Here Are All The Reasons Why PsiFi IX Will Be Bigger And Better Than Ever Before

Submitted By SPADES Marketing Department 

Who says LUMS is a business only university? This year the science society of Lahore University of Management Sciences (SPADES) is bringing the biggest science Olympiad to you in January!
Yes, the 9th edition of PsiFi is happening from 13th to 16th of January and word is out that registrations have begun! This time around, we offer 16 premier sub-events that are unmatched and unparalleled by anyone in the entire country!
Here are some of our most exciting events, that will make you want to sign up!

Diagnosis Dilemma 

Crisis, suspense, precision, and drama is what Diagnosis Dilemma is all about. We set the stage, we act, and we make sure that YOU have fun! Every round is designed to provide equal playing field to people from all backgrounds


Prepare to embark on a journey that has years of legacy associated to it. We don’t require you to be a whiz-kid or brilliant in physics. We will test your creativity, knowledge of space environment, teamwork, management and presentation skills.

Science crime busters.

The delegates shall have the role of detectives and will be asked to help the police department solve a murder case. The story will pan out over the course of time, during which the delegates will be given clues, puzzles and tasks; each of which will help bring them a step closer to solving the murder.

Source: SPADES// Facebook

Geek wars

To all the geeks and freaks out there, all the fans of DC, Marvel, GoT, Star Wars, Star Trek and what not.. Valar Morghulis! The time has come that you let your inner comic book fan and sci-fi film nerd come out. We hope to see you all at PsiFi! Hasta La Vista!

Rapid Maneuver

Think you’re fast? Rapid Maneuver has zesty and deceptively simple time-based games to make your PsiFi experience a memorable one. From intricate model making to rapid-fire trivia, you’ve got a minute to win it all!

Source: SPADES//Facebook


If you’re a fan of the Sherlock Holmes type of reasoning and problem solving, Th?nk is the event for you. It won’t just challenge your mental abilities but will take your mind to limits that you didn’t knew existed.

Vine-d Up 

It’s all about memes, vines, videos and captions. The only tool you need to win this event is your brain along with a fine sense of humor.


Race to Infinity

Mind-boggling activities, precision, creativity and a lot of running around the campus, that’s what RTI, THE BEST EVENT IN PSIFI is all about! Display your potential to win our theme-based rounds and unleash your mental, analytical and physical skills!

Source: SPADES

If that doesn’t please you, we have tons of social events planned just for you, so you have no excuse not to come!

Source: SPADES

And if we’ve convinced you, then do sign up here as quickly as you can. Time is running out!

Here Are All The Reasons You Need To Go To The Last Day Of The LUMS Dramafest

You there, yes you! How’s the fall coming down? I know, temperature, leaves, internet speed, expectations, grades are all falling at the same time, right? Well, at LUMS Dramaline, we believe that a wonderful person such as yourself must have something to look forward to this season and for that we introduce to you our flagship event: LUMS Dramafest’17. Today’s the last day, and yes, we have saved the best for last!

Not convinced? Well, by the end of this article, hopefully, you will be.

1. Socials will be lit

With a “Minute to Win It”, Cabaret, and a Food Street, you can’t not have a great time! Still, bring your friends if you don’t trust us!

2. Its gonna be star struck 

When it’s Dramaline, the entertainment industry is definitely involved. Who knows? You might just get to live the fan moment you’ve been waiting for!

3. Dramaline is performing

After a rigorous effort of 3 months, the most talented actors, directors and dancers at Dramaline bring you a theatrical treat…correction… FOUR theatrical treats! Yep, we’re putting up 4 plays as well!

4. A trip to Kashmir

Yeah, no… well sort of! By a ‘trip to Kashmir’ we mean a performance by the band that rocked the Pepsi Battle of the Bands this year. So if you’re in to music you know where to show up!

5. Dramafest is not extortionists!

Yes, we’re all students as well and we understand the curse of living life on a budget so we’re charging just 300 bucks for a day of amusement, entertainment and what not!

6.  It’s so much better than binge watching a TV series

Honestly, I’m a fan of them, Friends, GoT, Sherlock…you name it… but the fact is they’re not going anywhere, they’ll be waiting for you with open arms when you come back after attending Dramafest.

7. You deserve a break

If you’re as diligent towards study as some of my friends here at LUMS and in other universities, you are probably petrified right now because of the impending doom known as the Mid-Term Exams. Well, we encourage your effort and are in no way against honest hard work for a prosperous future but even racehorses get breaks to relax and loosen up; and what better way to relax than to witness a culturally decorated evening with your loved ones

8. The feel is going to be goals

The chilly weather, the cold breeze combined with a cup of coffee/chai and a great performance in front of you…Could you really ask for more?

9. For the love of theater

Duh! …but on a serious note, It’s a fading art, one that enriches the mind and the soul and one which is without a doubt amazingly great fun! So people, clear your weekend, zone out your problems, and come witness happiness this weekend at LUMS!

You Really Need To Check Out The ‘Newlympiad’ At Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore

November is the month when literally every festival and event happens. The weather is finally nice and people just to step out. One such event is the Beaconhouse Newland’s Newlympiad ’17.

A four day extravaganza (2nd-5th November) which incorporates numerous sports and creative events with a set of exuberant social nights consisting of a masquerade theme night, fashion show featuring top notch designers and a concert by the living legend Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

What makes this event stand out is the plethora of sports we are offering this year along with a blend of creative events.

The list includes basketball, cricket, tennis and even carom!

But if you’re not the sporty kind then check out our creative events.

This year Newlympiad has a wide array of events and competitions, ranging from photography competitions to a Beaconhouse’s own version of the Battle of the Bands.

So don’t miss out, this is one of the most fascinating events of the year with the perfect mix of fashion and sports.

Source: Newlands

Registrations for the event are closing tomorrow (30th October). If you want to take part you can do so here,

and if you want more details you can visit the Facebook event page.

These Cosplays From Last Year Will Get You Excited For The Upcoming Feminist Comic Con At FC College

Submitted by the Women Empowerment Society 

No Comic Con is complete without cosplay. It’s an essential element of a comic con, and certainly our Feminist Comic Con won’t be ignoring cosplay. For those of you who are misguided and have no clue what cosplay is, it’s pretty simple.

You have to pick a personality and transform yourself completely into that character, whoever or whatever it may be.

Source: WES

The word is a witty combination of costume and play. Participants get the chance to fully immerse themselves into a different person, act it out and fool us all.

Source: WES

Last year’s Feminist Comic Con saw some pretty amazing transformations. This year, hopefully, will be no different. Even though our theme this year is Villainesses, we don’t want to be responsible for holding back your creativity so for the cosplay you can be absolutely whoever you want to be! Participants can dress up as a character from any movie, anime, tv-show, game, cartoon or even a real life personality.

Source: WES

Transform yourselves and prepare a short performance for about 30-90 seconds and individuals who are absolutely convincing with their impersonation and costumes win!

Speaking of winning, we have another opportunity for anybody who is interested in helping us take the Feminist Comic Con up a few notches.

The Women Empowerment Society (WES) is now looking for people who are interested in helping us march on and in making this a Comic Con that’s going to be talked about for a while.

Source: WES

You and your friends can do that by becoming Campus Ambassadors. All you have to do is to get people (a minimum of 10) to sign up for the Feminist Comic Con at FC College and avail not only a fancy title but also some pretty awesome perks that include free entry to the event, a food voucher and a free pass for every 4 teams you register

So here’s the deal: as Campus Ambassador, if you are able to recruit at least 50 or more people, or 13 teams, you will get a VIP pass through which you can meet all of our amazing celebrity guests, ranging from people in the comic book world, to the entertainment world, to published authors. You do not want to miss out!

Don’t dillydally and click here to register and help us raise evil this November. #NoHeroThisNovember