11 Things You Most Definitely Won’t Need To Pack For University

Packing for campus life is exciting. You want to take everything you will need. You are an eager bright-eyed freshman with glorious ideologies and value systems intact and you have big plans for your optimistic self and the next 4 years. But packing is also EXTREMELY confusing, even Malala couldn’t escape it.

A semester or so later this will not be the case. The dorm room will stay undecorated and messy. You will not be the multiple-bullet-notebooks-and-color-coded-binder collegiate you were planning to be.

Don’t take the following things to university so that when you hit rock-bottom, you can pretend that you knew your shit before starting college.


1. Anything made of glass

It’s gonna be broke within 2 months. Like your will to live.

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2. Television

Don’t be extra. It’s 2017. Use your goddamn laptop.

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3. Posters from your old room

Chances are, they aren’t edgy any more.

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4. Iron

Hostel main hoti hai.

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5. Books

Exploit the uni library. Waisay bhi koi time nahi milay ga novels parhnay ka.

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6. Toiletries

Classic newbie move: Taking duplicates of shampoo conditioner and whathaveyou. College store main bhi mil jaye ga no need to lug all of that across cities.

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7. Stationery

Generally speaking, if you can get something at a local store, don’t pack it.

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8. Your entire wardrobe

You’re going to be switching between the same 5 t-shirts you mostly wear so don’t take shit you’ll barely wear more than once.

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9. All your shoes

Only take the ones that are good for running to 8 am classes.

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10. Documents and such

Except the absolutely necessary ones, leave the documents at home where they’re safer with your parents.

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11. Your motivation

University main aa kar waisey he khoni hai. Behtar hai pehlay he ghar pey chhor do.

Source: Student Problems