Unpopular Opnions Pakistani Students Would Not Want To Hear But Should

It’s 2017, oops, I mean 2018 now and the world is basically perceived as a global village. At this point in time nothing is really private anymore, any opinion or video you upload can be viewed by almost anyone in the world. Ideas and thoughts float around the web like cereal in a bowl, with that being said, here are the popular, unpopular opinions among us today:

1. Winter Break isn’t short, it’s actually fairly long

Wait, what

Source: Mangobaaz

2. Snape wasn’t an unsung hero, he was a teacher that enjoyed embarrassing and belittling students

Oops, sorry Snape fans

Source: Warner Brothers

3. Staying at home sucks, it’s more exciting to go to University

Friends, cafeteria, and knowledge! What else could you want?

Source: EROS

4. Every University campus should have a place allotted for smoking

I may or may not feel my lungs already deteriorating

Source: Saad Sultan

5. Game of Thrones is highly immature and dull

That’s why everyone is obsessed I guess.

Source: HBO

6. Football is hyped up in every University for no reason


Source: SI.com

7. The University you go to says a lot about the type of person you are

So, university stereotypes are real?

Source: IRK Films

8. Icebreakers on the first day of class are fun

Especially playing name games…

Source: HUMTV

9. Couples showing affection on campus are actually cute af


Source: HBO

10. It’s necessary to study throughout the semester

By all semester you mean the night before the exam right???

Source: Deenga

11. Musical.ly and carpool karaoke videos are lame

I still watch them on Instagram but like, they are, totally.

Source: Music Choice

12. iPhones are overrated

and overpriced. Still owns one anyways.

Source: Disney

13. Your CPGA doesn’t matter after you graduate

As long as you got that degree in your hand

Source: Mangobaaz

What other popular unpopular opinions have you heard? Let us know!