13 Things That Can Ruin Your Entire Day At University

Students are, let’s admit, more on edge than others. We have exam stress, homework stress, parent’s pressures, and everything you could possibly imagine. You name it, us students are stressing about it. Thus, any one little thing can trigger us into having the worst day of our student life, crazy? yes. Here are 13 tiny annoying things that can turn your day into a pretty bad one:

1. Having a bad hair day

Don’t force 2 things: relationships, and ponytails.

Source: Disney

2. Not having enough time for your morning tea/coffee

Students who are caffeine addicts, (moi) will definitely understand

Source: Colombia Pictures

3. Traffic

You can be stuck in traffic for literally 5 minutes and just get really angry, because tbh traffic sucks.

Source: Shoman Productions

4. Bad marks

No you didn’t study all that hard for that test, but still, not cool.

Source: IRK films

5. Phone running out of battery

You also forgot your charger, and now your asking around begging for a charger because that phone right there is your entire life.

Source: Deenga

6. Rain

Not a rain person at all. Fucks up your hair and clothes and makeup and bag and shoes…need I go on? A wet day is a bad day.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

7. Realising you have a massive pimple on your face

The whole day you actually wondered why people were staring at your forehead. Stupid pimples.

Source: HBO

8. Trying to contact your friends but then realizing you ran out of balance

Then you also learn that your university ran out of cards, so now you just sit alone in the cafeteria waiting for any familiar face to show up.

Source: Danish Ali/Youtube

9. Forgetting  you had a test today

You knew you were forgetting something, so just as you walk in class: surprise!

Source: IRK Films

10. Forgetting to put on deodorant/perfume

You keep low-key trying to smell your armpits to see if they actually smell, and wonder if others can smell you

Source: CW

11. Realising you forgot your wallet at home

Even though there were only Rs. 200 in it, you feel naked and broke. Instant bad day

Source: The Living Picture/Youtube

12. Makeup classes

You had plans at 4 pm, but now because of that makeup class, you gotta say bye to those plans.

Source: UTV

13. When your best friend doesn’t show up

And she didn’t even tell you she wasn’t gonna come, how dare she.

Source: HBO

What other things make a really bad day at university? Let us know!

This KU Alumni Is Trying To Build Up The Slam Poetry Scene In Karachi

Submitted By Mahnoor 

I grew up seeing my father listening to mushairas on TV, and I used to think its not for me. Granted, there are many people there without any doubt  who love poems and ghazals. However, growing up I would always think jab boodhi ho jaongi to dekhungi.

 Luckily I met Nida Saif who broke all those stereotypes. Nida is not only a poetess she is a pharma doctor, a wife and a mother.

Source: Nida

She’s just 26, but her words, and her work exudes maturity beyond her years. Nida has been a speaker of TedX NUST Karachi, various of literature festival as a judge.

I started talking about how she manages and all, I came to know that this passionate soul runs a small community of slam poets with her organization called ‘Poetry Slam Karachi’

I spoke to her about her organization and the events she hosts. She had this to say about the experience:
‘When I organized my first ever poetry slam, I wasn’t even sure if even just 20 people would show up. But to my surprise, about 200-250 people came! It was a house full both the times. I realized that people here need such platforms to voice their opinions. Not just our youth, but all age groups and genders look for such chances. This was a great finding. Hence, we keep our slams as open and accessible as we can.’

Source: Nida

Nida says her greatest supporter is her husband.


‘My husband is my support system. Without his support and companionship, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my journey with Poetry Slam Karachi. He accompanies me wherever I’m invited to judge/speak. Looks into the matters from a business point of view and assists me with my decisions. And he never interferes either, I get to have a final say. Yet I conclude that with his help.’

Zaroori nahi har kamyaab mard k peeche aurat ho,kamyaab aurat k peeche mard bhi hosakta hai

By no means does Nida have an easy daily schedule. This is what she had to say when asked about how she juggle everything so effortlessly:

‘Managing is never easy. I’m still learning to cope with my responsibilities and to work for my cause. Determination is the key here, all dreams require some sacrifice and lots of devotion. So I try to keep a balance between my role as a mother, as a student and as an influencer.’

Source: Nida

Nida’s main aim with ‘Poetry Slam’ is to give people a platform to share their work and instill the poetry culture in Pakistan.

‘Lastly, biggest purpose of Poetry Slam Karachi is to make such events a norm in all the areas of Karachi, and not just in some particular areas. And to keep it very affordable as well so that everyone can participate without having to think over it.’

Source: Nida

So everyone, please check “Poetry Slam Karachi” as  the event is coming up very soon.


Here’s How Kinnaird Is Keeping Revolutionary Poet Habib Jalib’s Memory Alive

On December 7th, Kinnaird College For Women’s Studies is hosting a jam-packed event in celebration of the beloved poet, Habib Jalib!

Habib Jalib’s beautiful poetry, his determination, and the love for his country is recognised all over the world. Being a progressive poet, Jalib wrote against the military coups of General Ayub Khan and Zia-Ul-Haq and protested in the streets against the Hudood Ordinance alongside women.

Source: Wikipedia

Habib Jalib was and still is widely read.

This is because he took the complex ideas of socialism and distilled them into indigenous politics, poetry, and humour. He was a voice for the masses, and his words instilled a greater joy and evoked a sense of pride among them.

Source: Dawn

To commemorate Jalib’s work, the Literature department is hosting an event with honourable guests. Oh, and a free concert by Laal Band!

The guests that will be attending this tribute include Tahira Habib Jalib – daughter of Habib Jalib – Abid Hassan  Manto, a prominent literary critic, and the famous Punjabi poet, Baba Najmi.

At the end of the event, the socialist band “Laal Band” will perform for all the students and faculty present.

Source: Mehwish Khan

The guests will first get a chance to discuss and speak about the illustrious poet, including his life, his work and especially his politics.

Habib Jalib was not a revolutionary who was confined to his poetry. Rather, he was a revolutionary in his life as well. He refused to take a single penny from the government even when he fell ill. In fact, he told former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who insisted on taking him abroad:

“Yeh jo baaqi ward main paray hain, woh nazar nahi arahe?”

Via neonetwork.pk

The same charisma, determination, and sense of nationality cannot be seen today in Pakistan.

It’s important to pay tribute to the heroes who stood up for what was wrong and worked hard for a better future. We keep poets like Jalib, Iqbal, and Faiz alive because they teach us that a pen is no less than a sword, and you can make all the difference in the world with just that one tiny, but mighty sword.

Source: Huffington Post

His patriotism and literary brilliance can be seen through his work:

“Khet waderon se le lo
Millain luteron se le lo
Mulk andheron se le lo
Rahe na koi Alijah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah… “-Habib Jalib

Let’s hope we keep such great men alive and keep celebrating them for being awe-inspiring figures.

This SZABIST Student Representing Pakistan In Russia Truly Deserves All Your Shabaashi

SZABIST is known to create and support brilliant minds. And the university just proved that with their very own, Sanjay Kumar.

Via Facebook/SZABIST Student Council

Sanjay Kumar is a student at the Karachi branch of SZABIST. He’s currently enrolled in BE electronics.

So how exactly did he make SZABIST proud? Well, he was chosen from Pakistan, after a tough competition, to work on the 2030 agenda of a sustainable development goal.

This took place at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS).

Source: WFYS2017

Energetic and engaged young people from 185 countries congregated at the Festival.

These were people who have already been actively involved in moulding the future of their countries. They spent a week shaping the main trends in global development for 2030.

Participants gathered for this festival from October 14th to October 22nd.

The main aim of this festival, that took place in Russia, was to engage the youth in the different problems that have arisen all over the world. They then had to present possible solutions. Issues such as global warming and terrorism were addressed. Moreover, various recommendations were presented.

Via Tenor

Sanjay was attending to his nation with great pride. Talking about his experience, he had the following to say:

“I also represented Pakistani culture, rituals and customs to the foreign fellows, and tried my best to remove all misconceptions about Pakistan in order to bring about a positive change and success in the world.”

Via Tumblr

The Festival consisted of a diverse programme that had been planned. 

A series of scientific and educational events had been set up. Panel discussions, lectures, conferences, master classes and workshops are a few examples of the same.

Source: WFYS2017

Sanjay went on to discuss this wonderful journey:

“It’s a pleasure for me. Indeed, an honor for me. I would like to thank SZABIST for this because SZABIST has taught me how to face difficulties.”

Sanjay also highlighted how the university has taught him the importance of self-worth.

It’s truly great to see people like Sanjay doing such a great job on a global scale. Let’s hope we keep hearing more of such stories.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image: Facebook/Szabist Student Council

14 Masalaydaar Roommate Confessions, Fresh From Kinnaird Ke Hostels

Who isn’t dying to hear the super spicy details of Kinnaird ki larkion ki confessions? Let me be the first to tell you, they are everything you thought they would be and much MORE. The sources? They will remain anonymous of course, mwahaha. So sit tight and let the excitement commence:

1. Once my friend offered me her burger and then after I ate it, she told me ‘iss mein keera tha.’ 

At least you got some protein?

Source: Al Karam

2. I accidentally farted in front of my senior and she told the warden that ‘isnay mujhse badtameezi ki hai.’

Hmm, talk about a superiority complex.

Source: HUM TV

3. I ate the chocolate that my roommate’s boyfriend gave her, and she still doesn’t know about it.

Who can say no to chocolate though?

Source: Deenga/MangoBaaz

4. Whenever the university office talks to my ‘mom’ for permission for a pass, it’s really just my roommate pretending to be my mom.

Woah, okay. Kinnaird peeps be schemin’.

Source: TUC Pakistan

5. I broke my roommate’s headphones, and then I was like ‘OMG, who did this?’

Playing dumb always works.

Source: Deenga

6. I stole my roommate’s new dress and wore it before she could, and she still doesn’t know.

I hope she doesn’t find out!

Source: Dharma Productions

7. A student was writing an application against the warden to the principal, and another student ratted her out.

That’s some serious ass-kissing.

Source: Danish Ali

8. One time I broke my roommate’s Beats, but then fixed them and put them back like nothing ever happened. She never found out.

That is really quick and slick work.

Source: EROS

9. I forgot to take off my tag on my new shirt and I walked around campus all day unknowingly and my roommate never told me.

She must really hate you.

Source: HUMTV

10. One night my roommate trimmed my eyelashes of only one eye while I was sleeping.


Source: Deenga

11. My roommate started talking to a guy she met online and she really liked him. Little did she know that guy was me using a fake account.

That’s some crazy prank.

Source: HUM TV

12. I read my roommate’s secret diary and she still doesn’t know.

Hot gossip alert!

But also potential Kinnaird drama alert.

Source: Youtube// The Living Picture

13. One time I was picking my boogers and I flicked them and they accidentally landed on my roommate’s food.

Okay, ew.

Source: Deenga

14. Once, I stained my roommate’s bed sheet, and when she saw it I was like, “Haw, yeh you tab ka hai jab tumhay periods huay thay

LOL, I wonder if she actually believed it.

Source: SOCH The Band

Got any juicy confessions? Comment and share!

Cover image via dawn.com

The 13 Types of Snapchatters You See On Every University Campus

When social media was down the other day, we were SO glad snapchat wasn’t because it’s definitely everyone’s go to. I mean common, Instagram, Facebook, even WhatsApp copied the ‘stories’, so snapchats gotta be doing something right, right? Speaking of doing something right, one thing students are definitely good at, is snapchat. So here are the 13 types of students you see on snapchat everyday:

1. The Selfie Obsessed

Okay, so this person is literally obsessed with themselves. They will put up 5 snapchats, in university, of literally the same angle of their face.

Source: Deenga

2. The Filter Freak

So this snapchatter puts filters on everything. Form themselves, to teachers, to stray animals, even the cafeteria lady.

Source: Bad Baby Productions

3. The Foodie

Even if they are in University, or go out from University, this person HAS to put up a snapchat of every meal.

Source: Giphy

4. Snapchatting Teachers

This student absolutely loves to put up snapchats of their teachers, with funny filters, with funny drawings, everything. It’s just their thing.

Source: ARY Films

5. The One That Needs To Capture Every Moment

There’s about 25 snapchats from this student every single day, just literally snapping every moment he gets in University.

Source: T Series

6. The One That Puts Ugly Snapchats Of Friends

You gotta watch out for this one, because they will snapchat you at the ugliest angle and put it as their story.

Source: Oriental Films

7. The Vlogger

This super cool kid believes everyone loves to hear their stories everyday, and listen to them talk about what happened to them in University.

Source: MangoBaaz Video

8. The CCTV Footage

Unfortunately because of their phone, everything this person snapchats looks like CCTV footage. Sorry, not sorry.

Source: Al Karam

9. The Word Lover 

These are the students that like to rant, write lyrics, or just simply write long captions. This usually happens over a black picture.

Source: Deenga

10. The Artsy one

Makes a whole 10 seconds video of light and shit, #existentialism

Source: Paramount

11. The Weather Man

Oh, its so beautiful! Let me snapchat the weather!

Source: PakistanInstagram

12. The Groupie

You get low-key jealous because this guy has the biggest friend group in University, and is constantly snapchatting selfies with them.

Source: Deenga

13. The Draw-er

This student loves to draw on people, buildings, literally anything with snapchat tools and make art.

Source: TUC Pakistan

And then, there is YOU! Which one are you? Let us know on the comments below!

There Are Really Only Two Types Of Students At University And The Question Is, Which One Are You?

Everyday in University we face different situations, and every student tends to react in their own way.  But if you think about it hard enough, we are all the same. We can all relate to these two types of students to our own friends, even our own selves. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look, shall we?

1. Waiting for the teacher to come to class

Students that end up reading their novels


Students who sing their heart out while doing a dance number

Source: HUMTV

2. Teacher cancels class last minute

“I did not wake up at 7 am for the teacher to cancel”



Source: Tumblr

3. During Exams

Students who show their whole paper


Students that cover their exam and not let anyone cheat

Source: HUMTV

4. 8 AM Classes

Students who are dressed up and have their hair done


Students who come in whatever they wore to bed

Source: IRK films

5. Presentations

Students who read every word  off the slide


Students who act like they’re your new teacher

Source: Veet

6. Class Discussions

Students who get into a debating competition in 2 mins


Students who say stupid things just to make everyone laugh

Source: HUM TV

7. Getting food from the Uni’s cafeteria

Students who are always asking friends to buy them something


The students who actually buy them the food

Source: IRK Films

8. During a lecture

Students who actually listen and write notes


Students trying to complete their neend from last night

Source: HUMTV

9. Clubs

Students who are actively participating in every single club known to man


Students who would never be caught dead at any club event or meeting

Source: IRK films

10. When the teacher asks questions

The students that shoot their hand right up to answer


Students who sink low in their seats and hide from the teacher so she won’t pick them

Source: HUM TV

11. Reading out loud in class

The student who reads way too slow and mispronounces every word


The Student who uses that fake accent every time they read

Source: HUM TV

12. Due Dates

Students that ask in class when the assignment is due, then ask you when they get home, and still hand in the assignment 4 days late


Students who finish their assignment way before it’s due and give it to others to copy

Source: Momina Duraid

13. Test day

Koi teacher ko yaad na karaye kay ajj test hai”


“Miss ajj apnay test leyna hai”

Source: HUMTV

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!


Kinnaird’s Charity Week Is Here And This Is Is Why It’s Totally Awesome

Every year in November, Kinnaird College For Women’s Studies holds a charity week where students from every semester can set up stalls and earn money for charity.

So here is the gist of it: Every day of the week is allocated to a semester or two, and they can set up their stalls in certain areas of the college. There are various games that are set up, different students bring different food (who can say no to a good home made biryani?), and there’s also fun activities.

Source: Zainab Ali

The College has a different aura every time charity week comes around. There is music, food and it is all for such a great cause!

Different activities also take place and every student purchases a ticket (proceeds going to charity of course) to attend that activity. For example: exciting scavenger hunts, jam sessions, and crazy dance offs! These activities are organised by the student council, and they make sure every penny is given in the hands of the college.

Source: Zainab Ali

So, where do these proceedings actually go?

As it’s famously said, charity begins at home, thus a portion of this charity goes to Kinnaird’s lower staff. All the workers i.e Ayya jee‘s, custodians, peons etc. are sometimes in need of money, apart from the pay they already get from college, so if any of them are do need extra cash (for a funeral, or wedding), Kinnaird itself is the first to help out and provide them with this facility. The other portion goes to different organisations such as Eidhi, and Shaukat Khannam.

Source: Zainab Ali

Props to Kinnaird College for setting amazing examples for it’s students!


Dear Students, Here Are 13 Things That Are More Important Than Your GPA

WHAT? Did someone say there are actually things more important than my GPA? Yes, you read that correct my friend, and now that this semester is almost over, let me remind you that your GPA isn’t everything. It’s quite rare for an interviewer (for a job) to ask about your CGPA when you have that degree in your hand. It’s amazing to have a good CGPA and win awards and medals for it, yes, but let me remind you of things that are as and even more important as it:

1. Mental Health

Happiness, and living a stress free life makes all the difference in the world. Do things you love, things you feel passionately about, things that make you happy.

Source: Deenga

2. Physical Health

Both physical, and mental health go hand in hand. Don’t focus on one and neglect the other.

Source: IRK Films

3. Relevant Professional Experience

It’s much easier for you to obtain a job when you have a good-looking and loaded resume. If not during the semester, than try to get an internship or a job during the summer.

Source: Deenga

4. Building Relationships

No, not just a girlfriend, but a genuine healthy relationship with your family, and friends. A good supportive group behind you can take you to the moon and beyond.

Source: Deenga

5. Thinking Out Of The Box

There is a lot of competition out there, and the thing that can make you stand out of the crowd is your creativeness, and how you bring new ideas on the table. Don’t cage your mind.

Source: Deenga

6. Actually Learning

Study to not only pass the exam, but also to learn. You do remember that you’re in university to actually learn.

Source: Deenga

7. Travelling

Take time out of your stressful year, whenever you can, to go travel to places. It doesn’t even have to be out of the country, you can even  explore your own city. Learn how the other half lives, their culture, their languages.

Source: EROS

8. Doing What You Love

It’s important to focus on doing what you feel passionately about. Once you do, one can only imagine the places you can go.

Source: Deenga

9. Personal Growth

Don’t forget to pay attention to yourself. Be your worst critic, and be a better you everyday.

Source: Deenga

10. Being a Good Human Being

People are successful in their life not solely based on their academic record, but also how they are as a human being. Positive vibes attract positive energy.

Source: Deenga

11. Time Management

Practice not leaving things to the last minute and try squeezing in extra-curricular activities. Once you get into the habit of it, you’ll be much more productive everyday.

Source: IRK Films

12. Applying theory to real life situations

It’s great to know the 5 C’s for communication, but how do you actually apply them in real life? You know about the history of Pakistan, but can you actually hold a conversation about it in real life? Apply things you have learned into new situations and projects.

Source: Deenga

13. How You Handle Constructive Criticism

No one is perfect, however, you can take the criticism given to you, to perfect what you are doing.

Source: Deenga


What do you believe is more important than your GPA? Let us know in the comments below!

Wasim Akram Just Visited Kinnaird College And Gave An Inspirational Talk About Facing Your Challenges

On November 14, the very talented Wasim Akram and his graceful wife, Shaniera Thompson, came to visit Kinnaird College for Women’s Studies. 

He made quite an entrance in his black BMW, cruising through the excited crowd that was anxious to catch a glimpse of the former Pakistani cricketer.


As an ambassador of a blood-glucose monitoring device, Accu Chek, Wasim Akram addressed the audience about the importance of being aware about diabetes. He also talked about and discussed the different misconceptions that there are about this disease in Pakistan and cleared them up.

Wasim Akram also mentioned that when he was 29,  he himself was diagnosed with diabetes. He then took it as a challenge for himself, and took a 6 month break from cricket.

After coming back from his break, Wasim Akram took more then 100 wickets in ODI and Test Matches. “That is the motivation everyone should have,” he explained to the awestruck students and faculty at Kinnaird. He stressed upon the need to exercise, not only just for the diabetic, but everyone. Since Shaniera Thompson is an Australian, he began to discuss their culture. They give a lot of importance to exercise, and begin their day in the early hours.

Source: Jannat. A

Wasim Akram talked about how 6:30-9:30 am is Australians peak time to be productive, however, unfortunately in Pakistan, many don’t begin their day until 12pm. 

There were dieticians, a female international weight lifter and an international chess player present as well. They all spoke about the importance of keeping a check on your body, and staying physically and mentally fit. Holding the Accu-Chek banner, Wasim Akram, Shaniera Thompson, Kinnard College’s Principal and many international players walked across the field, and lot’s of photographs and videos were taken.

Source: Ayesha Toor

In case anything happens to you, whether it is diabetes or anything else, as Wasim Akram said, you shouldn’t take it as a weakness, but as a challenge and know if you try hard enough, you can conquer anything.

In the end Wasim Akram left us with three words: Believe and Become. Thank you for the wonderful day, and the amazing lecture!