Guys, Fikar Not. IBA’s Enigma Has Your Winter Vacations Completely Sorted

Winter break’s about to kick off in a while, and what’s a better way to spend your vacations than to spend it with your friends having the time of your life? (Hint: it has a lot to do with IBA’s Enigma.)

IBA’s flagship Olympiad, Enigma, is coming back with its seventh edition this January, from the 3rd to the 6th, and it should be on your list for this winter!

Enigma is known for its versatility and has something in store for everyone with its kick-ass 24 events. So, whether you’re a chess fanatic or a lover of Urdu Literature, this event is for everyone!

Here’s all that you should be expecting from the seventh edition of Enigma:

Enigma this year brings forth the concept of stages. This concept amalgamates all kinds of art and will make people live art in its truest spirit.

There’s the Forest Stage…

The Forest Stage is where famous celebrity guests including Tena Durrani, Jibran Nasir, Abbas Jafri, Wajahat Rauf and Natasha Baig will address core issues pertaining to their industries. Plus, Sabahat Sarhandi will be hosting this stage so yeah, it’s going to be pretty awesome!

Source: Facebook // Enigma

…The Baithak Stage…

At the Baithak stage, it’s all going to be about promoting our cinema industry and reigniting our cultural love for chai. There’s going to be a screening of over 20 short films made by young Pakistani filmmakers to display the power of cinematography. Plus, there’s gonna be free chai and ice cream!

Source: Facebook // Enigma

There’s Sound of Tomorrow, too…

Sound of Tomorrow is going to be food for your soul, with incredible performances lined up, and amazing guests like Darvesh and Faraz Anver. So. Much. Yes!

…and The Artist Dream.

Lastly, at the most popular stage, The Artist Dream, legends such as the Sanki King, Zahid Mayo, and Safwan Subzwari & Marium Kamal will beautify IBA with live painting on its walls. So be prepared to fall in love on the journey to an impeccable display of skill and brilliant artists at work.

Source: Facebook // Enigma

These activities will simultaneously take place with 24 events at Enigma and not even for a single minute would the participants feel uninvolved.

If these aren’t enough to convince you to attend Enigma, the team has planned some amazing socials at the end of every day! With band performances by Darvesh and Fawad, astounding theater performances, a Vintage Car show with classic cars, a concert night with amazing artists and a refreshing winter beach bash will surely put the last nail in the coffin.

Oh, and the events? Well, Enigma has one of the best photography competitions in town…

Enigma’s Shutterbugs is known to be the most fun-filled photography competitions in town. With on-spot photography and a chance to learn from the best faces in the industry, this is the perfect place for every aspiring photographer to learn and grow. This year, Shutterbugs is hosting a one-of-a-kind Boomerang theme, where participants will be expected to submit creative boomerangs which they will take on campus. Other themes include portraiture, fashion, and sports photography.

Oh, and, you’ll also get a chance to meet the phenomenal Ali Khurshid and Arsalan Zafar. How cool is that?!

We don't have a beach on campus , and we don't have any boomerangs we took on campus either BECAUSE WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU TO! ūüĆäūüďłDay 2 is going to be about having fun, and making new friends! DROP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND HEAD OVER TO and REGISTER! P.S. You'd need smartphones with Instagram/Boomerang installed for the day.

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…A haven for Urdu lovers

That’s right, Bazm-e-Adab is the perfect platform for your inner poet to debut and to celebrate the beauty of Urdu language. If you have the talent to put your feelings into words, Enigma’s Bazm e Adab is your place to shine through poetry and declamations.

Enigma- Bazm e Adab

dil se jo baat nikaltńę hai asar rakhtńę haipar nahńę√Ī tńĀqat-e-parvńĀz magar rakhtńę haiJoin hands with Enigma VII and celebrate the beauty of Urdu Language. Bring us your best work, express your self and give us the chance to decide which one of you has the gift to be the next star of this nation.For details and any queries, feel free to message us.Register at:

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You get a chance to bring your inner fashionista out!

For all of the fashion enthusiasts out there, Enigma’s Fashion Villa is going to be bigger and better and this year, with a whole lot of bling, glitter, color and some amazing faces from the fashion industry including the leading fashion designer, Tena Durrani!

From cutting out dresses from newspapers to showing off their make up expertise, the participants would be doing it all. The three-day event is jam-packed with fashion wows.

So, don’t hesitate and let that hidden Coco Chanel out and get ready to see some serious fashion magic!


Bring out the Chanel in you!! Countdown begins #FashionVillapoweredbyFuror #5daystogo

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There’s also a showcase for all the Picassos of Karachi!¬†

Art Sense is an event for all creative minds out there. It is a competition which asks participants to use all five of their senses to make different Art pieces and individuals with the best artistic sense will win. From painting, while blindfolded, to painting with bare hands, it’s going to be nothing short of an artsy ride!

Source: Facebook // IBA Enigma – Art Sense: The Arts Competition

You also get a chance to bring your inner Sherlock Holmes out! 

Enigma’s Crime Scene Investigation is the perfect place for people who are into mystery, lots of clues, and lots of fun.¬†¬†It’s all about exploring the detective in you, solving the mysteries, following the clues, catching the culprit and so much more, all for an amazing prize. God, we’re so into this!

Crime scene investigation promotional video

Enigma VII presents the promotion video for Crime Scene Investigation event this year.Note: This is an entirely fictional video and no notes regarding the appearance of the characters and the surroundings are to be considered related to the actual case.To register: the updates on this page for more information.Cast >> Victim: Taha Ansari Kidnappers: Zunair Ali, Owais Ahmed, Anas Farrukh and Dani Khan Detectives: Ahmed Un Nabi, Sikandar Ashraf Videography: Muhammed Raza Vakil

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Did we mention Battle of The Bands?

A three-day musical ride on the road to unleash the inner rockstar in you! It’s not just a competition but a treat for all the musicians and music-lovers alike! Oh, and, Darvesh and Faraz Anver are coming too for a live jamming session. It’s gonna be l i t!

IBA ENIGMA Battle of The Bands

Here's a glimpse of the journey you are about to start with IBA ENIGMA VII.Enigma Team proudly presents Battle of the Bands!Do not forget to enjoy the battle between 5 to 9 pm. REGISTER NOW AT #EnimaVII #FreeForEnigmaParticipants

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Oh and, dramatics!

Enigma’s Trabeata is, of course, for the dramaybaaz inside you! With Wajahat Rauf coming in as a judge, you know the competition is going to be super intense!

Trabeata – Drama Competition

This January, let your emotions take over!Register now at by Sarim Jamal

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And finally, sports! 

What is an Olympiad without sports? There’s badminton, Hong Kong Sixes, Futsal, and also much for the athlete in you!

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Enigma’s page here for more details! See you there.

There Is A New Cycling Service In Karachi That You Definitely Need To Check It Out!

Cycling circuits are an increasingly popular phenomena in Karachi, and who doesn’t want to be a part of them? But what if you don’t own a cycle, or need training to gear up?

Well, that’s what you have Full Throttle Pakistan for!

Full Throttle Pakistan is a cycle rental service which can be availed by individuals, as well as members of the city’s two major cycling societies, Critical Mass Karachi and Chain Reaction.

FTP's Institute Training Program

OPEN INVITATION TO ALL INSTITUTES AND INDIVIDUALS!REGISTER YOURSELF NOW!Full Throttle Pakistan launched a project known as "Institute Training Program", which aims to train students for marathons and provide the students with the perfect package that consists of all the essentials they require as they polish themselves for the marathons that are at the end of the program. The Program also intends to teach beginners how to cycle and prepare intermediate level cyclists to reach to the expert level. The September-November batch is on full throttle with 80+ cyclists! ūüėČThe registrations for the December-February batch are now open! Fill in the form below and we'll get in touch with you. College Bayview College Haque Academy The International School Videographer:…..#roadcycling #cycling #FullThrottle #cyclingclub #Train #youth #hybrid #cyclingislife #youthisthefuture #healthy #thefuture

Posted by Full Throttle Pakistan – FTP on Sonntag, 15. Oktober 2017

But that’s not it… this amazing rental service has now¬†started providing cycling solutions for students with training programs and marathons!

Yup, you heard that right!

The College Program has three kinds of marathons, a 30 KM and three participant Relay run, A 15 KM Team Race, and the most exciting and advanced: Expert Drag, which is an 8 KM race and whoever reaches the expert level qualifies to participate in the race.

Source: Facebook // Full Throttle Pakistan

According to Full Throttle Pakistan,

“The College and School program aims to train students for
marathons and provide the students with the perfect package that consists of all the essentials they require as they polish themselves
for the marathons. The Program also intends to train beginners and prepare intermediate level cyclists to reach to the expert level.”

The program is six months long, which begins in September and ends in February. The students cycle four days a month over the weekends and workshops are kept during society meetings.

Source: Facebook // Full Throttle Pakistan

And, there’s still a bit more to it!

FTP makes sure that all of the cyclists have a safe learning and cycling experience. 

They have a a Backup Car which follows the entire group along the cycling trail. In case of any injury, the Backup Car will immediately take the cyclist to the nearest hospital.

Other than that they have proper security, first-aid, a two amazing trainers! One is a recognized A Valley Cyclist, and the other is a registered professional cyclist under the UCI. So it’s safe to say that you’re gonna be in the right hands.

Source: Facebook // Full Throttle Pakistan

FTP runs in collaboration with college societies, and aims to keep the college administration updated about the rides, and routes.

So what are you waiting for? Register here to be a part of the December-February batch, or visit their Facebook for more details, and have the most amazing experience ever!

Wasim Akram Just Visited Kinnaird College And Gave An Inspirational Talk About Facing Your Challenges

On November 14, the very talented Wasim Akram and his graceful wife, Shaniera Thompson, came to visit Kinnaird College for Women’s Studies.¬†

He made quite an entrance in his black BMW, cruising through the excited crowd that was anxious to catch a glimpse of the former Pakistani cricketer.


As an ambassador of a blood-glucose monitoring device, Accu Chek, Wasim Akram addressed the audience about the importance of being aware about diabetes. He also talked about and discussed the different misconceptions that there are about this disease in Pakistan and cleared them up.

Wasim Akram also mentioned that when he was 29,  he himself was diagnosed with diabetes. He then took it as a challenge for himself, and took a 6 month break from cricket.

After coming back from his break, Wasim Akram took more then 100 wickets in ODI and Test Matches. “That is the motivation everyone should have,” he explained to the awestruck students and faculty at Kinnaird. He stressed upon the need to exercise, not only just for the diabetic, but everyone. Since Shaniera Thompson is an Australian, he began to discuss their culture. They give a lot of importance to exercise, and begin their day in the early hours.

Source: Jannat. A

Wasim Akram talked about how 6:30-9:30 am is Australians peak time to be productive, however, unfortunately in Pakistan, many don’t begin their day until 12pm.¬†

There were dieticians, a female international weight lifter and an international chess player present as well. They all spoke about the importance of keeping a check on your body, and staying physically and mentally fit. Holding the Accu-Chek banner, Wasim Akram, Shaniera Thompson, Kinnard College’s Principal and many international players walked across the field, and lot’s of photographs and videos were taken.

Source: Ayesha Toor

In case anything happens to you, whether¬†it is diabetes or anything else, as Wasim Akram said, you shouldn’t take it as a weakness, but as a challenge and know if you try hard enough, you can conquer anything.

In the end Wasim Akram left us with three words: Believe and Become. Thank you for the wonderful day, and the amazing lecture!

Nixor College’s Cricket Team Went To England For A Tour And Came Back As Winners

Look at these Nixor kids making all of us proud again. They’re great at MUNs. The girls kick ass at rowing. They’ve been building schools in the North. We’re in total awe. But their awesomeness doesn’t just stop there.

The Nixor College Cricket Team went on a 3 match tour of England and returned after 2 wins with their final win coming against Pakistan Media UK.

The team consisted of 13 players and 2 coaches, and was lead by¬†led by Captain Jam Zain Ali and Vice-Captain Jibran Rizwan. They were trained for their matches at Lord’s International indoor training facilities for two days and were coached by their coaches Waseem ur Rehman, Samueal Masih and the internationally certified coaches of the Lord‚Äôs facility.

While they lost their first match by 19 runs against a local school, the team managed to make a comeback in the second match. 

They dismissed the whole team for 47… eventually winning by a margin of 6 wickets. They were led by a sensational bowling spell by the Nixor captain Jam Zain Ali who took 4 wickets with Umair Tariq top scoring with an unbeaten 17 runs.

Lastly they played against Pakistan Media UK at the Osterly Cricket Ground and won by a very close margin of 6 runs only!

The matches took place in the presence of various renowned personalities including President of Pakistan Media Union UK, Wajahat Ali and National singing sensation Faakhir.

In between all of these matches, the team took out the time to watch the final one day international between England and West Indies at The Rose Bowl Cricket Ground.

Here’s the coolest part though: their presence was acknowledged by the stadium announcers welcoming them on the behalf of England!

How cool is that!?

Also, towards the end of the tour, the students toured the main attractions within London like The London Eye and returned to Pakistan after a successful tour of England.

Once back home, the captain Jam Zain had this to say about his team’s spirit and drive; ‘At the final T20 match although we were down and out but we kept believing a match is not won or lost until the last bowl is bowled and that made us win’.

His vice captain Jibran Rizwan echoed the same sentiment and also thanked everyone for their support; ‘All this would not be possible without the support we have gotten from everyone and I am a very proud vice captain today to play against such huge teams being only in college.’

Continue to make us all proud just like you do, all of you Nixor kids. We’re all rooting for you!


These Students From Lahore Are Bringing Back Futsal Leagues In Pakistan, One Match At A Time

Hadeek Ghafoor and his friends, like most boys their age in Pakistan, love to play a good game of football. They quickly noticed that there were not a lot of opportunities to play tournaments, so they decided to take matters in their own hands and change things.

They started out with a few tournaments but are now growing into much larger gatherings. 

Source: Royal Entertainment

Their model is to have low tournament fees, but at the same time promise large awards to the winning teams. With such attractive prospects, Hadeek was able to get a lot of teams on board, thus marking the start of his futsal leagues.

Speaking to MangoBaaz Campus , Hadeek said that they want to make profit out of this. Their motivation comes from the fact that he wants to work for the betterment of Futsal Leagues in Pakistan. He also had this to say:

We have almost 200 teams in our directory which is a number that keeps increasing day by day. New teams emerge at almost every event. our tournaments have been an example that the futsal teams in Pakistan want more than just a local tournament, they want something more professional at a bigger level. To be honest if we did not have such a great response from the teams we would’ve been focusing on simple tournaments but the great response had encouraged us to take a step forward.
Source: Royal Entertainment
This August, Hadeek and his friends will be hosting the Royal Futsal Cup, and they can’t wait for the games to start.
This will be the first officially original Pakistani league in which all the funds or sponsors are from Pakistan.¬†Teams will be named after sponsor company’s names, so sadly you can’t choose you own funky names. But oh well, can’t have everything now can you?

This league will be following the official FIFA platform with group stages followed by play-offs. 

Source: Royal Entertainment
Team players will be chosen according to pre-tournament matches. A panel of judges will shortlist players and allot them into particular teams. The players will be given free kits and on-field medical insurance by the sponsors. And most importantly, matches will be played under full media coverage.
Hadeek, being a student himself, is managing all of this during his summer break, which is very commendable. He has his sights set high. He wants to see this tournament grow larger and larger, and maybe one day reach a point where international football legends can come to attend.
Source: Royal Entertainment
We wish the team behind the ‘Royal Futsal Cup’ all the best with their upcoming tournament. Also, they need all the help they can get. From volunteers to sponsors and even players. So if you want to get involved, contact them here.

Cover Photo Courtesy: Royal Entertainment

Here’s Why Closing Down LSE’s Cricket Ground Is A Big Loss For The University

The Lahore School of Economics is fairly young, as far as educational institutes go. It’s Main Campus (the one on Burki) is even younger- built in 2006, the campus is just 10 years old. Yet in the short period of time it has been around, it has rooted some traditions of its own. You can’t start the academic year in September without seeing the familiar ‘Welcome To LSE’ sign on the stairs by Shamyla Garden. You have to¬†get attacked by a crow AT LEAST once, during your four years here. And you absolutely can’t¬†have winters without¬†spending at least 3 hours a day in the cricket ground.

Source: Mangobaaz

At least that’s how it used to be.

Sure, the ‘Welcome To LSE’ signage is still there, and yes, the crows may be immortal, sadly.¬†But it appears that the vast, peaceful cricket ground that served as the perfect place to laze around in the soft winter sun, has been taken away from us. While this news no doubt saddened all students of the Lahore School,¬†the people it affects the most, are the cricketers of LSE. And God knows there are a lot of them, lol.

Cricket is a sport that has a lot of importance in LSE.  

There are 8 teams in LSE’s cricket league, which are made by the students (and obviously consist of students also) and play against each other every day.¬†There is a league played every semester, and each team plays almost 10 matches per league, over a period of 5 months. That means there are almost 80 matches played each semester, which means 16 matches per month, which means 4 matches per week, which means that, (assuming only one match is played per day) there are only two days per working week where a match¬†isn’t played, which means my math isn’t as terrible as I thought, wow.

What my tangent into Very Complex Math was meant to show, was that cricket is an integral (yay more math) and important part of LSE’s student life. Apart from these intra-university matches, LSE’s official cricket team plays friendly matches with other universities every other week. So the cricket team is always busy, and the cricket ground is (was?)¬†rarely without¬†a match going on.

Source: Lahore School of Economics Facebook

The Sports Secretary of LSE, Hammad Bashir, seems to be quite doubtful about the future of cricket in LSE, now that there isn’t a cricket ground anymore.

“Obviously if there isn’t a ground where people can show their talent, the future of cricket will be quite bleak.” he says. “It’s definitely going to affect the students negatively, because sports is something that helps in career building also, because it teaches you important skills like team building and leadership. So the shutting down of the cricket ground is going to affect both students, in terms of studies, and obviously the cricket and sports society will suffer a lot.”

However, LSE’s Cricket Representative, Sardar Hassan Ali, seemed more positive and optimistic about the whole scenario.¬†

According to him, the future may not be as dismal as the Sports Secretary believes it to be. He says “The future of cricket in LSE is quite bright, because talent will always be there, it’s never going to stop. We’re going to have nets and we’ll be carrying out trials and everything, so we’ll find talent eventually.” “You can’t really say the future of cricket will be bad, its hopefully always going to be good” he adds.

It’s been a few weeks now since the gates of the cricket ground were padlocked ‘forever’ (as were our hearts, I’m sure).

When the news initially broke out that this¬†might¬†happen, students decided to protest against it. A protest was orchestrated, but never actually carried out, in fear of the enraging the administration into banning all future events. (which tbh brings forward the question of the admin’s approachability. But let’s leave that discussion for another day, ya?) So in the end, there was no protest, but Sardar Hassan Ali was seen in talks with Dr. Shahid.

Source: Lahore School of Economics Facebook

Did those talks amount to anything?

Well, the management has agreed to build nets on-campus, on one end of the football ground, so that teams can continue practicing, to some extent. As for actual matches, the admin has  practice outside of LSE in the local cricket grounds. This is going to set LSE back almost Rs. 7000 per day match, and Rs. 22,000 per night match, which the administration has kindly agreed to provide.

While this doesn’t heal our¬†gaping cricket ground shaped wound, it¬†is something at least. However, this also means that now, every year when LSE hosts its Sports Gala, cricket is not going to be part of the repertoire, which means that the cricketers of LSE will have to sit this one out.

This is something that most cricketers, like Basim Gadhi, are very unhappy about.

Basim Gadhi, a member of LSE’s official cricket team says “It’s terribly sad that cricket will be unrepresented at our university’s own sporting event, but there’s not much we can do about it. Nets are adequate enough, but frankly, what we need is another cricket ground.”

When asked about what the admin could for cricket in LSE, both students had similar responses.

According to Hammad Bashir, the solution is very simple. “Just give the students a place to practice. Schedule matches on the weekends, and have night matches so that students don’t miss classes.” However, he also acknowledges the fact that nothing will ever be as effective as having a cricket ground ON¬†campus, since students can just go and play straight from class.

“The admin can provide us with all the facilities; they can get us a ground outside and they should financially support us always, and that too generously.” says Sardar Hassan Ali. “They should keep the practice of having a league every semester, even if its conducted outside LSE. Financial support is really all we need now.”

Source: Instagram

Let’s hope that cricket in LSE continues to thrive.

I’m sure every students hopes that the admin might eventually expand the campus in such a way that makes up for the loss of a cricket ground, and simultaneously hopes that no other ground ever has to be shut down. For now, let’s hope that cricket in LSE continues to thrive, regardless of a lack of cricket ground.

Cover Image Via: Lahore School of Economics/Facebook

CJM Karachi Sent Its Women Throwball Team To Lahore And Guess What? They Won The Tournament

CJM Karachi sent its throwball team to Lahore to participate in the tournament that took place between the 7th and 9th of February.

Many teams participated in the tournament hosted by the Pakistan Throwball Federation at the Lahore College for Women University.

Source: Sabih Shaikh

The girls from CJM Karachi, along with all the rest of the teams from both Karachi and Lahore, practised tirelessly for their matches. The competition was, undoubtedly, tough. Some of the teams that CJM was up against from Karachi were from DAPS, Habib Public School (Girls Section) and DA Model High School, while schools such as Beaconhouse Liberty Campus participated from Lahore’s side.

In the end, CJM Karachi emerged victorious. CJM Karachi players, Sabih Shaikh and Duha Saleem also received the awards for Best Performance and Best Player, respectively. 

Source: Sabih Shaikh

To many, throwball is an unknown sport that is written off as one that is worthless. However, the girls from CJM Karachi and every other team that participated can attest to the immense level of hard work they need to put in, and determination they need to have, in order to stay in form.

What we also fail to see is that even if it’s a lesser known sport like throwball, our girls are making waves.

Perhaps, that is why another tournament that went relatively unnoticed was the one played by the girls’ and boys’ teams from Pakistan in Malaysia. Players were selected under the watchful eye of the Pakistan Throwball Federation and numerous throwball coaches. The teams comprised of students from¬†CJM Karachi, Head Start School System, Mama Parsi and DAPS, alongside numerous other schools. They were all up against players from Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Though the boys’ team did not fare as well, the girls’ team won silver, losing only to the reigning champion, India.

Source: Pakistan Throwball Federation

There is no doubt that our society needs to do everything it can to empower our girls. Tournaments such as these are one such way to pave way for the empowerment women need. By providing our girls with a safe platform to step out on fearlessly and represent their schools and their country, we instill in them confidence and the will to work harder.

Most importantly, as a nation, we begin to take the steps, albeit minute, towards a better, brighter tomorrow for our girls and our women Рone where they are defined by merit and their capabilities, above all else. 

Source: Eman Amir

Let us applaud all the teams, especially the Pakistan team and the girls from CJM Karachi, for every ounce of their effort. Here’s to seeing our girls winning bigger and better in the years to come.

Cover Image Via: Eman Amir