The New York Academy of Sciences is the oldest scientific society in the USA. It was established in 1817 and celebrates achievements of extraordinary scientists. To top it all off, it is home to Nobel Laureates and its members have included Charles Darwin and Nicholas Tesla.

Moreover, Habib University’s Omicron joins hands with winners of international Olympiads 

Collaborations are made with winners of international Science Olympiads like IBO, IChO, IPhO, and IMO. This helps give teams international exposure, making sure participants are well-versed and have sufficient exposure before they step out into the real scientific world. Intensive pre-event workshops are also organized in order to equip participants and give everyone a fair shot at winning. Delegates will be given the opportunity to attend networking dinners and gain access to giant fields of technology. This will help them build relations with the SSE faculty and companies, aiding their scientific journey.

Habib University seems to have outdone itself as delegations start to register for Omicron

Guaranteeing an academically enriching experience with the promise of preparing 500-800 of Pakistan’s
young aspiring scientists, Omicron is accepting students with a non-science background too. Students will also be given the opportunity to attend networking dinners and build contacts within the scientific field.

In order to register for Omicron, delegates must follow this link. We are excited to see young Pakistani scientists get a fair shot at their interests and compete at an international level!