Pakistanis, These Are The Most Popular Baby Names In 2021

By Sana Yasmeen | 2 May, 2021

Halfway in the year 2021 and with not much chance for creativity to blossom or inspiration to hit for baby names, people have been turning to online resources for ideas. One such resource is “NameBerry” that just charted the most popular baby names that were searched in different countries.

So, here is the list for the most popular baby names for girls in 2021 in Pakistan, according to NameBerry.

1. Alizeh:

With origins from persian language, The name Alizeh means ‘the wind’ and is among the top most name for girls in 2021.  However, girls named Alizeh are incredibly sweet and have an air of innocence unlike any other.


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2. Esha:

While there are certain meanings attached to the name Esha, my personal favorite is surely ‘moon face’. In some languages, Esha can mean either ‘desire’ or ‘being alive’. Girls with the name are often  said to be super gorgeous with a cheerful personality.

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3. Zara

Derived from the Arabic language, the name Zara means ‘radiance’. However, the name also takes on the meaning of ‘blooming flower’ in Hindi. Girls with this name are often said to be very optimistic and smart.

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4. Alisha:

Among the most popular names of the year 2021, Alisha has origins from the Spanish language and means ‘the one protected by God’. The girls with the name are stated to be determined and successful in their careers.

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5. Reyna:

The name Reyna means ‘Queen’ with it’s variants existing throughout the globe in form of Raina, Rayna and other spellings. Girls with this name are often powerful and authoritative.

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Moving forward to the top popular baby names for boys for the year 2021…and well, count yourself in for a surprise!

6. Ludo:

At the top of the list for boy names in the year 2021 is Ludo. While the word ‘Ludo’ has German origins and is of the meaning ‘famous fighter’, Pakistanis do not associate the name with this meaning. Instead, Ludo is an incredibly popular board game.

Source: Khokla Studios Via: Youtube

7. Danger:

Needless to say, The name ‘Danger’ would build quite a notorious repute if it were to be given to new born babies. According to the site, The word associates with ‘being macho’  and is the right fit if you want your child to establish dominance with JUST HIS NAME!

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8. Qadir:

The name Qadir has Arabic origins and means ‘capable’ and ‘powerful’. The name also holds massive importance with respect to religious association and is dear to muslims throughout the globe.

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9. Jhon:

The name Jhon has Hebrew roots and holds the meaning of ‘full of grace’. Although, at this point, we are quite confused as to the authenticity of the name choices in this list created by the site.

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10. William

Last but not the least is the name William…Are we feeling inspired by the royals?

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11. Bonus fact: Amongst all popular baby names, ‘Danger’ was the one name common to both Pakistan and India!

With the name being popular in both countries, One really hopes to not encounter children named ‘danger’ in the coming years. For real!

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Truly, what an interesting list of popular baby names within the country!

While the list of the girl names were adequately a better pick, the boy names sure did make me chuckle. What was your favorite name in the list? Let us know in the comments below.


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