SnackVideo’s Commendable Efforts In Promoting Pakistan’s Beautiful Landscapes

By MangoBaaz Studio | 27 Jul, 2022

KARACHI July 13th, 2022 – Fast growing content-sharing platform, SnackVideo, inspired by the vision of Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) that aims to promote mainstream tourism in the country, partnered up with PUBG MOBILE, the country’s top gaming platform, in an attempt to highlight the country’s stunning scenery and beautiful culture on social media platforms as well as offline. Supported by the tourism authority, the campaign garnered widespread attention. SnackVideo garnered as many as 150,000 videos that were created by users of the popular content sharing app.

From the rustic landscapes of Sindh and rivers of Punjab, to snow-capped mountains in Gilgit-Baltistan, users were able to travel across the plains and the lush green valleys as well as several prominent landmarks through PUBGM’s in-game activity that took users and players on a virtual tour of the country, that began from June 13 and concluded on July 3. The campaign was a huge success, engaging more than 13 celebrity content creators and generating  up to 150,000 videos from fans and users.

During the campaign, SnackVideo gave users the opportunity to win exciting prizes while participating in the social and cultural experiences that the region has to offer. To further spread this message of positivity, SnackVideo branded a bus with its banners and slogans that runs on the most popular route of the country. It begins from Kalma Chowk in Lahore, and goes all the way to Thokar Niaz Baig along the Canal Road and concludes in Faizabad, Rawalpindi. Users were able to claim their rewards by clicking pictures and joining the online activity.

Gavin Zheng, the head of Kwai International Commercial, said, “This is our first cooperation with Tencent, a giant Chinese Internet company, and the first cooperation with a game manufacturer. We feel honoured to be able to promote the tourist attractions and colourful culture of Pakistan through the combination of online activities of mobile games and short videos. We hope we will have more in-depth cooperation opportunities in the future to provide the most rich and interesting experience for the majority of mobile users.”

SnackVideo aims to embrace Pakistani culture and wants to connect with the local people on a personal level. It is an excellent opportunity for other advertisers to join hands with SnackVideo. PUBG has mentioned on multiple occasions how the campaign has been endorsed by the tourism industry of Pakistan. They aim to cultivate a brand image that wholeheartedly embraces the country’s vibrant culture.

 About SnackVideo

Leading social media application SnackVideo is a popular platform in Pakistan. The short-form application allows users and content creators to express their creativity in a variety of ways such as dance, hacks, parodies and much more. Built-in features such as music, filters and effects allows users to distinguish their videos from the abundance of content on the platform. With an active community of over 10 million, the app is user-friendly, catching the attention of a wide audience who can enjoy a diverse range of content. Interaction with the audience is also made easy through the live-stream feature. With its popularity growing by the day, the ways in which you can get creative are also increasing and entertainment is always at your fingertips.



Cover image via SnackVideo

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