12 Things About Punjab University You Probably Never Knew Before

12 Things About Punjab University You Probably Never Knew Before

Submitted by: Hadia Baloch 

Punjab University is pretty much a huge mystery to anyone who doesn’t go there or hasn’t been within it’s walls. Well, this article will help eliminate any and all misconceptions, confusions and myths about PU.

It is HUGE

We’re not even exaggerating. The New Main Campus alone covers an area of 10,000 acres. That is 100 LUMS campuses, 133 NUSTs, 25 GIKIs or another 100 FCs. Then we’ve got campuses in Gujranwala, Jehlum, Khanspur and other places. The university comprises of 5 Campuses, 13 Faculties, 10 Constituent Colleges, over 73 Departments, Centres and Institutes and 614 affiliated colleges. Lahore alone has approximately four campuses. Furthermore, University of the Punjab is the only university apart from Cambridge to boast a canal running through it (although we don’t go about rowing in it).

The Bus Service

We’ve got buses going from New Campus to Old Campus every half an hour. So if we miss one chance for awaragardi, we only have to wait for about thirty minutes before another one presents itself, all clad in blue. Your awaragardi spot doesn’t fall on the route? Other route buses go out more than thrice a day so you’re good to go too. You’re not from PU? Might as well just sneak in like the GCU kids occasionally do.


Punjab University currently has 818 permanent faculty members involved in both research and teaching. It has probably a history of one of the most culturally diverse faculties. Notable people include Anwar Ahmed, Sir Ganga Ram, Oliver Elton and E.M. Foster. Yes, E.M. Foster taught here!

Source: famousauthors.com

The IJT Myth

Yes, the IJT does exist in some parts of the university, but unlike the common perception of it being everywhere and dictating the way students act and dress isn’t true. Most departments are very liberal (read Applied Psychology and their deep seated love for the Millenials cafe). Besides, we don’t need the IJT to refreshen our iman. We’ve got the Jannat road right in front of these departments with a graveyard at its left.



Our Student Teacher Centre is a complete package. It’s packed with talent. Singers, writers, athletes, you name it. The STC bookshop has all sorts of pirated books they sell for the lowest possible prices. Can’t find a book anywhere? STC is your place to go. You can totally buy five books for the price of one you buy from Readings.


According to the Pakistan Library Association, the Main Library is the best library of Pakistan. It covers 102,000 sq. Feet and has a collection of 500,000 books. It also has microfilms, video cassettes, e-journals and what not. Hasn’t even let the Mughal manuscripts be.

And guess what? Every department also has its own separate library too.

Doctoral Programmes

As of 2013, University if the Punjab offers PhD programmes in a total of 43 different disciplines.


Notable Alumni

University of the Punjab has given birth to some big big names. These include Tariq Ali, Jahangir Badar, Javed Hashmi, Shoib Mansoor, Liaqat Ali Khan, Ashfaq Ahmed, Colin David, Arif Alvi and Chauhdry M Aslam. Let’s not forget Kalsoom Nawaz and Tahir-ul-Qadri. Please forgive us for the last two.


Nobel Laureates

Punjab University has also produced two Nobel Laureates. Har Gobind Khorana got the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Dr. Abdus Salam in Physics. Forgiven yet? No? Okay.

Source: Samaa

The Dhabba

The dhabba at main campus has, amongst other things, biryani that’s finger licking good. Once you’ve had dhabbay ki baryani, no other biryani will ever be good enough.


100 Something Canteens

We’ve got two main cafeterias, a dhabba, a marketplace, Millenials’ Cafe and a canteen in every single department. Aakhir Lahori hain.



Although we’re a little late on this one, the Department of English Language and Literature now has a licence to organize TEDx events. The first ever TEDxPunjabUniversity is on November 11 *Squeals internally*

What fact about PU surprised about you the most? Let us know in the comments.