Attention LSE Walon! There Will Be No New Juniors On Campus This Spring Semester

This is not a false alarm, LSE students. With Spring semester right around the corner, this isn’t the kind of news you want to hear but..

You read right. For those of you who were looking forward to new faces, LSE will no longer be getting any juniors in January.


We will only be getting juniors once a year now, and that is in September. Being part of one of the last January intakes; I can tell you it has been one hell of a ride trying to make up for the missed semester. So it’s kinda for the greater good.


Other than that, the university has ended the summer semester last year, so there goes your one chance to catch up on failed or missed courses.


So basically, if you fail a course or missed any; you’ll have to take them in your last year during your thesis or after graduating. That does not sound fun at all. Guess its time to pull up your boots and start working hard, it’s only going to get tougher from here on out. (Par chalo, at least we’re sort of getting a proper summer break now)

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What do you think about this, let us know in the comments!

These Heartbreaking Stories Will Tell You How University Can Be Pretty Unfair

“Why me?”

I worked for ten hours on that project.”

I saw her coming out of the professors office.”

We all knew it was wrong. But all we could do was accept our fate because the teacher is always right.”

Source: NYC Educator

As kids, I remember being told that we’d get what we deserve. That, karma is always served, and that kid who wiped his nose on your coat secretly?

He’ll get all that snot right back at him.

Or at least I hope he does. 

In the long run, this might be the case- hard work does pay off sooner or later. But moments, where hard work goes to waste or where you see someone being rewarded for something you spent hours working on, your heart crashes with defeat.

Source: Wingnut Films

And even though you know you did all the work while the slug slept on, you sit down quietly and hope for the best because:

“Iss dunya mein toh aisa hota rehta hai.”

Hota hi rehta hai bhai. Life is unfair, deal with it.

 But what about how these people felt when their hard work went to the gutter right in front of their eyes?

1. The teachers least favorite student:

Source: The Tempest

“We were assigned a project that was about 10% of our grade. As a group of two people who want a good grade would do- we worked out butts off. Kept up with all the quizzes and stuff too. There was this one girl in class who never really bothered with the work and classes, just always sat at the front whenever she would show up to class. Rolled her eyes at the professor once too. She ended up getting an A with a half done project whereas we got an A-. I’ve never been more demotivated my entire life.”

2. The rich kid

Source: Odyssey

“My best friend bought a paper from someone a night before it was due and got the full percentage allotted for it. Everyone else in class had been working on it for about a month. Ugh so unfair!”

3. Benching before experience 

Source: Pinterest

“I played football for my college and school team for about five years and represented them internationally too. When I joined the University team, I was benched for two semesters because apparently, university football needs a different kind of experience. The kind that involves watching your coach’s mate play on as he tries to remember what a defender actually does.”

4. Oops?

Source: Clevver

“There was this one time in third year when we saw a student walk out of the professors office in a state that… we wouldn’t really call composed. She smiled at us and just walked away. We never really saw her in class most of the time so we never really questioned it. She ended up getting an A in a course that 20 students failed in.

5. “Toh mein kya karoon?”

Source: NBC

“One of our best mates got into a really bad accident before an exam. We spent an hour trying to convince the professor that he was badly hurt and couldn’t make it but he failed him simply because we didn’t have any way to contact him. He ended up going into depression.”


Even though the pressure and lessons learned through it does mold a person into a stronger human, it definitely takes a toll on their mental health and the way they perceive things too. University is pretty unfair sometimes and it honestly needs to stop.

And just because “Aisa hota rehta hai.”

Doesn’t mean kay aisa hona chahiyay. 

LSE Walon! Here Are 13 Things You Can Do During Break, In Between Classes

Breaks can be either a blessing or a curse depending on how long they are. Typical breaks at LSE can last up to 2 – 4 hours. At times, it can be a hassle to kill time. Here are some ideas on how you can kill time in your breaks outside LSE.

1. Have Coffee

Source: Buzzfeed

With Winter right around the corner and smoggy/foggy day time – the weather calls for it. Not to mention Gloria Jeans and Coffee Planet are 2 minutes away from LSE now. AND students get a 15% discount at Coffee Planet.

2. Play Snooker or Pool

Source: MGM Productions

Sounds boring and cliche but it’s actually fun. Might be a little hefty on your pockets but be sure to not get addicted (been there, done that – and it didn’t work out too well)

3. Play Volley Ball

Source: 21st Century Fox

As the weather gets cooler you’ll start to see more people around campus specially in the basketball and volley ball courts. Just give your ID card in the sports office at GC in exchange for a ball and play with your friends or join a game thats already being played.

4. Go bowling

Source: Hanna-Barbera Productions

At Uptown LA, Lalik Chowk – of course.

5. Go sight seeing to Azadi Chowk/Minar-e-Pakistan/Badshahi Masjid

Source: lahorelahorehaiyaar

Old Lahore isn’t as far as it seems thanks to Ring Road.

6. Go see the Indian Border

Source: Dawn

For those of you who don’t know, India’s Border is pretty close to LSE, as well.

7. Go to the ‘Army Museum’ in Cantt

Source: historyofpia

8. Check out the Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town

Source: pakproperties

Disclaimer: You’d need a minimum 4 hour break for this.

9. Play a game of ‘Hot Hands’ with your friends

Source: New Line Cinema

If you dare to.

10. Visit Packages Mall

Source: Ghar47

Not only is it close but there are a ton of restaurants inside to satisfy all your cravings.

11. Watch a movie at Imperial Cinema

Source: Illumination Entertainment

Very close and very convenient.

12. Go grocery shopping with your uni fam to Al-Fatah

Source: Bold Films

It’s sounds boring, but trust me – it’s quite entertaining and fun.

13. Have a pizza party!

Source: Tenor

Self explanatory, who doesn’t want pizza, right?!

How do you guys spend your breaks at LSE, let us know in the comments!

These Students From LSE Are Doing What They Can To Help Out Orphans In Lahore

Hi humans. *waves*

I’m going to need you to sit down for this one today, because we need to talk. Like, we need to have a serious discussion on the amount of time you’ve been spending immersed in your own world, and have had absolutely zero time for behavior that would be categorized as ‘socially responsive’.


As a teenager who keeps up with the whereabouts of our country, I’ve often found myself skimming over headlines and images that describe the poor condition of our government institutions, eyes running over them, heart beating quicker for a minute or so with remorse for these humans, and then proceeding to turn the page over and moving on.

Don’t shake your heads like I’m the only one who does it. You do it too. 

I guess this is why I stopped scrolling down my news feed when Taabir popped up on the suggested pages section.

Source: Taabir/ Facebook

A non-government organization created by a group of LSE students that aims to empower the underprivileged youth of Pakistan, by teaching critical thinking through Liberal Arts education in order to promote a more progressive behavior in children.

Source: Taabir/ Facebook

After launching this year, these students have already completed three projects across Lahore: ranging from an eight week long teaching scheme at Gulroha Orphanage, to arranging an Iftar for over 300 people and providing school bags to a Government Elementary school.

 An eight week long teaching scheme ladies and gentlemen.

According to these students, the results of the different projects that they do are worth more than anything they’ve ever done.

After their latest project, the students at the orphanage showed the desire to go to school, moreover, they were also provided school bags and taught different social and creative skills, that will go with them in the long run.

Source: Taabir/ Facebook

Just look at those smiling faces!

Humans, I might not be a very socially responsible individual, and some of you might agree with me when I say that we don’t give back to our society at all.

The least we can do as humans is to support those who are making an effort to make this world a better place to grow up in.

The people behind Taabir are students, everyday people. These students show that you don’t have to be extraordinary or powerful to give back and make an impact. That being said, go show your support for Taabir by following them on their Facebook page and donating if you can.

Trust me, It’ll go a long way. 





LSE Orientation Week Is Finally Happening And Here Are All The Juicy Details

Now I know that LSE isn’t exactly known for its extremely happening campus life (mostly because there is no such thing), but LSE Freshmen, brace yourselves. This year, your seniors have worked really hard to make sure that you get the wonderful welcome that you deserve. Which is why they have arranged, for the first time in LSE history, a proper 3-day Freshman Orientation for you!

Source: LSE Facebook

Basically this is how orientation is going down:

Each freshman section has been assigned Orientation Leaders, who will guide and mentor you during the chaotic first week of LSE. You can find out who your Section Leader is by checking in at any of the Information Booths places all over the campus.
In addition, they will be waiting for you outside your class, so don’t be afraid of them. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t have a Section Leader tag though kids, or prepare to be made a fool of by some not-so-nice seniors (ragging, y’know).

Here are the activities you can look forward to:

-Campus Tour
-Information Session
-Icebreaking Activities and Games
-Scavenger Hunt

Apart from that, here’s what you can expect to find all over the campus:

Information Booths by the offices of the Lahore School in the Main Shed, for your ease.

A photobooth by the Photography Society will be setup outside Auditorium 11 to give a warm welcome to new students. Make sure your phones are fully charged to capture exciting photographs with your batch mates.

White Welcome Wall by the Lahore School Social Welfare Society will be set up outside Auditorium 11 for the freshmen students to pen down their first impression or any message for the Lahore School of Economics using colored sticky notes provided by the society.

Welcome Freshmen Music Jam Session by the Lahore School Music Society on the 23rd of August 2017 in the Garden Cafe.
The society will organize a Western and Eastern Musical Jam to give a warm welcome to freshmen students.

Source: LSE Facebook

Freshies, here’s the deal.

Your seniors have put a lot of time and effort into making sure you get a proper welcome and that your first week at LSE goes smoothly. The least you can do is show up, and actively participate, to reciprocate their efforts. So c’mon, be a good sport and join in!

Looking forward to seeing all you freshmeat tomorrow, and welcome to LSE! 🙂

13 A+ Pieces Of Advice for LSE Freshmen from the Graduating Class of 2017

School reopens in almost a month, maybe even less than that. And by school I mean university. And by university I mean that loud, crowded, annoying but also slightly wonderful place you have to go to every day for the next 8 months. Yeah, fun. But for someone who’s just starting out university, it can be pretty intimidating. I remember I was legit terrified on my first day, and had it not been for those maps they hand out to freshmen during orientation, I would probably have been legit lost too, in addition. So, for all the freshmen out there, who’ll be starting at LSE next September, hi, hello, I welcome you all to four years of fun. I promise it’s not as bad as its been made out to be. And for you guys, I took the liberty to talk to some students from the graduating class, and ask them what one piece of advice would they give to freshmen. Here it is kids,  12 pieces of advice for freshmen. Here’s hoping it serves you well. Leggooo.

1. “Pehlay saal mein F na lena” – Sinwan Maryam Zahid

Source: Giphy

I mean, pretty standard, solid advice, I’d say.

2. “Don’t always try to be a part of the group. Sometimes you should ditch them, work on what you love, and master your craft. You’ll be thankful down the lane.” -Muhammad Saeed Paracha

Source: Tumblr

This guys makes a valid point. Work now, party later. Don’t be like Dexter. (Or just go for the ever faithful 80/20 ratio).

3. “Guards se bach ke [cigarette] peena.” – Saqib Gaba

Source: Giphy

For all the freshmen who smoke;
A) pls quit
B) you’re gonna have to hide from the guards if you want to smoke, because LSE doesn’t allow smoking on campus…unless you want to lose Rs. 10,000 in fines.

4. “Save your food from the crows!!” -Syeda Amna Amjad

Source: Tumblr

Okay this one, I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT stand by. The crows in LSE are vicious heartless creatures, and unless you want to suffer lifelong trauma and become a crow-magnet, DO NOT eat anywhere outside.

5. “Teachers ki chukk ke rakho” -Zile Farhan

Source: Giphy

I mean, thats one way I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Although to be fair, sometimes you just have to hustle. Now I’m not advocating giving up on hardwork and relying solely on ‘chukna’, but sometimes, you just gotta.

6. “Guards se panga mat lena, woh Shirazi Sahab ke saggay hain” -Arsalan Chaudhry

Source: Giphy

True, tbh. Messing with the guards is a one-way ticket to Major Shirazi’s office (who is the head of discipline, or something). I’m pretty sure they’ve got a telepathic connection. Or walkie talkies at the very least. Be nice to them, and they shall be nice to you. Be an ass, and well, suffer the consequences.

7. “For all the girls, make sure that you have a pair of spare sandals in your bag. No matter how long your shoes lasted, this will be the end of them.” -Sahar Aftab

Source: Tumblr

This is the reason why sneakers are my ride or die. Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing jeans, kameez shalwar or a gharara for some odd reason, my shoes shall always be comfortable old sneakers. LSE’s gravel filled parking lot is basically a shoe graveyard.

8. “You will hate LSE initially, but you’ll fall in love with it eventually.” -Mahnoor Ahmed


The actual university is just one half of the university experience. Trust me when I tell you that LSE is a great place to be. Just put on your rose-colored glasses, and embrace the positivity. “Good vibes only” (ugh kill me).

9. “To the boys; never date anyone from your section unless you want things to get really awkward once it fails…and it usually does.” -Haris Salman 

Source: Tumblr

If you ask me, don’t date anyone at all. Be like the girls who went out to get rishtas and came home with cake instead. Choose cake, not people.

10. “Everybody says you can get a good GPA in the first two years, and that very true. I didn’t work hard in my first 2 years, and as a result, had to work like a maniac in my last 2 years to get my GPA to a respectable level.” -Nauman Zaheer

Source: Giphy

Guys this is very true. Sometimes there are irregularities, of course. But for the most, during your first two years, you have the least distractions, you don’t have to worry about internships that much, and your courses are easier. So work hard and aim for 4.0’s. You can do it bud, I believe in you.

11. “Be yourself when interacting with other people, whether its a girl or a guy. And always smile!” -Syed Ali Abid

Source: Giphy

This has to be true, because this guy is one of the most social and friendly people I know. And I’ve never seen him not-smiling.

12. “Make your groups (for group projects) very VERY wisely.” -Waleed Masood

Source: Tumblr

:))))))) (<—- dass all I’m gonna say)

13. This guy basically wrote a paragraph full of advice for freshmen, so I’ll just include the screenshot, because my fingers are weak little chicken nuggets. 

Thats pretty good advice tbh. Especially the part about travel. So y’all better start finding funding for your Eurotrip abhi se hee. Take me along too, thanks.

Your university years are some of the best years of your life, if you let them be. It’s entirely up to you. I have people in my class who’ve spent the last two years moping about how there’s nothing to do and how terrible everything is, but at the same time, I see people who are having the time of their lives. The same half-filled glass can seem half-empty to some people, and half-full to others. So the way you view things matters a lot. Be honest to yourself and your university, work hard, get involved and I’m POSITIVE you will have a wonderful time here. Once again, welcome to LSE! I hope you have lots of fun 🙂

22 Things That I Learnt After My Two Years At LSE

Here’s a pretty picture: It’s 4 am, and I can’t sleep. It’s 4 am, and I can’t sleep, and since my mind is Enemy Number 1, it naturally decides to dwell over not-so-pleasant topics. So I’m thinking about how I haven’t been keeping up with my reading list, how tragically non-existent my love life is, and naturally, how soon I shall be birthed into the beautiful magical place known as The Real World. (For the sake of clarification, I feel it necessary to point out that no, I haven’t been living in an Unreal/Fake/Imaginary world. What I’m trying to say (rather poorly tbh), is that soon I’ll be graduating and will have to accept the fact that I am, in fact, a frickin adult (an adult would have said fucking instead of frickin, which only goes to show how ill-prepared I am for this).

So now it’s 4:30, and I’m FREAKING OUT over how I’ve COMPLETELY wasted two years of university, and how near I am to graduation (its still two years away…) and how I am an utter and complete dud for not doing anything worthwhile. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But y’know, come morning, I was feeling much more optimistic, and I realized that my two years at LSE weren’t spent as frivolously as I thought. And this leads us here, with me writing a giant ass introduction (note: I am not introducing a very large butt; the intro is just very long). This is a list of everything I learnt at the end of my Sophomore year at LSE, from life skills (???) to LSE-specific shit. Idk. Maybe you’ll learn something, maybe it’s maybelline (pls sorry). Alright, lets goooo.

1. I learnt how to be more confident.

Source: Giphy

I was always kinda confident, but then came The Dark Ages, where my confidence pretty much vanished, and it was a terrible terrible time U_U However, I noticed that one year into LSE, I was beginning to regain a lottt of that confidence. And now, two years later, I can see the improvement so clearly. University has been a miracle worker tbh, and this year was even better than the last one. I’m hopeful that the coming two years will be even better.

2. Better decision-making.

Anyone who knows me in real life is likely laughing their butts off, because I happen to be THE most indecisive person on the face of this planet, no joke. But honestly, I feel like I’ve gotten a tad bit better at making decisions. Mostly because in university, you need to make a lot of decisions, real quick. Do I want to miss class and go to Angrezi Dhaba to play ludo right now? Do I want to go spend your free slot in the Main Library or the SBS Library? There’s only a limited time for to decide, so you tend to sharpen this skill.

3. I learnt about who I am and what I believe in.

Source: Tumblr

I feel like I really got to explore my individuality this year, and really learn about who I am and what I believe in. It’s because you spend the entire day with so many different people, and you hear about their ideas and opinions. And you get to decide if you agree with them or not. Sometimes you’re left wondering, ‘well what DO I believe in, if not that?’. And that leads to you searching your soul for answers, and sometimes searching the internet too. It’s okay, nobody was born with all the answers. Which brings us to…

4. It’s okay to be uninformed, as long as you’re willing to learn.

Source: Tumblr

University is a place that’s charged with so many opinions. People have so many opinions, and sometimes are so sure of them and present them with such confidence that you might begin to mistake them for facts.
A) It’s alright to not have an opinion on everything under the sun. You have plenty of time to learn and form them.
B) You don’t have to accept another persons opinion, regardless of how certain they seem about it. Educate yourself and then decide.

5. Stop caring about what people will think.

Source: Imgur

The thing is, you can never please everybody. There’s always going to be someone who’s going to have a problem. (Remember this story?) Whats important is that you do what YOU think is right, and do it confidently. Admittedly I have a tough time practicing this, cause I often forget and relapse; I am weak. But in those rare moments when I truly don’t care about people and their opinions of me, I feel so free. I really wish we didn’t seek validation from people all that much. This is so important 🙁

6. Not everyone is worthy of your trust.

Source: Tumblr

Sure, be friendly with everyone. Be nice to everyone. But DON’T trust everyone. Learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes. What may be ‘nothing big’ to you, could be a solid contender for the Juiciest Gossip Award for someone else. Don’t do it, don’t tell everyone that hilarious story about the time you saw your crush in a coffee shop and hid in the bathroom for 20 minutes. Learn from my mistakes.

7. You don’t owe anybody any justifications….unless you stole a cow. Then you should probably explain. 

Ok so short of stealing cows, I learnt that I didn’t have to explain to anyone why I didn’t feel like going out, or doing something else. If it pertains to me, then I get to make the decision, whatever it may be, without any explanations or justifications. If you’re confident in what you did, then thats that. No explanation needed.

8. Participate a heck load.

Source: Tumblr

You don’t get to experience the university experience to the fullest if you don’t participate. I participated in virtually NOTHING in my first year, and as a result, that year felt like such a bore. This year I made up my mind to remedy that, and participated in quite a fair bit. And it was great! I made so many new friends, learnt so much and had so much fun. Also, may I point out that it’s great for the CV?

9. Don’t be afraid to go (han) solo.

Source: Imgur

For the most, I used to rely heavily on friends, only engaging in social activities if my friends were present. But, gone are those days, courtesy of Soph year. Sometimes your friends don’t wanna participate in stuff with you, and thats okay, they don’t owe you any justifications (ayyy point 7). But that shouldn’t stop you from anything. Going solo can be a great exercise for you to ease yourself of your crutches (aka ur frondz) and make new friends and just be by yourself and have fun. It’s not as scary as it sounds, promise.

10. Make the most of what you have.

Listen bud, you can’t really afford to be snobbish about the opportunities you have in school. I spent half of freshman year sneering at the lack of fun stuff in LSE, when I realized that I’m an idiot. I’m an idiot, because I can’t expect myself to not get involved in whatever on-campus activity there is, and then complain there isn’t anything. So for the sake of a justified accusation, I signed myself up for a few things, and then to my ‘dismay’ I found that I was actually quite enjoying it. So before you discard and disregard anything, be sure to actually involve yourself, and make the most of what you have.

11. It’s alright to say no sometimes.

Source: Giphy

You don’t wanna go out. Its fine, its cool. Stay home and chill, my brother.

12. In fact, you SHOULD say no sometimes. 

Source: Giphy

It’s good for your health, 100% science. No but seriously, get some rest kids.

13. Trust your gut, always. 

Source: Popsugar

I don’t know about you, but my intuition has always been on point (wow it feels like ages since I heard someone say ‘on point’). And when you can’t make up your mind about whether or not to take that quiz, trust your gut (and take the goddamn quiz, ya?). Your intuition always knows whats up, so listen to it now and then, will ya?

14. Don’t let ego get in the way. 

Hey, sometimes people say and do dumb things. Sometimes YOU say and do dumb things. It’s a way of life, really. But I learnt that I really can’t hold it against them forever, and I can’t let ego prevent me from calling my best friend just because I’m mad at her for saying she prefers cats over dogs. That’d be Extra Dumb™ of me.

15. This can go both ways, but for the most, diplomacy is key.

Source: Tumblr

I’m not saying that you should be diplomatic with everyone (Heck, I’m not even saying anything, I’m just telling you stuff I learnt this year). But with most people, people who aren’t really close friends, you really have to be diplomatic. Otherwise you might find yourself in the middle of some clichéd white girl-esque drama.

16. Always take notes U_U

Source: Giphy

I had pretty easy courses this semester, so I thought ehh why take notes, I can just study from the slides. WRONG. I can’t just study from the slides, as I sadly learnt a week before my exams. Gotta always take notes man, there’s no other way for me to study.

17. Use sunscreen, always. 

Source: Tumblr

I don’t really need to explain this one all that much. I don’t need to explain this at all, really.

18. Speak up for what you want. 

Source: Tumblr

Pir Marina Diamandis (of Marina and The Diamonds) once said ‘Get what I want cause I ask for it, not because I’m really that deserving of it’. While not a great life lesson, but it goes to show you that sometimes you might be more deserving of something, but someone else gets it, all because they spoke up and straight up asked for it. So I’m in the process of learning this, but sometimes you need to speak up and say, HEY. Gimme.

19. Accepting that you’re not going to like everyone, makes everyone more bearable. 

There’s 7.347 billion people on Earth, you’re bound to dislike some of them. But you should accept the fact that A) you’re not gonna like everybody (and you don’t have to) and that B) everybody has their own unique set of flaws, like you, and thats what makes them human and also special, like a uniquely flawed snowflake. It makes it so much easier to get along with people.

20. Crows are the devil reincarnated. 

Source: Tumblr

I learnt that if you walk around with food in your hand (or even drinks tbh #RIPFanta) with crows around, you are very very dumb. And by you, I mean me. Because getting mauled by crows is not fun.

21. Don’t miss any quizzes.

Source: Tumblr

I know that usually, aik quiz drop hota hai, so you can afford to skip one. But I one of the things I learnt was that its very prudent to actually take all your quizzes and not miss a single one, because nobody can see the future and ya gotta be wise.

22. It’s okay to let loose and be off your game occasionally. 

Source: Tumblr

Look, I’m not saying you should turn into Dexter (boy genius, not murderous anti-hero) and chant ‘study now, party later’ all day. And I’m not asking you to burn your books and never attend a single class ever again, either. I learnt that it’s important to strike a balance, obviously. And that if sometimes you underperform a little (or even massively), then it’s alright. It’s not a cause for major alarm, at least not the first time. It’s okay to stumble and it’s okay to mess up, you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself all the time.


There you have it. Twenty two things I learnt at the end of my second year at LSE. Here’s to a heck load more learning in the future (and hopefully a heck less mauling by crows).

Cover Image Via: LSE/Facebook

11 Things Students From LSE Are Just SO Tired Of Hearing

When the time come to choose a university, pay heed kids. It’s crucial to make the right decision (no shit, Khadija) for so many reasons, not the least of them being the fact that your university becomes your identity. The instant people find out what university you go to, they refer to their Preconceived Notions: University Edition™, and bombard you with a string of questions. And suddenly, you’re left wishing you had printed out FAQs that you could hand out to people, because honestly, it’s the same questions, over and over again. So, for the sake of my dear LSE bachas, I present to you a list of stuff LSE Students are SO tired of hearing. Please stop asking us this. Please.

1. ‘Oh, LSE! Lahore wala ya London wala?’

Source: Deenga

I mean, you ask this as if you HAVEN’T seen me buying pizza at Jalal Sons everyday for the past six months. While their pizza is a beautiful magical wonderful thing, I highly doubt that its reason enough to fly from London to Lahore every weekend. Pls. Don’t do da sprinkling of da salt in ma wound. Mein bhi insaan hu, mujhay bhi London pasand hai 🙁

2. ‘I thought you got into LUMS?

Source: Giphy

Wow, I thought you were polite, but I guess the more you know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ While it’s really none of your business why I didn’t end up going to LUMS despite getting in, I’ll tell you a few good reasons not to ask people this; you don’t know their grades, finances or preferences. If someone didn’t tell you why they chose one university over another, it’s probably because you’re not that close, or that they didn’t want to tell you. You should respect their privacy and move the fuck on.

3. ‘LSE toh sirf LUMS rejects jaatey hain.’

Source: Deenga

Very common (and rude) misconception. I know loads of people who’s first choice was LSE. I know people who didn’t apply anywhere else (yes, that’s right, not even LUMS). There’s even kids who turned down LUMS, who turned down IBA, who turned down Med School to come to LSE. Y’all need to stop with these assumptions that only serve to make people feel bad about themselves.

4. ‘Lahore School for Everyone’

Source: Deenga

Sigh. These abbreviations aimed to insult are so 2007. Can we please grow up and get past the ‘Lahore Gutter Supply’,  ‘Bakra Stinky School’ and ‘Toilet Cleaning Service’ days? What purpose do you intend to serve by calling an educational institute this? I’m so tired of hearing this. Pls refer to the above post and read the bit about making people feel bad. And maybe read this post too. We all need to start being nicer and less judgmental please.

5. ‘LSE mein toh koi parhai nahi hoti na?’

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Haan, poora din beth kar professors ke saath Youtube par ‘cat videos’ dekhtay hain bass. How tf can you assume that a university has no parhai? I’d like you to tell that to the six 40% projects I have all due by the end of the same week. Also, you do realize, that by assuming that our university has no real education, and that we don’t work, you’re completely devaluing the hard work that a lot of us put in. Every time you say that, an LSEite with a 4.0 GPA dies a little bit inside. You’re basically telling them that all their hard work means nothing, and that just really sucks. Just think about that next time, before you end up killing all my friends.

6. ‘LSE is a party school’

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Uhh, acha? Then how do you explain the fact that I haven’t seen/been to A SINGLE PARTY in my two years here?? (I realize that one explanation is that I’m a big loser, but let’s ignore that one for now.) Honestly, this one irks me the most, because I was genuinely expecting a chill mahol, with virtually no workload, but boyyy was I wrong 🙂 🙂

There. Is. So. Much. Parhai. And so little party. Actually zero party. Where’s the party at man? No, this isn’t rhetoric, this is me, a probable loser, asking you, also a probable loser, to point me to the nearest party please. Because God knows I need a little party after typing five 4000-word essays.

7. ‘Everybody in LSE is a druggie.’ 

Source: Deenga

LOOOOL. That’s just hilarious. I mean sure, I’m sure it’s got its fair share of people who dabble in drugs, and that’s fine, because there isn’t one university here that doesn’t. We have as many recreational drug users (druggers, if you will), as the next university. We also have people that probably can’t tell weed from regular grass. But no way is EVERYBODY in LSE a druggie. Half of my class would probably laugh at you if you said this to them. The other half would offer you a blunt.

8. ‘Sorry jee, LSE ko koi Student Discount nahi hai.’

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Not technically a question, but boy am I tired of hearing this every time I go outside to eat. All I want in life, is for me to get a discount on my LSE card :/ Okay so maybe that’s not ALL I want, but it’s definitely one of the things I want. I want cheaper food, dammit 🙁

9. ‘Wait, can’t you guys choose your own courses?’

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Sadly, no, we can’t. We choose our majors and our minors, and then we’re given a list of courses that we’ll be studying. Nothing is optional, you can’t choose a random course that isn’t part of your degree program.

10. ‘Outsiders kyun nahi allowed university mein??

Source: Tumblr

Pata nahi bhai, no clue. I wish we knew the answer to this also, but sadly we don’t and hence, you can’t sit with us. (Literally tho.)

11. ‘LSE ki admin itni strict kyun hai?’

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The day you find the answer to this, please, send me a postcard. I’d love to know myself, tbh.

I’m not opposed to answering your questions, God knows I love attention, and particularly enjoy talking about myself. But c’mon, if your questions are gonna be THIS unoriginal, rude and presumptuous, then honestly, I’d rather not talk. Here’s to original questions that won’t end up in LSE students being arrested for homicide!


Here’s Everything I Wish I Knew Before Starting An NGO With My University Friends

I’m sure everyone, even Hitler, at one point, has dreamed philanthropic dreams. Okay, so maybe Hitler is a little debatable, and I’m guessing you could exclude Vlad the Impaler from this list also, but apart from a few bad apples, I’m sure y’all are good…hopefully. Anyway, I too, am no different from you mortals. I knew I wanted to do some humanitarian work, somewhere down the road.

My chance came during my second year at LSE, some months ago. Two of my friends decided that they wanted to start an NGO, and they asked a couple of our friends if we wanted to be part of the NGO, which obviously we did. And so, the 9 of us took the first steps to bring the NGO Taabir into existence. Let me briefly tell you what Taabir is about.

Taabir is an NGO that aims to empower the underprivileged youth of Pakistan by teaching critical thinking through Liberal Arts Education. It aims to promote a more progressive thought in kids through subjects like Public Speaking, Character Building and Dramatics, among many others. It also provides underprivileged students with basic school supplies, like schoolbags and notebooks.

Source: Taabir Facebook

As part of our first project, we raised short of Rs. 60,000 in just one week to provide the kids of a local government school with schoolbags. The entire school got new schoolbags, and the children were very happy. Our future projects include providing the kids with shoes, and then starting a summer camp to teach the aforementioned subjects.

This experience of starting an NGO, and that too with my friends, put a lot of things in perspective and imparted a lot of useful knowledge. Here’s everything I learnt from my experience.

1. You need to restrict your NGO to one central idea.

When we started out, we thought we’d have three wings; one for education, one for donations and one for animal welfare. But we realized that the three ideas were vastly different and it would be impractical and inefficient to try to do them all. We HAD to center down on one idea, do a good job at that, and then maybe later on, MUCH later on, you could try your hand at something else. But to begin with, choose one idea, and do your best on that. Also, it would be wise to make sure that you really want to start an NGO, and that there isn’t already one thats doing similar work that you could join, cause that would also be a waste of time.

2. Everybody needs to be clear about what the NGO plans to do.

This might tie in with the point above, but you need to be clear on what IS your NGO’s responsibility, and what ISN’T. Otherwise you have the potential to get shanghaied. For instance, we wanted to provide just schoolbags, but when we went to visit the school, the admin started pointing out stuff like curtains and furniture, and we, being naive and inexperienced, told them we’d try our best to help with those too. This is wrong. You need to make it clear to everyone just what your NGO will do. If you’re providing bags, then you stick with that. You can’t help out with everything, because its not efficient or economical for you.

Source: Taabir Facebook Page

3. This is a very energy and time demanding job.

It seems easy enough, doesn’t it? Get donations, buy the stuff, hand it over. But it’s not as black and white as that. There’s a million other things in between, millions of tiny seemingly insignificant things that are actually very important. Be prepared to put away your free evenings in the name of social work. We’ve had to drive all around Lahore in search of the cheapest wholesaler, just so that we could get the maximum number of whatever it is that we’re buying.

4. Nobody should be doing this unless they are passionate about it.

If you’re doing this as a favor to a friend, or because you feel obligated, get out immediately. You’re not doing anyone any help. Like I said before, this IS a very demanding job, and you’re only going to want to put in the time and effort if you’re truly passionate about it. Don’t be a hinderance and quit while you’re ahead, if you feel like you aren’t passionate and don’t wanna put in the hours.

Source: Taabir Facebook

5. Friendships need to come second.

You can’t go easy on team members, just because they’re your friends. If someone isn’t showing up to meetings, call them out. If someone hasn’t been participating, you need to let them know that they need to participate. An NGO is like any other organization, you need to make sure everybody is participating equally. You cannot afford to let people off the hook easily, just because you’ve known them since the second grade.

6. That being said, egos get in the way A LOT. 

Okay, so you told your second grade best friend that he needs to come to meetings, and guess what. He took offense. He’s offended that you needed to point this out to him, you should know how much the NGO means to him and how much he wants to help. Yes, he’s missed a meeting or two, but surely that isn’t reason enough for you to go ballistic on him, right? (Wrong.)

This is the kind of stuff you’ll be dealing with. People will get offended if you tell them to clean up your act, they will mind if you don’t listen to their idea, they will hold a grudge against you if you don’t give them credit. We’ve had a couple of fights that could have been avoided if people just let things go, but that’s just how it is. It happens.

7. Unintentional favoritism may occur, and it’s no ones fault really. 

In our NGO, there’s 6 of my immediate friends, and then two people who aren’t my immediate friends, but are friends of the founder. So the only person they actually know out of a group of 9 people, is one of the founders. So naturally they tend to feel most comfortable around him, and tend to side with him a lot. To some members, this seemed like favoritism, but it wasn’t really. It’s just a matter of who you’re comfortable with.

Sometimes though, its the exact opposite. Maybe you have someone who constantly gives out great ideas, and you find yourself reaching towards them and their ideas more than anyone else. It’s not a big deal really, and everyone should be big enough to accept that some people might just really like someone and their ideas.

8. However, working with friends also means that you can be super honest and blunt.

This is a huge bonus of working with friends. You can be really honest about what behavior is bothering you, armed with the knowledge that your friends will understand. You can point out stuff you might have held back on if it was a stranger, with a lot of ease. Of course, this may backfire and the whole ego debacle, mentioned in point number 6 might come into play, but y’know. It’s a good option to have.

Source: Taabir Facebook

9. Division of labor is v v critical. 

You can’t have ten people tagging along on a shopping trip to buy spoons for an iftaari you plan to do. Trust me, I say this from experience. It’s best to just delegate tasks to smaller groups, since then nobody’s left standing idly by a book stand, while the rest of the group buys notebooks (yes that was me). You need to divide the group into smaller groups, and then divide the tasks among them. Too many cooks, you know.

10. DJ Khaled called, he’s saying baby steps are key.

You will be tempted to think big and plan huge elaborate events, but let’s be realistic. For your first time, it’ll be a blessing if you can even get through it without SOME sort of screw up. Initially, we were planning on having a carnival with balloons and a magician when we handed out the bags. Then we realized that all that stuff was gonna cost us more, and we just didn’t have any money to spare. And even if we had the money, would it be better to save it for future projects or should we go ahead making this one a little more elaborate? You gotta take small steps, and resist your urge to go for the shiny fancy thing. Somewhat lame analogy coming up, but sometimes it’s better to give 100 people bicycles, as opposed to giving just 1 person a car. Ya get?

11. It’s alright to make mistakes!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes yes, I know, super cliche. But also super true. You only learn by making mistakes. Also, it’s your first time doing this, you’re young, it’s alright. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Nobody has everything figured out. Great organizations don’t become great overnight. “””rome wasn’t built in a day y’know””””. It’s perfectly fine to feel lost, its perfectly fine to want to give up (as long as you don’t actually give up pls), it’s perfectly fine to mess up now and then. As long as you learn from your errors, and keep going.

I can easily say that this has been one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done. And its amazing to see how many people are willing to help out. Even NGOs reached out to partner with us! There is so much help available, and so much support, that really, any obstacle we face seems insignificant. And to think that we’re helping out children, we’re putting smiles on their faces, giving them something that they’re going to be excited about for days? That thought brings so much joy to me, to all of us.

To anyone who wants to start an NGO, I wish you best of luck. I hope this list of mine could have helped you in some way. For everyone else, I hope you understood how difficult establishing and running an NGO is. If you guys want to help out Taabir in any way, you can call us on these numbers: 03244557588//03004489491, or visit our Facebook page (click here).

Source: Taabir Facebook

Cover Image Via: Taabir Facebook

Here Is A List Of All The The Boys You Will Find At Lahore School Of Economics

Going as per tradition, I now present to you a list of all the types of boys you will find at the Lahore School of Economics, forgive me if I leave anyone out, but here are the main types of you are bound to see on campus at any given time:

1) The ‘outskirts’ boys

These boys don’t belong to Lahore and every weekend you’ll see their snaps with filters from the city they’re from.

Source: Tumblr

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2) The boy that is always with his girlfriend

He just doesn’t leave her alone and you start to wonder what will they both do when and if they breakup because they literally have no other friends.

Source: Pinterest

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3) The molvis

The beard – check, the topi – check, the shalwar above the angles – check. Massive respect for these guys who put religion before anything else specially other people judging them for it.

Source: Tribune

4) The guy that thinks that he is the sh!t, but isn’t

Source: Deenga

Sorry to break it to you but honey, you aren’t.

5) The 420 B0ys

There boys just want to blaze all the time. The title is pretty self explanatory for this one, and also you guys know who you are. 😉

Source: Giphy

6) The IDGAF YOLO boys

These boys just don’t give a f*ck about anything, not about how they look, where their life is going – 0 f*cks given, why because YOLO.

Source: Scoop Whoop

7) The ‘Papa Ka Business’ wale boys

This summarizes 3/4 of the boys of LSE. No care in life, why? because Papa ka business is there to save the day.

Source: Tumblr

8) The low-key clowns

Think of this guy as a subtle version of a clown. If you want a laugh – he’s your guy.

Source: Tumblr

9) The football addicts

This guy will always be in his kit and on the football field at all times of the day.

10) The f*ckboys

As their infamous reputations as f*ckboys persists.

Beware, ladies.

11) The nerds who don’t talk to anyone

They keep to themselves and you start to wonder if they even have friends or not..

Source: Samaa TV

12) The clueless boys

These boys are a little less than the IDGAF YOLO boys, these boys have their lives together but at the same time are so indecisive and clueless about everything.

Source: Make A Gif

13) The Aitchisonians

Obviously for their ‘distinct’ personalities they get their own separate category in the types.

Source: Tumblr

14) The poond-baaz

Ever ready for ‘bachi checks’ – they’ll walk through out the whole campus just for poondi purposes.

Source: Dawn

Dat stare tho..

15) The guys who can’t seem to graduate

They call themselves 5th/6th years (or so) – like graduate already.. TF are you doing?

Source: Tumblr

16) The simple guys

Don’t be fooled by all these stereotypes, there are simple and nice guys in LSE too.

Source: IRK Productions/ Tumblr

What type of boy are you at LSE?

Disclaimer: This article is for humor and entertainment purposes only, not to offend anyone and neither is this specifically aimed at anyone.

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Cover Image Via: LSE/Facebook