Here’s How Kinnaird Is Keeping Revolutionary Poet Habib Jalib’s Memory Alive

On December 7th, Kinnaird College For Women’s Studies is hosting a jam-packed event in celebration of the beloved poet, Habib Jalib!

Habib Jalib’s beautiful poetry, his determination, and the love for his country is recognised all over the world. Being a progressive poet, Jalib wrote against the military coups of General Ayub Khan and Zia-Ul-Haq and protested in the streets against the Hudood Ordinance alongside women.

Source: Wikipedia

Habib Jalib was and still is widely read.

This is because he took the complex ideas of socialism and distilled them into indigenous politics, poetry, and humour. He was a voice for the masses, and his words instilled a greater joy and evoked a sense of pride among them.

Source: Dawn

To commemorate Jalib’s work, the Literature department is hosting an event with honourable guests. Oh, and a free concert by Laal Band!

The guests that will be attending this tribute include Tahira Habib Jalib – daughter of Habib Jalib – Abid Hassan  Manto, a prominent literary critic, and the famous Punjabi poet, Baba Najmi.

At the end of the event, the socialist band “Laal Band” will perform for all the students and faculty present.

Source: Mehwish Khan

The guests will first get a chance to discuss and speak about the illustrious poet, including his life, his work and especially his politics.

Habib Jalib was not a revolutionary who was confined to his poetry. Rather, he was a revolutionary in his life as well. He refused to take a single penny from the government even when he fell ill. In fact, he told former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who insisted on taking him abroad:

“Yeh jo baaqi ward main paray hain, woh nazar nahi arahe?”


The same charisma, determination, and sense of nationality cannot be seen today in Pakistan.

It’s important to pay tribute to the heroes who stood up for what was wrong and worked hard for a better future. We keep poets like Jalib, Iqbal, and Faiz alive because they teach us that a pen is no less than a sword, and you can make all the difference in the world with just that one tiny, but mighty sword.

Source: Huffington Post

His patriotism and literary brilliance can be seen through his work:

“Khet waderon se le lo
Millain luteron se le lo
Mulk andheron se le lo
Rahe na koi Alijah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah… “-Habib Jalib

Let’s hope we keep such great men alive and keep celebrating them for being awe-inspiring figures.

14 Masalaydaar Roommate Confessions, Fresh From Kinnaird Ke Hostels

Who isn’t dying to hear the super spicy details of Kinnaird ki larkion ki confessions? Let me be the first to tell you, they are everything you thought they would be and much MORE. The sources? They will remain anonymous of course, mwahaha. So sit tight and let the excitement commence:

1. Once my friend offered me her burger and then after I ate it, she told me ‘iss mein keera tha.’ 

At least you got some protein?

Source: Al Karam

2. I accidentally farted in front of my senior and she told the warden that ‘isnay mujhse badtameezi ki hai.’

Hmm, talk about a superiority complex.

Source: HUM TV

3. I ate the chocolate that my roommate’s boyfriend gave her, and she still doesn’t know about it.

Who can say no to chocolate though?

Source: Deenga/MangoBaaz

4. Whenever the university office talks to my ‘mom’ for permission for a pass, it’s really just my roommate pretending to be my mom.

Woah, okay. Kinnaird peeps be schemin’.

Source: TUC Pakistan

5. I broke my roommate’s headphones, and then I was like ‘OMG, who did this?’

Playing dumb always works.

Source: Deenga

6. I stole my roommate’s new dress and wore it before she could, and she still doesn’t know.

I hope she doesn’t find out!

Source: Dharma Productions

7. A student was writing an application against the warden to the principal, and another student ratted her out.

That’s some serious ass-kissing.

Source: Danish Ali

8. One time I broke my roommate’s Beats, but then fixed them and put them back like nothing ever happened. She never found out.

That is really quick and slick work.

Source: EROS

9. I forgot to take off my tag on my new shirt and I walked around campus all day unknowingly and my roommate never told me.

She must really hate you.

Source: HUMTV

10. One night my roommate trimmed my eyelashes of only one eye while I was sleeping.


Source: Deenga

11. My roommate started talking to a guy she met online and she really liked him. Little did she know that guy was me using a fake account.

That’s some crazy prank.

Source: HUM TV

12. I read my roommate’s secret diary and she still doesn’t know.

Hot gossip alert!

But also potential Kinnaird drama alert.

Source: Youtube// The Living Picture

13. One time I was picking my boogers and I flicked them and they accidentally landed on my roommate’s food.

Okay, ew.

Source: Deenga

14. Once, I stained my roommate’s bed sheet, and when she saw it I was like, “Haw, yeh you tab ka hai jab tumhay periods huay thay

LOL, I wonder if she actually believed it.

Source: SOCH The Band

Got any juicy confessions? Comment and share!

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Kinnaird’s Charity Week Is Here And This Is Is Why It’s Totally Awesome

Every year in November, Kinnaird College For Women’s Studies holds a charity week where students from every semester can set up stalls and earn money for charity.

So here is the gist of it: Every day of the week is allocated to a semester or two, and they can set up their stalls in certain areas of the college. There are various games that are set up, different students bring different food (who can say no to a good home made biryani?), and there’s also fun activities.

Source: Zainab Ali

The College has a different aura every time charity week comes around. There is music, food and it is all for such a great cause!

Different activities also take place and every student purchases a ticket (proceeds going to charity of course) to attend that activity. For example: exciting scavenger hunts, jam sessions, and crazy dance offs! These activities are organised by the student council, and they make sure every penny is given in the hands of the college.

Source: Zainab Ali

So, where do these proceedings actually go?

As it’s famously said, charity begins at home, thus a portion of this charity goes to Kinnaird’s lower staff. All the workers i.e Ayya jee‘s, custodians, peons etc. are sometimes in need of money, apart from the pay they already get from college, so if any of them are do need extra cash (for a funeral, or wedding), Kinnaird itself is the first to help out and provide them with this facility. The other portion goes to different organisations such as Eidhi, and Shaukat Khannam.

Source: Zainab Ali

Props to Kinnaird College for setting amazing examples for it’s students!


Here’s What Went Down At Kinnaird Business Week’17, Making It All Kinds Of Awesome

Submitted by Aruba Ali.

Kinnaird College was buzzing on the 16th and 17th of November due to several exciting reasons.

From celebrity appearances, series of motivational speaker sessions, various competitions to a Musical Fiesta – everything left the attendees spellbound. Here’s everything that went down at Kinnaird Business Week’17. 

Motivational Speaker Sessions.

Mr. Qasim Ali Shah shared pieces of wisdom with the participants. Nabeel Qadeer helped the aspiring young entrepreneurs listen to their inner voices and come up with an ‘Idea Croroun Ka.’ Zara Abbas gave everyone some legitimate tips on overcoming fears.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Sufi Night.

The social event served as a detox after a day full of heated competitions and management struggles by the hosting team itself. Everyone was on their feet and couldn’t resist but sway along the tablaa strokes by Qawwal group, ‘Cultural Infusion.’

Source: Xpressions Photography

A Magical Musical Night 

More than 4000 girls attended the Musical night of KBW’17. From the Punjabi bhangra beats by Falak to ‘Yeh Mera Dewanapan Hai‘ by Ali Sethi – everything kept the audience engaged. Synchronized hoots, the rain and an amazing panel of singers made everything more remarkable and memorable.

(Shoutout to F&S Events and PR for pulling off the social night.)

Source: Xpressions Photography

Various Celebrity Appearances.

One of the key moments on day two of KBW’17 included the appearance of Mr. Haseeb Khan and the extremely talented, Mr. Mikaal Zulfiqar. They not only blessed the event with their presence but were also amongst the judging panel of the AD-MAD and Meteoric competitions.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Dastan-e-Ishq By Umair Jalianwala.

Mr. Jalianwala, who is a trainer by passion and an entrepreneur by profession, charmed the entire audience with the magic of his words on Day-2 of KBW’17. “Tales of Passion,” inspired by Sufi music, made the audience ponder over life and see it from a different perspective.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Flawless Team Management.

The event was perfectly managed by the core team of KBW’17. The entire team made sure everything went smoothly, by catering to the needs of participants and ensuring the comfort of the judges and the guests. The collaboration with ‘Xpressions Photography’ was also notable, and they did a great job covering the event. President-KECMehwish Haroon, did a tremendous job in bringing forth a nicely articulated event for everyone attending.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Innovative Competitions. 

The range of competitions was extremely well thought of. These competitions not only helped the participants expand their vision and brainstorm innovative business ideas but also gave a boost to their ambitions – all under the influence of well-known mentors. 

Source: Xpressions Photography

Appearance By The Cast Of Arth (The Destination.)

Just when everyone thought the night couldn’t get any better, Humaima Malik and Uzmah Shah showed up for the promotion of their upcoming movie with Shaan and Mohib Mirza. Yay!

Source: Xpressions Photography

After executing an amazing event, one can only expect bigger and better things from the next session of Kinnaird Business Week. Cheers!

What do you think about the event? Let us know in the comments.

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Wasim Akram Just Visited Kinnaird College And Gave An Inspirational Talk About Facing Your Challenges

On November 14, the very talented Wasim Akram and his graceful wife, Shaniera Thompson, came to visit Kinnaird College for Women’s Studies. 

He made quite an entrance in his black BMW, cruising through the excited crowd that was anxious to catch a glimpse of the former Pakistani cricketer.


As an ambassador of a blood-glucose monitoring device, Accu Chek, Wasim Akram addressed the audience about the importance of being aware about diabetes. He also talked about and discussed the different misconceptions that there are about this disease in Pakistan and cleared them up.

Wasim Akram also mentioned that when he was 29,  he himself was diagnosed with diabetes. He then took it as a challenge for himself, and took a 6 month break from cricket.

After coming back from his break, Wasim Akram took more then 100 wickets in ODI and Test Matches. “That is the motivation everyone should have,” he explained to the awestruck students and faculty at Kinnaird. He stressed upon the need to exercise, not only just for the diabetic, but everyone. Since Shaniera Thompson is an Australian, he began to discuss their culture. They give a lot of importance to exercise, and begin their day in the early hours.

Source: Jannat. A

Wasim Akram talked about how 6:30-9:30 am is Australians peak time to be productive, however, unfortunately in Pakistan, many don’t begin their day until 12pm. 

There were dieticians, a female international weight lifter and an international chess player present as well. They all spoke about the importance of keeping a check on your body, and staying physically and mentally fit. Holding the Accu-Chek banner, Wasim Akram, Shaniera Thompson, Kinnard College’s Principal and many international players walked across the field, and lot’s of photographs and videos were taken.

Source: Ayesha Toor

In case anything happens to you, whether it is diabetes or anything else, as Wasim Akram said, you shouldn’t take it as a weakness, but as a challenge and know if you try hard enough, you can conquer anything.

In the end Wasim Akram left us with three words: Believe and Become. Thank you for the wonderful day, and the amazing lecture!

Here’s How Kinnaird College Could Do More To Help Its Differently Abled Students

At Kinnaird College for Women’s Studies, a special quota is given to ladies with different disabilities.

This allows them to attend the same lectures and receive the same education as every other student. However, it is much harder for them to learn at Kinnaird. These students, whether they’re partially or fully blind, not only require a helping hand for tests and exams, but also for walking to their classes, or anywhere else within the institute.


They can’t note down important points of a lecture. Often, they end up recording these lectures.

Other students have physical disabilities, making it difficult for them to walk up the stairs to any class on the second or third floors. Does this sound fair?


MangoBaaz Campus got in touch with Javeria, a Kinnaird student, who suffers from partial blindness. We asked for her input on this matter. 

“Other universities have plenty of facilities for disabled students like myself, but Kinnaird doesn’t,” explains Javeria.

She talked about how it’s hard to get a soft copy of notes or books that are needed to study for exams. Therefore, it’s harder to study. Even if they do get scanned notes, they’re difficult to understand, as they have a lot of mistakes in them.

“Students taking Urdu courses have a hard time completing assignments. There’s no Urdu software that’s friendly to use for visually impaired individuals like there is for English,” Javeria states.

Source: maverickpakistanis

Kinnaird is, undoubtedly, a reputable institute. However, it needs to give an extra helping hand to its enrolled disabled community.

Via Dost Pakistan

A soft copy of notes and books should be available for every student to access for every course being offered. Each student is as important as the next. It is the administration’s duty to make sure everyone is equipped to study and learn to their full potential.

Javeria also mentions wanting to write her exams herself.

“Facilities, such as computer labs, should be provided to us so we are able to write our own tests and exams. It will be easier to do, and we will do a better job,” she elaborates.


Steps must be taken to ensure these students are better equipped to handle these tasks.

An Urdu software definitely needs to be made for these students. Moreover, getting around Campus should also be a lot easier for them than it is now. This could be done by the installation of elevators.


It’s unfortunate how the tasks that are easy for us become unmanageable for these students due to these limitations.

Kinnaird College should definitely pay heed to the students’ requests. After all, everyone needs an equal opportunity to learn and grow. Let us help our differently abled communities with the same.


Here Are All The Reasons You Should Be Excited For The Kinnaird Business Week

Kinnaird Entrepreneurial Club is here to give you the first push towards building your own empire. Kinnaird Business Week (KBW ’17) is coming up and it couldn’t be more exciting. 

Source: KBW

This event is designed to showcase your many strengths and capabilities through the use of many different competitions. Motivational workshops by well-known successful entrepreneurs, would inspirit your brains and encourage you to do better in your forte. Last but not the least, a concert to mix it all up and give your energies a positive boost.

Kinnaird Entrepreneurial Club being a torch-bearer for young aspiring entrepreneurs initiated Kinnaird Business Week (KBW). It’s a two day event(16-17th November) which promises to serve its purpose by giving budding minds a platform to exhibit their talents under the influence of well-profound mentors. It gives an astounding opportunity to both Kcites and students from other prestigious institutions to unveil their talents while swirling through a particular pattern of competitions.

Source: KBW

Here are the details of the competitions:
Day-1 [For inter university/college participants]

  • Battle of competitors.
  • The startup challenge
  • Speaker session: (Gear up for the insightful workshops, by the most inspiring speakers.)
Source: KBW

Day-2 [For Kinnaird college students] 

  • Meteoric Marketing.
  • Young Entrepreneurs of Kinnaird
  • MAD competition
  • Scavenger Hunt.
  • Workshop by Umair Jaliawala.
Source: KBW

 Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, to recharge your energies with absolute joy we have arranged a concert for you that would refresh your zeal and make you sway with the music.

Source: KBW

We tend not to disappoint our participants by any means and to put a wax seal on this we got in touch with a few of KBW’16 participants and this is what they have to say about it here.

Mehwish Haroon the president of Kinnaird Entrepreneurial Club has really high hopes from this Event as she carefully embedded the fragmented tasks to pull off this amazing event. “I believe in taking the leap of faith and conquering fears in order to attain success. So the participants should step forward and take up the challenges without worrying about its consequences “, is what she said when asked, about her expectations from the participants.

The gates of KC would be open for you this November to give you a dynamic, fun-filled ride. So wait no-more and register for Kinnaird Business Week’17, as we promise to bring forth a hustle-free, the most exhilarating event you have ever been to.

(This piece was written and submitted by Arooba Ali) 

The 13 Conversations You Will Overhear At Kinnaird College

“Mujhe nai makeup class leyni”, she says but goes and takes the class anyways. To everyone thinking Kinnaird ki larkiyan ki conversations would be interesting, exciting, and scandalous: you are right 100%. Here is every type of conversation I have overheard in Kinnaird:

1. “I’m Hungry”

Always, anywhere soon campus, you hear this everywhere; “chalo, kuch cafe say ley aein.”

Source: HUM Sitaray

2. “Omg, what is she wearing?”

The thing is, when you don’t have class and nothing much to talk about with your friends you’re probably checking out other girls, and discussing about why one of them is wearing jeans under a skirt.

Source: Urdu1

3. “Yaar, he’s not talking to me because I didn’t ask him agr usnay nashta kia hai ya nai

Ahh, boyfriend advice. You’ll hear every type of question and every type of advice.


4. “Bus yeh aik topic samjha dou”

These are the girls who never come prepared for a test, and want to learn the whole syllabus in 20 mins.


5. “Chalo, plan banao koi”

Us KC-ites always want to go out. Why? Because why not? Trying to make constant plans with your friends and unfortunately only 10% actually work out.

Source: TUC Pakistan

6. “She never gives me marks”

When do we not talk shit about teachers? It is human nature to, and although we love our teachers, we also love to indulge in their negative criticism.


7. “Pata hai…..”

GOSSIP ALERT. We were the original gossip girl xoxo.

Source: TUC Pakistan

8. “Honestly, what is up with her hair?”

Yes, we’re still sitting in the cafe checking out other girls. Why is her hair orange though, seriously?

Source: Disney

9. “My test was so fazooool”

Complaining about the test that you absolutely didn’t study for, turning out harder than expected.

Source: HUM TV

10. “Meray liye bhi ley aana”

My friend is going to go get something from the cafe, should I go as well? Nope I’m just going to yell at her to bring me a bag of chips too.


11. Singing

Just pure at the top on your lungs singing. Sometimes, you don’t even need a speaker to sing along, it’s like High School Musical, but in Kinnaird.

Source: Zayn Malik VEVO

12. “Yaar, koi concert nai aa rha”

Does anything exciting ever happen in Kinnaird? It does yes fine okay, but seldom.

Source: Showcase Productions

13. “Rizwan Sa’ab will be busy af”

Bohut rush hai“. You know it’ll be crazy packed at 12:30, so you don’t even bother going there.

Source: T-Series

What other conversations do you hear? Let us know!

This Photographer From Kinnaird Proves That Passion Can Really Take You Places

Maham Elahi is a twenty-one year old student at Kinnaird College, majoring in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition, but her heart is really in Photography. MangoBaaz Campus reached out to Maham to learn more about her story. 

Maham got her first camera when she was in her early teens, but it was in recent years that it really grew into a passion. Everyone around her thought that it was just a phase, but to Maham, photography was much more than that.

Source: Maham Elahi

“My love for photography never died. For me it is not about taking pictures, it is about creating and preserving memories.”

Maham learned all her tools and techniques by watching and following youtube tutorials. After four years, she decided to formally study photography. Recently, Maham went for a four week photography course in NYFA (New York Film Academy). From there, she was polished of the art that she already knew the basics of, and gained more confidence.

“I have always been the shy timid girl but after I got into photography, my camera became a medium for me to explore,” Maham explains, “Travelling the world and documenting it every step of the way is one of my dreams.”

When asked about juggling both her studies and her passion Maham states “It can be very difficult juggling so many different activities together, especially if you want to secure a good GPA while also maintaining a social life. Managing all of it was hard in the beginning but you find a way to balance it out.” 

Source: Maham Elahi

She has also won awards for her work and photographs.

“Some find solace and a friend in diary but I found it in my camera. I have found my voice in my camera that takes me into my own world,” shares Maham.”I’ve worked for a couple of friends and family doing event photography and photoshoots but I’m not really in it for the money. Took part in LAPS ’17 and LGS Artography ’16 bagging first position and runner-up positions in two categories in the former. I have made a makeup tutorial and its BTS video for Beauty Closet and Numra Waqas, and I’ve also dabbed a little in product photography for Burger Beghum.”

Her friends and family are the main reason behind this passion, “I count them as one of the greatest blessings,” Maham adds.

“They have always encouraged me to do whatever I want and pursue my goals. I have always loved taking pictures, but it was my family that believed in me and pushed me to do this professionally. They have been my biggest supporters, as well as my biggest critics.”

Source: Maham Elahi

Maham has a message to us all who are struggling to chase after our dreams:

“Never stop doing what they love. If you are passionate about something then it does not seem like a drag or work, but you are excited about it every day. Do it for yourself. Few have the courage and the vision to do what they aspire to be. Never stop because of bullying or because someone does not like what you create. Take feedback but don’t let the negativity hold you back because everyone has a different perspective and worldview. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you are happy with yourself and what you have to offer. There will always be critics, but you need to believe in yourself. You need to be your biggest supporter.”

Keep up the great work Maham, and keep making us K-Cites proud!

Here’s What Its Really Like To Teach At Kinnaird College

It’s that time of the year again: the portal is super slow, trying to find the generals that’ll give you the best marks, and making sure your timetable matches with your bff. The 2.5 months of vacation flew by, but now it’s time to come back to reality and back to Kinnaird. We all know what it’s actually like for us students to study here, but what is it like for the teachers to teach here? We sat down with one (who will not be named mwahaha), and she told us about what it’s actually like to teach us pariyan, at Kinnaird College.

1. Students want humour in everything

Everything I teach, they would like for it to be funny, even the boring things.

Source: Urdu1

2. They are becoming more mature

We weren’t this mature at this age, but these students are more aware of whats right and wrong. It’s wonderful to see this.

Source: GQ India

3. There is a life beyond McDonalds

Yes, I understand that it is close, but c’mon girls.

Source: HUM Network

4. “Ma’am bus krdein

This famous line. I hear it in my class everyday, every lecture, about every 10 minutes. Please let me teach.

Source: Sony

5. The students are loud. Very loud

Some would believe that young girls aren’t, but trust me, they are.

Source: Buzzfeed

6. They are very understanding

They cry and complain about a lot of different things, but at the end of the day,they understand. These girls accept that it is what it is.

Source: MTV

7. Girls observe you from head to toe

Just as you walk in its like BAM! all eyes on you. They notice even the slightest details.

Source: HUM Films

8. They eat a lot

Not just in the cafe, even if I am taking 2 consecutive classes they always need a food break. And of course, chai is a must.

Source: Nurpur

9. Late-comers

It never fails to amaze me how confidently girls walk in 30-40 mins late in a class.

Source: National Foods

10. Disrespect outside class

Some students push pass teachers, and don’t even realize it. Others listen to loud music right outside of a class that is going on inside.

Source: Eros

11. Students want to know about your personal life

Sometimes it’s really caring, but other times very annoying.

Source: HUM TV

12. Craziest excuses

Students always claim they have problems with printing their assignments and tell me about it right the day it is due. Other excuses are: Rizwan sa’ab kay paas bohut rush hai, lab band hai etc.

Source: iiSuperwomanii

13. Bothering about others grades

Students are very keen to ask each other what marks they got, and then brag about their own marks. Others get upset because they got a 90% and not a 95%.


14. Kinnaird is Kinnaird

Even though their are tiny things in Kinnaird that can me improved, I love teaching here, it feels like home.

Source: Tumblr

A message I would like to send to all the students of Kinnaird would be, to learn, unlearn, and relearn. That is my favourite mantra. Also, a reminder that before entering another phase in your life, whether marriage or higher studies, you should be calm and stable. Only then can you achieve success.

Cover Photo Courtesy: HUM TV