This Is What Type Of Student You Are Depending On Your Star Sign

A star sign is window into your soul (LOL) and they help tell you how your life is going. If they can do all that, they can also help figure out what type of student you. So here you go:


If you are an Aries, you’re the type of person that can put their head down and work really really hard. This will help you when it comes exam season, which means you might just get good grades, aur phir ammi abbu khush. 

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You make a great friend and everyone loves you. Sadly, you’re the type of person who loses interest in their studies pretty quick. Lekin there is a good side, parhai ho tou nahin rahi so you can take trips with your friends- so get planning!

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You thrive on group study since the seeking of knowledge is your prime goal in life. Also since Geminis have incredible wit and charm, you’ll be the person who goes up to the instructor to ask for extensions.

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You thrive during exam seasons and work well under pressure. So yeah, you’re doing pretty well in university. Good for you *all other star signs roll their eyes*

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If you’re a Leo, you’re definitely part of the sporty people on campus. Always willing to kick a ball around, or go around whacking a bat. You use your competitive edge from sports

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Virgos are the go to ‘advice friend’ in the group, so apparently that makes you very wise and insightful. Oh, and also you’re the type of student that keeps asking questions and revising, and re-revising concepts you are pretty clear on, oh you know just in case you got it wrong.

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You’re known for your artistic knack, so you’re definitely a creative learner. Courses that are interdisciplinary and not your typical university classes are the stuff you’re into.

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You’re the type of student who loses faith really easily, however you reply on your social life for support and confidence.

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You’re the type of person who gets bored very easily, so sitting in class for like over 15 minutes can be torturous for you. You really have to push yourself to study especially during the end of the semester.

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These people like to plan everything in advance, so you definitely have study timetables and have everything planned down to the hour, minute, heck even the second.

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You’re the type of student who’s destined to reach the top of your class. Also you utilize your professor’s and TA’s office hours- like all the time.

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You believe in the power of hard work and pure effort. You are the type of student who tries their very best to get the best grades, sometimes you just shut everyone else off and it’s just you and your books!

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So, you’ve read all there is when it comes to star signs and parhai. What do you say? Agree?

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