Here Were All The Goings On During This Year’s LUMS Skit Tamasha

Written by Komal Abid 

On the 3rd of December, the LUMS Dramatics Society came together to put up yet another fun-filled night with a number of theatrical performances, dances, and a whole lot of entertainment! Here are seven amazing moments from that night that will make you wish you were a part of it:

Source: Dramaline

1.The opening dance performance was epic!

Directed and choreographed by the talented Hamd Paracha, the opening dance number kicked off the event in style. The intense performance was the perfect way to start the night full of fun and frenzy, and it made sure the audiences were glued to their seats for the rest of the night!


Source: Dramaline

2. Dramalife

People who have been in Dramaline for a while decided to put up an impromptu comedy skit that had everyone in fits of laughter! Directed by Dilawer Ali, this was a personalized comedy for the people in the society that mimicked almost the entire senior council and lightened everyone’s mood. Several directors and a few EC members made cameos in this light-hearted skit that had everyone at the edge of their seats in tears of laughter. It also won the Best Comedy award… (Because it was the only comedy skit, but don’t tell them that!)

Source: Dramaline

3. A brilliant opening skit 

The amazing direction and technicals of the first play of the night, titled ‘Dreams’, were a true representation of what theater in Dramaline is all about. The lead actor Ahmed Kamran, along with the rest of the cast, were absolutely spot on with their performances in a skit depicting the dreams of a retired army officer suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The skit proved to be an excellent example of the talent that the LUMS community has.

Source: Dramaline

4. The electric atmosphere

Even though it was a Sunday night, and deadlines were mounting pressure, the venue was completely packed with enthusiastic students who had showed up either in support of their friends who were taking part, or for the love of good theatrical performances. The presence of such a fun audience added to the overall atmosphere of the event and made it a night worth remembering.

Source: Dramaline

5. When ‘The morning after’ won best play at Skit Tamasha

Directed by the talented Ayesha Lari, the skit talked about depression and anxiety, and the stigmatization of both in our society. This skit getting its well-deserved appreciation at the end of the night was a thrilling moment for everyone involved in its production. The freshmen who acted in the play were absolutely ecstatic, as was the crowd

Source: Dramaline

6. Appreciation by the guest judge

Mr. Waleed Rana (who belongs to the very well-known band Naqsh from Pepsi Battle of the Bands) gave extremely encouraging feedback to all the performers and showed interest in working with these brilliant, young individuals. This was the highlight of the event because the hard work, effort, and talent of their very own actors and directors was recognized which meant a huge deal to everyone who was a part of the society.

Source: Dramaline

Everything was free!

Yes, you read that right. There was no hassle of buying tickets or emptying our pockets to attend this event. Dramaline understands that college kids are living on a budget and they deserve a fun and relaxing evening that doesn’t cause a dent on their pockets. Not only that, they had also arranged for free burgers from the Burger Joint and drinks from Nestle outside the venue for the attendees. Talk about a great mufta!


All in all, it was a very successful event. Event heads Alina Zuberi and Syed Taha Sarfraz Hussain were ecstatic at the audience turnout, the skits and the event’s overall execution. Here is what Taha had to say:

Source: Dramaline

“Once you’re on a rollercoaster, it’s pretty hard to get off. Skit Tamasha was something similar, it was at that time of the year where one is totally crammed up by numerous presentations, assignments, quizzes and sleepless nights. But all of this did not stop me from delivering the best that I could and put up an event that would not only last forever in my heart but hopefully in the hearts of all those who worked alongside me. Being an event head is not an easy task, and in all honesty it sort of drains you to your core but the feeling that you get after it is all over is second to none. Multitasking, running around, and asking for help, getting things done, entertaining people and most importantly meeting the expectations of the audience is what makes it a whole lot more thrilling. Honestly there was no chance this event would have been this successful without the combined effort of the entire Dramaline Council. I owe all of them, from the freshman to the senior council, without them Skit Tamasha would not have been possible.”