Here Is Why I Believe Sardion Ki Chuttiyan Should Go By Faster

What? Winter break should go by faster? Am I in my right mind? Yes, yes I definitely am. I am the type of person who could sleep for 12 hours and still wake up tired, however I definitely cannot sit and do nothing all day at home. It’s nice the first couple of days, and then you can literally just feel yourself melting in your sofa. Also:

1. You realise you have no work to do

So you just aimlessly wander around your house trying to find the purpose in life

Source: Pepsi

2. You don’t see your friends on a daily basis

And no, texting or calling is not the same thing as seeing them in person 🙁

Source: Danish Ali

3. You can’t ‘accidentally’ run into your crush

Yes you can stalk them online… but it’s not the same as low key stalking (uhh I mean seeing) them on campus

Source: Deenga

4. You have the weirdest sleeping schedule

You’re sleeping when you’re supposed to wake up, and waking up when you’re supposed to be getting to sleep

Source: BBC

5. You’re becoming lazier by the second

You contemplate for about 10 minutes whether on not you’re willing to get a bladder infection or get out of the comfort of your bed to go to the bathroom

Source: ABC

6. You tend to open the fridge every 10 minutes and then just close it

You think ‘hey, maybe this time when I open the fridge I’ll find what to do for the rest of my holidays’

Source: Lionsgate

7. Your mom’s actually asking you to help out in the kitchen

Uhhh, no sorry mom, gotta go do some thing, y’know the thing, okay bye.

Source: Deenga

8. So you stop stuffing yourself

When you’re bored your brain’s automatically like: Eat Something. So you do.

Source: Deenga

9. You’re family’s beginning to get on your nerves

I swear if I hear “when I was your age…” one more time…

Source: We Think Films

10. You’re actually (maybe)  looking forward to learning and sitting in class

Ahh, the good old days

Source: HBO

11. You feel unproductive all day

And it’s kinda bringing your mood down

Source: Paramount

12. You’re done catching up on GOT

So now, you have no idea what to do with your life

Source: HBO

13. You’re tired of doing nothing all day 

Dare I say it, I kind of miss doing assignments and projects omg

Source: Tenor

Do you want the winter holidays to go by faster? Let us know!

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