These Students From Peshawar Are Bringing Pashto Music Into The Spotlight And It’s Lit

Usman Ali and Asghar Awan, study at Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar (IMS-P) and they are creating music keeping in mind the idea of folk Pashto with Rock, they also select old music which is out of the market and modify it according to the current trend.

The band Rababcircles was formed in 2015; they met each other at a concert called Im|basement. And after discussing the idea of bringing something new and creative to the market and started to think about making a platform for it, then they started jamming and practically worked on more ideas.

Source: FB/Rababcircles

We, here at Mangobaaz Campus decided to speak to them regarding how their journey has been so far and this is what they have to say about it:

“Mainly we are focused to represent our music on a higher level not only to the specific audience of KPK. We are an instrumental band and instruments have no language barriers.”

Makhaam/Nightfall | Rabab Circles | Instrumental

'Makhaam' is the first original by Rabab Circles which is ode to life and it's cycle of ups and downs. It's a blend of Folk and Rock in unique way. And We tried to make it more soothing for everyone's mind by it's calm nature.Please use headphones and turn up the volume.High Volume= Thrill :)Audio Link: Moodz StudioVideo: Mian Mujeeb RehmanThanks to Saif

Posted by Rabab Circles on Sonntag, 25. Juni 2017

So, how did your passion for music form?

“Our cultural music is very restricted to just KPK. In music we were so limited to this small region. Our passion started when we wanted to make major changes to our cultural music for wider audience, which is very tough to defy the odds. Some People lately accept things that changes their ordinary taste but our idea worked so well that everyone appreciated our work and admired us where ever we performed, we received appreciation from everywhere!”

Source: FB/Rababcircles

How has it been coming along?

“It’s been an amazing journey and we both are really enjoying this because it’s what we dreamed of. Each and every performance of ours has offered something new for learning and we’ve covered most of the big institutes of Peshawar. We have really enjoyed all the love we’ve gotten.”

Source: FB/Rababcircles

What does Rababcircles mean?

“Rabab: Rabab is our front instrument that Usman plays which is a traditional Pashto instrument.

Circles: Refers to going round and round with the melodies of Rabab, plus circles are infinite and never ending.

We chose this ‘English’ name so that it’ll attract non Pashto speakers and change the stero-typical perception of Pashto music.”

Source: FB/Rababcircles

What are some difficulties you both face?

“We both belong to very religious families and it was almost impossible to start something on this scale, and we needed huge financing for what we started but we managed and survived.

We payed guitarists to record in our audio in the way we want. Rabab is a local Instrument which is played at small events, we wanted to change that.

We had no mentor or advisor. The both of us are self taught and never learned anything from any instructor or academy.

This whole Rababcircles project is done by only two of us, utilizing our restricted and limited resources. And sadly, this society never accepts Musicians despite the fact that they love music but we never cared about that.”

Source: FB/Rababcircles

Do you have your school’s student body’s support?

“We both belong to IM|Sciences and we really do love our institute. Our teachers and friends motivated us and are also part of Rababcircles.

We started from our own Institute, and have special attachment to it. Even though we have never represented our university on any music platform which we would love to.”

Source: FB/Rababcircles

It’s great to see youngsters working hard to reach new horizons. Be sure to give Rababcircles music a listen and like their page. A little support can go a great way! Great job Usman and Asghar!

Cover Image Via: Source: FB/Rababcircles