This Photographer From Kinnaird Proves That Passion Can Really Take You Places

Maham Elahi is a twenty-one year old student at Kinnaird College, majoring in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition, but her heart is really in Photography. MangoBaaz Campus reached out to Maham to learn more about her story. 

Maham got her first camera when she was in her early teens, but it was in recent years that it really grew into a passion. Everyone around her thought that it was just a phase, but to Maham, photography was much more than that.

Source: Maham Elahi

“My love for photography never died. For me it is not about taking pictures, it is about creating and preserving memories.”

Maham learned all her tools and techniques by watching and following youtube tutorials. After four years, she decided to formally study photography. Recently, Maham went for a four week photography course in NYFA (New York Film Academy). From there, she was polished of the art that she already knew the basics of, and gained more confidence.

“I have always been the shy timid girl but after I got into photography, my camera became a medium for me to explore,” Maham explains, “Travelling the world and documenting it every step of the way is one of my dreams.”

When asked about juggling both her studies and her passion Maham states “It can be very difficult juggling so many different activities together, especially if you want to secure a good GPA while also maintaining a social life. Managing all of it was hard in the beginning but you find a way to balance it out.” 

Source: Maham Elahi

She has also won awards for her work and photographs.

“Some find solace and a friend in diary but I found it in my camera. I have found my voice in my camera that takes me into my own world,” shares Maham.”I’ve worked for a couple of friends and family doing event photography and photoshoots but I’m not really in it for the money. Took part in LAPS ’17 and LGS Artography ’16 bagging first position and runner-up positions in two categories in the former. I have made a makeup tutorial and its BTS video for Beauty Closet and Numra Waqas, and I’ve also dabbed a little in product photography for Burger Beghum.”

Her friends and family are the main reason behind this passion, “I count them as one of the greatest blessings,” Maham adds.

“They have always encouraged me to do whatever I want and pursue my goals. I have always loved taking pictures, but it was my family that believed in me and pushed me to do this professionally. They have been my biggest supporters, as well as my biggest critics.”

Source: Maham Elahi

Maham has a message to us all who are struggling to chase after our dreams:

“Never stop doing what they love. If you are passionate about something then it does not seem like a drag or work, but you are excited about it every day. Do it for yourself. Few have the courage and the vision to do what they aspire to be. Never stop because of bullying or because someone does not like what you create. Take feedback but don’t let the negativity hold you back because everyone has a different perspective and worldview. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you are happy with yourself and what you have to offer. There will always be critics, but you need to believe in yourself. You need to be your biggest supporter.”

Keep up the great work Maham, and keep making us K-Cites proud!

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