These Students From SZABIST Planted 600 Saplings Around Their Campus For A Greener Environment

With climate change serving as a pressing problem and the recent news of Karachi being the third most polluted city in the world country with Lahore ranking at number one, it is only essential that Pakistanis adopt a greener lifestyle.

On 7th November, 2017, a group of six SZABIST students in their third semester, namely, Alia Eva, Aiman Khan, Ayesha Shaikh, Johar Ali, Fahad Umer and Rehmat Ali, took an initiative to help the environment. They collaborated with K – Electric, an electrical energy cooperation that provides electricity to Karachi, which is facilitated by Mrs. Hina Shamsi (an instructor at SZABIST).

Left to right: Fahad Umer, Aiman Khan, Ayesha Shaikh, Alia Eva, Rehmat Ali, Johar Ali // Source: Johar Ali

K Electric strongly believes on creating a sustainable environment and one of their CSR goals for is to plant 100, 000 trees, so far they have planted 69, 000. These students from the SZABIST Business School held a one day event called Adopt a Plant on their campus to aid K Electric in achieving these goals and creating awareness on how significant it is for us to lead a greener life.

 ‘We have to provide Karachi with a new pair of lungs!’ said Mrs. Hina Shamsi in her testimonial to K Electric.

Mrs. Hina Shamsi, Business Ethics instructor writing on the pledge wall //Source: Alia Eva

These six students planted a total of 600 saplings from the Ficus family, 400 were planted all over the different SZABIST campuses and the remaining 200 were adopted by members of faculty, administration and students. People enthusiastically participated in the event by taking oaths on the pledge wall to take better care of the planet- the event was not just productive but also fun as people adopted saplings and vowed to take good care of them.

Plantation of saplings on campus //Source: Alia Eva

Alia Eva, one of the students involved in the program had this to say about the environment and what we can do to help; ‘We’re grateful for the opportunity our instructor and K-Electric has provided. We’re not generally concerned with the environment on a daily basis which is  wrong because we’re not leaving behind a healthy planet for the generations who will come after us. We have to make sure that our lifestyle incorporates concern for the environment – we need to plant more trees, use CFC free products, stop littering and these are just a few things every individual can do’

A student adopting a plant //Source: Alia Eva

It is our planet and our responsibility and we need to take charge. We just can’t sit passively anymore!