15 Thoughts That Definitely Cross Your Mind During Your First Month At SZABIST

SZABIST, with its array of campuses that you tend to lose count of, lies snugly hidden in the bustling nooks and crannies of Clifton in Karachi. You hear a lot about pretty much every university, of course. But actually being there is entirely different. When you’re there, a whole bunch of thoughts cross your mind. Here are a few of them:

1. “Wait, is that really the size of my batch?”

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2. “Is that seriously the size of the campus?”

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3. “Why are there so many campuses?”

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4. “Ek bari campus hee bana lete.”

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5. “Timetable itna off kyun hai. How do I survive a three-hour long class?”

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6. “That group of people looks suspicious. Are they about to rag me?”

Source: ARY Films

7. “Why do the seniors look like they hate the new batch?”

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8. “Itni saari societies hain. How do I remember the names?”

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9. “Waisay yahan kuch log toh kaafi chill hain.

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10. “Yes, guy-smoking-in-a-non-smoking-area. Spray my face with your spit and exhaled smoke. That’s cool. Whatever.”

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11. “So it may just be a wee bit congested in here.”

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12. “Wow the guard really, really wants you to wear your ID card.”

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13. “Wi-Fi itna slow kyun hain?

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14. “Why does everyone keep warning me about how bad it’s going to get?”

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15. “Hmm, doesn’t seem so bad. Yet.”

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Are you a new student at SZABIST? Do you have any thoughts to share about what your first month has been like? Let us know in the comments below, or submit a piece to [email protected].

Cover image: ARY Films