13 Questions That Everyone Should Stop Asking University Students Right Now

13 Questions That Everyone Should Stop Asking University Students Right Now

“Oh, you’re going to graduate from University next year? It’s time to find you a rishta, eh?” No Aunty, how about you look for another topic to talk about, eh? Basically there are some questions that are off limits for students, and it’s time we set some boundaries. These questions can be frequently asked by your mom, dad, your aunt, or even people you’ve just met. Is it annoying? Yes, very. Wanna know what they are? TADA:

1. What is your GPA?

Haha, good one. My GPA? I don’t even know what that means. Haha.

Source: Deenga

2. Beta, why didn’t you go into engineering?

Or: beta, why didn’t you go into medical? Dear everyone, even if we do have the grades, not everyone wants to study medical or engineering. Shocking right?

Source: HUMTV

3. How will you get a job?

There’s no scope for the major you’re studying! How will you work and earn money? You’re wasting your time!

Source: HUMTV

3. Are you going to university, or a fashion show?

You always get asked this when ghalti say you decide to dress nice for University

Source: HUMTV

4. Wapsi par anday, doodh, dhaniya, aur pudeena laa sktay ho?

This list may also include: harri mirchein, tamatar, saag, mooli etc.

Source: TUC Pakistan

5. Are these the manners they teach you in University?

No Dad, tbh I only learned how E=MC^2.

Source: Deenga

6. Why are you late?

Uhh… I had to study… and I was… definitely not out partying.

Source: HUMTV

7. What University do you go to?

You get asked this by people that you just meet. It’s small talk, this is perfectly fine but what comes next usually is……..

Source: Eros

8. Do you know ___ ? They study there too!

No Aunty, I don’t know Sara, who is in her last year and isn’t even in the same major as me.

Source: BBC Radio

9. Ajj kal scene kis kay saath chal raha hai?

Single, will never be ready to mingle.

Source: HUMTV

10. What’s the plan for your future?

My future? That’s cute. I don’t even know what I’m going to do tomorrow.

Source: HUMTV

11. University mein parhtay bhi ho?

“Because, all I see on your snapchat is you chilling with your friends.” Well, I’m sorry Ahmed for not snapchatting my professor while he’s teaching the class a lesson.

Source: HUMTV

12. Are you sick, or are you just studying too much?

Thank you for telling me I look like crap Uncle. Feels great.

Source: HUMTV

13. Why can’t you be more like him/her?

The comparisons. They never stop do they? Why can’t you be more like Sami? He has a 4.0 CGPA AND is the captain of the basketball team AND is running his own business.

Source: URDU1

What other questions do you seriously hate getting asked? Comment below!