This Superstar From SZABIST Uses Music And Acting To Tackle Social Issues Like An Absolute Boss

Today, it seems as though everyone is running along the track that leads to fame.

Kids, adults, teens, pretty much everyone you see around you is aware of the luxury that fame provides. Social media is the largest supplier of fame. However, with fame comes responsibility. But for some superstars, like the one from SZABIST we’re going to talk about, it’s all easy to handle.

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Sheena Dsouza, a star realized the power her influence held and decided to use it in a positive way.

Sheena is a student at SZABIST, and a star who started posting on the platform in 2015.

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She fell in love with the art back when she posted her first ever and expected to see positive feedback on it.

But, as she states, “everyone needs to realize that by putting videos up on social media, people will be judgmental and will have an opinion about it.”

Which is what happened to Sheena, too. 

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Despite the hate she received on the, one comment stood out for her, and it was then she decided what her path was going to be. One of her fans stated that her videos made them smile.

Since then, she has never looked back. Gradually, her constant strive to spread happiness has attracted thousands of people and has inspired many more to find their own creative fit.

So, what makes this student from SZABIST different from every other influencer out there? 

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For starters, she doesn’t see the musical site as just an app – but more of a platform where creative minds can come together and explore their talents.

Moreover, whenever people message her asking for advice or tips to help them improve their own work, she doesn’t take out her magical list of tips and tricks for perfecting the art of

She encourages them to find their own style and fit.

Because everyone is different due to the experiences they’ve had. No two people are alike, hence, every individual has a different way of spreading happiness and art.

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Moreover, Sheena uses her platform for the greater good.

Her followers adore her for the socially aware messages she uploads from time to time. Having been bullied as a child, she strongly speaks up against the very same evil.

💢ANY FORM OF BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! 💢 Calling people by negative titles, bashing them on social media or even traditional bullying where someone is hurt can cause a long term issue physically, mentally and emotionally. You may not know you're a bully until it's too late. Before you're about to say/do something PLEASE STOP AND THINK. " How would you feel if someone said the same thing to you?" Bullying plays a huge role in depression, suicide or even murder. No one is perfect, we all have flaws and that's okay. It's better to say nothing than to say something hurtful.🌼💛 #SayNoToBullying #MovementMonday #NoBullying #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #summer #happy #fun ##fashion #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday @musicallypakistanofficial @musical.lyindiaofficial

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She’s also spoken up about Pakistan’s obsession with fairness. Moreover, she’s a firm believer in the concept of self love and tries to promote the same.

Hi there, What if you had devoted this year to loving yourself more by not caring about what others say, wouldn't it make everything a lot easier? At some point in our life we have been given negative labels by society. Fat, loser, ugly, worthless and so on. We let those words define who we are as an individual and it results in crushing our self esteem. People will keep judging you in every walk of life don't let it get to you. How you overcome these labels is what's going to matter. Stop! Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are as a person. I'm not referring to your physical appearance. It is your inner beauty which is in it's truest form. Beauty is knowing and proudly accepting yourself for the way you are. If wearing makeup makes you happy DO IT! If you're comfortable with no makeup on be proud of it. All those watching this today, I hope you find a way to be yourself someday. ✨ #SheenaSays 🌹 TAG 3 beautiful girls who need to hear this message 🌹 #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #happy #fun #fashion #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday #Sheenation #empoweringwomen #motivation #beauty

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Sensitive matters like acid attacks have also been tackled by her.

I was touched by watching an acid victim speak about her attack. How her entire life flashed in front of her eyes as the man threw a bottle of sulfuric/nitric acid on her because she refused to marry him. She was helpless, her skin was burning down layer by layer. Every night as she would make an effort to try to get some sleep her attacker's face would haunt her. She was living her worst nightmare. Few months later, she looked in the mirror and realized beauty is not only in ones physical appearance. Beauty comes from within you. She was confident and started living for herself that's when she truly knew what self love was. Start by loving yourself and say NO to Acid attacks! #SayNoToAcidAttacks #MovementMonday #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #summer #happy #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday #acidvictim @musicallypakistanofficial @musical.lyindiaofficial

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The app itself is fairly underground in Pakistan.

And people don’t take too kindly to newer concepts. However, Sheena has the following advice for people who want to follow their heart and make a difference:

“Always remember to be confident about what you do, and ignore the hate if it gets too much. Just focus on the love and support.”

We couldn’t ask for a better message to start the new year with, SheenaWhat do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.