Here’s Why University Students From Different Campuses Across Lahore Are Uniting To Protest Against Mashal Khan’s Brutal Lynching

Mashal Khan’s horrific lynching on the premises of his university has sparked an outrage all over the country.

Undoubtedly, his brutal murder in broad daylight, within the confines of a place that is considered to be a safe haven, is not only appalling, but also downright disgraceful.


Source: Samaa TV

In light of this event, university students from different campuses are uniting in protest.

Not only is his barbaric murder being questioned, the university is also being held responsible. Emphasis is being laid on the fact that the incident took place on campus. The fact that the safety of students who have questions, and speak out, is not guaranteed is, undoubtedly, alarming.

Source: Twitter (@PSCollective_)

Progressive Student’s Collective is a Lahore-based students organisation.

Its members span various educational institutes. Together, they voiced certain thoughts and concerns regarding the incident.

Source: Progressive Students Collective

In their post, they urged students and teachers to speak up against this brutal silencing of a voice that has been wronged.

The post talks about how “our society is in dire need of a thorough conversation with itself.” As a result, students and teachers from many campuses have come together to speak up against the atrocity. A week of tolerance and critical thinking will be observed.

Students from BNU Lahore gathered on Monday to dedicate a day of critical thinking to Mashal Khan.

The Vice Chancellor of BNU, Mr Shahid Hafeez Kardar, addressed the students as well. 

Students were also an active part of this protest. 

Source: Twitter (@PSCollective_)

A poster campaign was held in GCU Lahore by students to express their outrage against the murder.  

Source: Twitter (@PSCollective_)

This blatant act of terror within an institute was strongly condemned by many…

Source: Twitter (@PSCollective_)

..while others wondered if they will be next 

Source: Twitter (@PSCollective_)

GCU Lahore also staged a die-in protest 

Some campuses arranged peaceful walks for justice and observed two minutes of silence. 

Students from LSE have been called upon to join in on the protests as well.

At a time when revered establishments fail and forces of terror choose to carry out what they deem to be justice, it is imperative for those who are being threatened to speak up. 

Mashal’s lynching is a huge slap in the face for those who claim that freedom of speech exists. It is a mockery of any and every faith, for no faith asks for such brutality. More than anything else, it is a way of silencing those who ask questions, have doubts and choose to be loud in the face of oppression.

The fact that our students are uniting to debate, to speak out and to condemn this violence is a bleak silver lining, but a silver lining nonetheless. 

Source: Twitter (@PSCollective_)

We are used to the idea of being left shaken once an incident like this takes place. These protests are a way to break that pattern. Turning our heads the other way is easy. At a time when all else fails, it is imperative to stand up in solidarity, to demand justice and to push back against any force that oppresses us into being silent. We can only hope that these will bear fruit and will be catalysts in exacting justice for Mashal Khan and his family.

Cover Image Via: Twitter (@PSCollective_)