BNU Senior, Salar Shamas, Is Making Music Like You’ve Never Heard Before

Salar Shamas is an aspiring singer, songwriter and musician based in Lahore, who is telling stories through music. He’s been playing different instruments from a young age and started making his own music in his early teens.

Salar has done his education from Aitchison College Lahore and Feltham Community College London and currently is a senior year student at BNU. He is a rising star among us.


Taking inspiration from Drake, Justin Bieber and a lot of Punjabi artists; Salar composes his own lyrics and pairs them with electronic beats, while giving conventional Pakistani music a new outlook.

He started off by just playing the keyboard and guitar, then started writing about his personal experiences such as expectations, disappointments, desires;

‘Whatever a regular teenager goes through.’ Salar puts it.


He is giving us all a new take on Pakistani music, one song at a time.

We asked Salar how he started pursuing music, and here’s what he had to say:

“I uploaded the first song on SoundCloud late at night and slept. I woke up to the highest number of notifications I had ever gotten! Not only was it overwhelming for me but also an indication. I then thought of continuing and producing more of my originals and so far it’s been working out for me. I do this for myself, to satisfy the inner me that has been hiding this for so long.”

“I’ve a lot of music made up on my laptop, raw recordings using audacity and in my phone as well. I’ve been doing this for years now – If only I had shared them earlier on social media.”


He says he started recording just to capture the feelings for himself. For now, he just wants to be a part of the music scene and that would be enough to satisfy him. 


“Performing is a whole different skill, it’s hard to entertain, especially a Pakistani audience. I stick mostly to music videos and audio production. I perform at private events and even that feels like a lot of pressure. I really don’t get how the ‘big’ names do it in front of huge audiences.


Salar’s music not only contains modern beats but meaningful, catchy and visual lyrics, as well. Listen to his latest single ft Omer Mukhtar.

Give a listen to Salar’s other singles on Patari and Soundcloud. And don’t forget to follow Salar on Instagram and Like his page on Facebook.