Small Cake Ventures That Need To Be On Your ‘Buy Now' List

By Shanzeh Jalali | 3 Oct, 2022

Regardless of whether it is prepared in another person’s house, the notion of at-home food is soothing. 

The baked goods venture is on the rise and we are all here for it. 

In recent times, Pakistan has seen a rise in the number of home bakers offering delicious options that are ready to eat in a short amount of time. What’s not to love about more personalization options. From the frosting, ganache, cake, flavor, and everything in between; it is all customized. Most startups deliver straight to your door, offer pick-up, and give you a satisfying experience. 

A person once said ‘I’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn’t fix’ and boy do we agree with that. 

Small-scale bakers now have a relatively simpler time spreading the word about themselves via Facebook and Instagram thanks to social media. Household baking has been growing in popularity over the last year, with students making their pastime into a part-time job and families converting their love of the art into a full-fledged career.


Here is an assembled list of homemade cake ventures we absolutely adore. 


Binge Baking By Misha:

source Instagram @bingebakingbymisha

Binge Baking is a chef-d’oeuvre by Misha, a 21-year-old living in Lahore. Formally known as @bingebakingbymisha on Instagram, Misha is one of the first in the Pakistani cake business to introduce bento cakes. With a wooden spoon and the most adorable packaging, Binge Baking is known for the intricate details and grind they put into creating the perfect bite. 


Mad Batter Cakes And Bakes:

source Instagram @madbattercakesnbakes

@madbattercakesnbakes is a home venture positioned in Karachi. Their cakes live up to expectations, especially when you consider that a 17-year-old prepared them. Mad Batter, founded in the midst of the pandemic by Azwa (the brains behind it all), was first brought to us and is now recognized as a traditional patisserie in some households. When the Mad Batter Cakes and Bakes boxes come, the astounding buttercream and the labor of love behind the counter are evident.


The Aqsa Effect:

source Instagram @theaqsaeffect

Situated in Lahore, @theaqsaeffect is a home-based bakery serving the most decadent brownies one can find to satisfy their cravings. Keeping the recipe a secret, Aqsa has made us all drool over our phone screens wanting to get a bite. From cakes to brownies to the most lovely buttercream cakes: The Aqsa Effect has an effect on us all. 

Big Fat Rolls:

source Instagram @bigfatrolls

Have you ever heard of a home-based bakery delivering to a city that is not theirs? Well, @bigfatrolls has got you covered. Their OG cinnamon rolls are worth a million dollars. The most important step after you receive them is to microwave and then watch the dough melt in your mouth. We personally admire their cheesecakes more than anything else (who needs to go to Burning Brownie now, am I right?).
Big Fat Rolls has never disappointed with their donuts, cheesecakes, and rolls; expecting a lot from them in the coming years. 


Cake Pit:

source Instagram @cake.pit

Run by two sisters, Saman and Maham, Cake Pit is one of the top homemade businesses rising in the world of buttercream lunch box cakes. Recognized for their buttercream delicacies, @cake.pit is a dream come true for the two sisters. The delineation and features of their cakes make them stand out and keeps one wanting more.


Yum Prum Bakery:

source Instagram @yum_prum

Their bentos stocked at Dessert Directory, DHA, Lahore; Yum Prum has come a long way in the cake business. You can order via WhatsApp or message them on @yum_prum for the best-customized cakes in town. Along with bentos, they offer a variety of other dessert options including eclairs, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, banana bread, and even treat boxes. The hard work Yum Prum puts into its work is visible and a paramount part of the bakery is its success. 

The Batter Gram:

source Instagram @yum_prum

Taking a toll on Instagram after introducing cupcakes but in a bouquet, everyone was inquisitive. @thebattergram has revolutionized the regular flower-giving ritual into something much more meaningful, thoughtful, and mouth-watering. Located in Lahore, their cupcakes are a sight for sour eyes. 


Let us know where you like to order your cake in the comments below. 

Cover image via @cake.pit, @bingebakingbymisha, and @yum_prum

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