Things Every BNU Student Gets To Hear On A Daily Basis

If you’re a graduate of BNU or are currently enrolled in a program, you’re going to find these funny. If you don’t go to BNU, you “better” read on because when you say these things, they hurt man.

Here are just some of the things a BNU student gets to hear, sometimes on a daily basis:

Hae Allah. LSE say bhee rejection agae thee?

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No you dimwit maybe I wanted to pursue something different? Kill me.

What are you on?

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If I’m from BNU, I must obviously be a druggie because we all know students in other universities think joints are bones.

Tarogil Campus? Isn’t that near Multan?

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NO dear God, NO. It’s near Raiwind and we commute there every day, just like we commute back every day.

Sunna hai girls walk around in shorts on campus?

Yeah. We also wear bikinis and take classes when it’s Thursday.

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All the rich, spoiled kids study there don’t they?

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Yeah and we will beat yo ass if you call us that again.

How do you guys travel so far on a daily basis?


Mostly on our rich no-brainer private jets but a car when we feel modest.

You know you’re going to have a hard time getting a job with a BNU degree?

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Bitch, I’ll be on billboards, on your T.V and you can sit yo ass down in your office and stalk my……. Instagram (I realize I’m going overboard, bear with me)

Aap ke sath toh bohat saari models parhti hain naKoi set kara do na aik.

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Ever since you’ve gone to BNU, you have this attitude about you

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Yeah and I’ve also learnt to stand up for things I believe in. P.S we call it sass.

Your GPA isn’t even significant.

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Neither is your face.

Apki wo pad wali university hay na?

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Jee. Dil say laga kay rakhtay hain.

We’re BNU. We’re #harami. We’re #Hawhaee, #Allahmaafkaray #Manhoos and we LOVE it.

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FAST-NU Is Organising Its Homecoming And It’s Definitely Going To Be LIT

No matter where you go, you’ll always have a special place in your heart for your university.

All students from FAST-NU will understand where this is coming from. From walking on the Highway and going to classes to studying in the library and constantly motivating yourself to complete assignments and projects; you look back and reflect on things that might sound serious and are the memories that you laugh about once you graduate.

Homecoming is all about reminiscing the memories you shared with everyone during your time at your alma mater.

Carrying the tradition forward as always, The Old Students Association of FAST-NU (OSAF), will be organizing Homecoming’18 for its alumni. Catch up with the alumni, your former classmates, and friends, and meet your favorite teachers and staff members from back in the days.

Source: Addiyan Baig

It’s about revisiting the campus you loved so deeply.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Coming back home, taking a tour of the campus, and visiting the spots where you used to spend time with your friends can truly bring a sense of fulfillment.

Also, recollecting the groups formed during late-night study sessions and the places where everyone used to meet for group presentation meetings are the experiences when nostalgia hits you hard in the face. It’s always great to visit your university and see how it has changed and grown over the years.

You can also reunite with old friends!

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Homecoming is also the event when you finally get to meet your fellow classmates and friends from university. Many students move abroad either for higher studies or to seek a job after graduating, and Homecoming can be the event where you reunite with your old pals who you thought you’d never be able to meet.

After all, your network determines your net worth.


“The way of the world is meeting people through other people.”

Homecoming is about connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. Join the students and alumni to cultivate and build friendly relationships with people and share experiences, opening a whole range of possibilities. Talk to your seniors, listen to their story and learn valuable lessons.

Homecoming’18 will take place on January 20th, 2018.

Stop by to look at the Highway being lit and decorated. It’ll definitely leave you enthralled.

Source: Xpressions Photography

Meet and strengthen professional relations with people from top-notch giants of the industry.

Umar Saif, Jehan Ara were among the few of many other attendees last year.

It’s sponsored by the entrepreneurs of FAST-NU!

Homecoming’18 is being sponsored by FAST-NU alumni who are now leading entrepreneurs. Sponsors include the GeniTeam by Khurram Samad, Cricingif by Shahid Rasool, Sabri Group of companies by Farid Sabri, Khaleef Technologies by Ahmed Hanif, Rolustech by Shahrukh Riaz and Confiz. FAST-NU is fortunate enough to have made a big impact on the entrepreneurial front. We take immense pride in these achievements and credit the faculty for being supportive all along.



Thats not all, Xpressions Photography will also be there to cover the whole event.

Xpressions Photography, is the sole media partner of Homecoming’18.  The media agency is also owned by FAST Alumni Mohsin Zaka & Sh Arsalan.

And if you think the night couldn’t get any bigger, think again! We cannot call it a night until Qurutulain Balouch’s electrifying jam.


Special guests include Xulfi, Farhan Saeed (who performed last year too!), Burhan Rasool (CTO PITB), Qazzafi Qayyum (MD Teradata) and Ahsan Saleem (VP Confiz Ltd.), who are all notable alumni of FAST-NU.

Source: Xpressions Photography

So FASTians, what are you waiting for? Head to the campus on January 20th and have an experience that is bound to last a lifetime!

Note: The event is child-friendly.

RSVP to the event here!

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This Superstar From SZABIST Uses Music And Acting To Tackle Social Issues Like An Absolute Boss

Today, it seems as though everyone is running along the track that leads to fame.

Kids, adults, teens, pretty much everyone you see around you is aware of the luxury that fame provides. Social media is the largest supplier of fame. However, with fame comes responsibility. But for some superstars, like the one from SZABIST we’re going to talk about, it’s all easy to handle.

Source: Tenor GIF Keyboard

Sheena Dsouza, a star realized the power her influence held and decided to use it in a positive way.

Sheena is a student at SZABIST, and a star who started posting on the platform in 2015.

Source: Instagram/ here_is_sheena

She fell in love with the art back when she posted her first ever and expected to see positive feedback on it.

But, as she states, “everyone needs to realize that by putting videos up on social media, people will be judgmental and will have an opinion about it.”

Which is what happened to Sheena, too. 

Source: Giphy

Despite the hate she received on the, one comment stood out for her, and it was then she decided what her path was going to be. One of her fans stated that her videos made them smile.

Since then, she has never looked back. Gradually, her constant strive to spread happiness has attracted thousands of people and has inspired many more to find their own creative fit.

So, what makes this student from SZABIST different from every other influencer out there? 

Source: Instagram/ here_is_sheena

For starters, she doesn’t see the musical site as just an app – but more of a platform where creative minds can come together and explore their talents.

Moreover, whenever people message her asking for advice or tips to help them improve their own work, she doesn’t take out her magical list of tips and tricks for perfecting the art of

She encourages them to find their own style and fit.

Because everyone is different due to the experiences they’ve had. No two people are alike, hence, every individual has a different way of spreading happiness and art.

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Moreover, Sheena uses her platform for the greater good.

Her followers adore her for the socially aware messages she uploads from time to time. Having been bullied as a child, she strongly speaks up against the very same evil.

💢ANY FORM OF BULLYING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! 💢 Calling people by negative titles, bashing them on social media or even traditional bullying where someone is hurt can cause a long term issue physically, mentally and emotionally. You may not know you're a bully until it's too late. Before you're about to say/do something PLEASE STOP AND THINK. " How would you feel if someone said the same thing to you?" Bullying plays a huge role in depression, suicide or even murder. No one is perfect, we all have flaws and that's okay. It's better to say nothing than to say something hurtful.🌼💛 #SayNoToBullying #MovementMonday #NoBullying #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #summer #happy #fun ##fashion #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday @musicallypakistanofficial @musical.lyindiaofficial

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She’s also spoken up about Pakistan’s obsession with fairness. Moreover, she’s a firm believer in the concept of self love and tries to promote the same.

Hi there, What if you had devoted this year to loving yourself more by not caring about what others say, wouldn't it make everything a lot easier? At some point in our life we have been given negative labels by society. Fat, loser, ugly, worthless and so on. We let those words define who we are as an individual and it results in crushing our self esteem. People will keep judging you in every walk of life don't let it get to you. How you overcome these labels is what's going to matter. Stop! Look in the mirror and see how beautiful you are as a person. I'm not referring to your physical appearance. It is your inner beauty which is in it's truest form. Beauty is knowing and proudly accepting yourself for the way you are. If wearing makeup makes you happy DO IT! If you're comfortable with no makeup on be proud of it. All those watching this today, I hope you find a way to be yourself someday. ✨ #SheenaSays 🌹 TAG 3 beautiful girls who need to hear this message 🌹 #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #happy #fun #fashion #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday #Sheenation #empoweringwomen #motivation #beauty

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Sensitive matters like acid attacks have also been tackled by her.

I was touched by watching an acid victim speak about her attack. How her entire life flashed in front of her eyes as the man threw a bottle of sulfuric/nitric acid on her because she refused to marry him. She was helpless, her skin was burning down layer by layer. Every night as she would make an effort to try to get some sleep her attacker's face would haunt her. She was living her worst nightmare. Few months later, she looked in the mirror and realized beauty is not only in ones physical appearance. Beauty comes from within you. She was confident and started living for herself that's when she truly knew what self love was. Start by loving yourself and say NO to Acid attacks! #SayNoToAcidAttacks #MovementMonday #inshot #musically #musicallyapp #musicallyaddict #transition #featureme #summer #happy #smile #instamood #amazing #style #love #photooftheday #acidvictim @musicallypakistanofficial @musical.lyindiaofficial

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The app itself is fairly underground in Pakistan.

And people don’t take too kindly to newer concepts. However, Sheena has the following advice for people who want to follow their heart and make a difference:

“Always remember to be confident about what you do, and ignore the hate if it gets too much. Just focus on the love and support.”

We couldn’t ask for a better message to start the new year with, SheenaWhat do you guys think? Let us know in the comments.

13 Things That Can Ruin Your Entire Day At University

Students are, let’s admit, more on edge than others. We have exam stress, homework stress, parent’s pressures, and everything you could possibly imagine. You name it, us students are stressing about it. Thus, any one little thing can trigger us into having the worst day of our student life, crazy? yes. Here are 13 tiny annoying things that can turn your day into a pretty bad one:

1. Having a bad hair day

Don’t force 2 things: relationships, and ponytails.

Source: Disney

2. Not having enough time for your morning tea/coffee

Students who are caffeine addicts, (moi) will definitely understand

Source: Colombia Pictures

3. Traffic

You can be stuck in traffic for literally 5 minutes and just get really angry, because tbh traffic sucks.

Source: Shoman Productions

4. Bad marks

No you didn’t study all that hard for that test, but still, not cool.

Source: IRK films

5. Phone running out of battery

You also forgot your charger, and now your asking around begging for a charger because that phone right there is your entire life.

Source: Deenga

6. Rain

Not a rain person at all. Fucks up your hair and clothes and makeup and bag and shoes…need I go on? A wet day is a bad day.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

7. Realising you have a massive pimple on your face

The whole day you actually wondered why people were staring at your forehead. Stupid pimples.

Source: HBO

8. Trying to contact your friends but then realizing you ran out of balance

Then you also learn that your university ran out of cards, so now you just sit alone in the cafeteria waiting for any familiar face to show up.

Source: Danish Ali/Youtube

9. Forgetting  you had a test today

You knew you were forgetting something, so just as you walk in class: surprise!

Source: IRK Films

10. Forgetting to put on deodorant/perfume

You keep low-key trying to smell your armpits to see if they actually smell, and wonder if others can smell you

Source: CW

11. Realising you forgot your wallet at home

Even though there were only Rs. 200 in it, you feel naked and broke. Instant bad day

Source: The Living Picture/Youtube

12. Makeup classes

You had plans at 4 pm, but now because of that makeup class, you gotta say bye to those plans.

Source: UTV

13. When your best friend doesn’t show up

And she didn’t even tell you she wasn’t gonna come, how dare she.

Source: HBO

What other things make a really bad day at university? Let us know!

Here Are Some Things That Will Go Through Your Head During A Final

Exams. A time in our lives when our hair starts falling out and every relative around starts getting married.

A time, when the weather reminds you of the cheesy romance movies and you start noticing the tiny pencil marks on the white wall in front of you.

With your books beside you. 

And three projects that are due the same week. 

Oh joy- NOT. 

Source: CBS

Besides being distracted during preparation, concentrating during an exam is another story.

Remember that girl you thought was cute at street 24, house xyz, two streets away from your third uncle’s house? No?

You’ll probably remember her during your Maths exam pal. No worries. 


Besides trying to recall all the information you crammed into your brain the night before the exam, here are five things that go through your head- that make focusing easier said than done:

1. Making to-do lists and schedules.

Source: FOX

Even though you’re a pro at being the messiest and most disorganized person alive. Somehow, sitting in your assigned seat at the auditorium reminds you to start putting your life back together.

Unmade bed? Working schedule? That swimming class you had to sign up for? A cupboard that looks like it belongs to the grinch?

Saara sahi karna yaad aye ga tab. 

2. Lyrics that speak to you.

Never, update your music playlist before exams humans. Take my word for it.

Source: Hulu

I updated mine three days before the exam, and I didn’t even know I knew the lyrics to the songs until I wrote them down instead of an equation.

3. Life changing realizations.

Source: Tenor

Exams are a great time to notice how the walls aren’t white but cream colored. How your fingers are shaped and how the girl in front of you has beautiful hair.

And how you’re probably going to flunk the semester. Is it too late to accept that rishta that came in for you?

4. Ways to trick the professor.

You know what they say:

If you can’t beat ’em, trick ’em. 

Well, they don’t quite say it that way, but desperate times call for desperate measures. You could write that “T” in True or False in a way that passes as both.

Source: BBC

Seriously though, it works. But if you have more tricks up your sleeve, let us know in comments and help a pal out!

5. Why am I single?


Maybe if you weren’t single you’d be motivated enough to group study with your ‘significant other’.

Or if you’re in a relationship, you stare holes in your partners back and wonder how they’re still writing.

Source: BBC

I mean, how could they do this to you? Fail bhi toh saath saath hona hai na.

13 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Finding The Perfect Course

Now that exam season is almost over (hallelujah), it’s time we start thinking about what courses would be appropriate to take next semester. Let’s not lie, general courses are mostly courses students take to boost their GPA up, because major kay courses are hard enough for them as it is. So we are here to help! We have laid 13 questions you need to ask yourself before enrolling in the perfect course:

1. Is this course relevant to my major?

The most important thing to keep in mind while taking another course is whether or not it supports your major. What’s the point of studying biochemistry when your major is Political Science?

Source: EROS

2. Am I actually interested in studying it?

You’ll be wasting time if you aren’t interested in studying a course. 1 and a half hour will feel like a decade.

Source: Paramount

3. Is the teacher a strict, or an easy marker?

DOES SHE GIVE OUT A’s LIKE A HUG? How hard will you have to work to get an A that is the question? If she’s an easy marker, do not think twice.

Source: We Think Films

4. Is the course easy?

Sometimes your major courses are demanding, its important to make sure you take an easy course like creative writing to balance it out.

Source: Eros

5. Will I be able to learn something new?

If this course offers you knowledge that helps broaden your mind, you should take the course.

Source: Deenga

6. Will it come in handy in my professional life?

How helpful will the course be in your professional life? Make sure it offers you skills and information that can assist you in your future.

Source: MTV

7. How will my timetable look?

Nobody wants to sacrifice their sleep and attend 8 AM classes in the morning. Enroll in something that won’t keep you up at night. You deserve atleast that much.

Source: Eros

8. Can I get a good grade?

Sometime you take certain courses just for the sake of increasing your GPA. Be thorough and double check with someone who as already taken that course, to see if it’s easy or not.

Source: Paramount

9. Will the teacher kick me out for short attendance?

Sometimes we don’t feel like attending class, the café seems more interesting than the classroom. Find out if your teacher is strict about attendance policies, because in the end, short attendance comes to bite you in the ass.

Source: Deenga

10. Are my friends taking this course?

Who doesn’t want their friends in the same class? Apart from having a good time, it is necessary you know someone in the class.

Source: IRK Films

11. Does the teachers take classes  regularly?

If your teacher misses classes on a regular bases, its great and all, but the burden of the course will fall on you. So make sure you don’t get stuck in taking make up classes all semester.

Source: IRK Films

12. Am I wasting my time?

If a course isn’t relevant to your major or you aren’t interested, you should definitely think twice about taking it. There is no point in wasting time; instead you should focus on your better courses.

Source: Paramount

13. Did anyone I know take this course before?

Source: Deenga

If yes, what did they say about it? Do they recommend it?
What questions do you ask yourself before taking a class? Let us know in the comments below!

Here Are Some Ways You Can Avoid Getting Kicked Out Of FAST-NU

Surviving at university is a struggle. Keeping up to your academics while trying to balance out your social life can be tough at times. The challenging part of your life begins where you have to study for getting decent grades and secure a good GPA. Securing a good GPA is no easy task at all, and given the conditions at FAST-NU, you better be alert! The great success FAST and its graduates possess is solely because of its high concern on grades and studies and strict policies about the matter. However, you may get kicked out because of reasons you might be completely unaware of. FAST operates on a policy called the “DC” which you get as a strike and you are out of the campus on your 3rd strike, kind of like a Baseball game. So here is a complete guide on how to survive and stay as far away as possible from getting a DC during your tenure in FAST.

1. Yaar bhai ki attendance lagwa dena.

Students are required to maintain 80% attendance in all of their courses for the entire 4 year period. Doesn’t sound much but one can see students crying over their dropped courses and FA grades just because their alarms didn’t go off that one morning or the next six, because obviously sleep is more important. Good Luck getting on time for that 8 AM class you totally hate.

Source: Deenga



For all the lovebirds, FAST can be a tough place to show your feelings towards others at least when it comes to expressing it openly. Scene off Hai guys. Hold hands inside the campus or sit closely somewhere alone, DC says hello from the other side. Even if you are just friends with the opposite gender and you both are by yourself, the whole staff will be watching you to reward a DC notice. There can be the exception of Love Garden inside the campus of FAST Lahore, of course and there is a reason why people call it that. *IYKWIM* All the best on finishing your degree with a job and a Rishta. Even with high restrictions and security, the number of single people is surprisingly low. Joke is on you FAST.

Source: Deenga

3. Sutta is essential.

Shout out to all the Sutta Squad out there! Universities may offer site for smoking. Alas! Such squads cannot be formed in FAST-NU as there is no space allotted to smoking rather there are strict instructions to prize a DC notice on smoking anywhere inside the circles of FAST-NU. But don’t worry boys and girls; there are a number of Khokhas just outside of campus to make memories and squad goals.

Souce: Tenor

4. Don’t get into drugs kids.

Nowadays drugs are common as cigarettes. People have groups in universities to inhale “the good stuff”. Keep such activities outside the campus and there is no DC notice involved here at FAST-NU. Straight departure and legal activity takes place for students who are caught inhaling any type of illegal drugs. Avoid drugs otherwise “dun dun dun dun dun”.


5. Don’t be a badass.

It seems that when you get to a certain age you almost give yourself the permission to misbehave and say “Yes I am still going to be naughty”. But FAST-NU offers such students their most valuable possession; the DC notice.


6. Shit! Warning lag gai.

There is a criteria at FAST-NU of direct exit on your third consecutive warning. Warning is awarded to bachelor students with CGPA below 2.0 in their semester and master students with a CGPA below 2.5. Students with CGPA below the required mark in three consecutive semesters are shown the doors without any account. Great way to keep the students motivated. So lose some sleep and maintain that GPA.

7. Must Cheat to pass.

It is self-explanatory that cheating in your Finals, Midterms and Quizzes will get you a DC warning, that’ll fuck up your whole semester. Good Luck in the test of your life.


8. High School Results.

You will be admitted into FAST-NU before your 2nd year result comes out. Don’t make too many attachments if you are not above the minimum requirements. Ouch.


9. Unity is the strongest.

Recently a whole section decided to leave their quizzes and midterms blank in a particular course, showing signs of great unity and strength among themselves as a class. People applauded their bravery but the faculty had other plans. Yes you guessed it right, a DC notice for the whole section.


10. Ragging the freshies.

While freshman are an integral part of the university, as you might be studying with one of them by the time you graduate *JK*, it is a common trend in universities that fresh batch must be ragged by the senior batches to give them a “warm” welcome. Ragging can go to extreme levels at some institutes, but not here. Ragging is completely banned in FAST NUCES and is not among the options to welcome your juniors.

You might wonder FAST might not have the ideal facilities. But you are WRONG! There is nothing unfair about their strict policies. These restrictions help you maintain your studies and you get to learn more than you think. After all no one should forget the prime reason why students come to universities. It also only gets you to the right thing to keep you on the straight path. Besides, there are a lot of other activities on campus that you can take be a part of to make your life interesting and exciting and create countless memories down the road. It might be difficult during the course of your degree but it is a completely different feeling once you graduate and always have a special place in your heart for your time at FAST-NU.

This Is What Life Is Like When You’re A Teachers Assistant At University

We love them, we hate them. We bribe them, and then curse them for being stone hearted.

Ladies and gentlemen, the good ones of the lot deserve a red carpet laid out for them every time they come to class, because if it weren’t for them, most of us would have a grade that could get us chittarfied.

Did someone pop into your head yet?


Good Lord, don’t hurt your brain, I’ll enlighten you:

*Drum rolls*

Your Teachers Assistant.

As the name suggests, these are students who work as a professors associate and manage tasks that are assigned to them. They normally range from marking your class participation to making internals.

You know, the internals that basically make or break your grade.


Yeah, those. 

Like I said, good TA’s are hard to find, but did you ever wonder about the things or struggles a TA has to go through that makes them the way they are?

If not, keep reading humans, this might just help you out. 

1. The “Nakhrey” bearers:

Source: Amino Apps

“Completing tasks is fine, it’s a part of what we’re supposed to do. But then, sometimes we’re asked to do things like going on a coffee run, or getting the professors keys from their cars and once, I had to run all the way from Aud 24 to the teachers gate, to get to her car for a file that wasn’t even there. I don’t remember the last time I did something like this for my own sister!”

2. Anonymous emails:


“Even though most of the students I’ve encountered are absolute sweethearts, there’s always that one student and his/her group of friends who think it’s fun to send anonymous emails whose content ranges from sickly sweet, to disgusting. Some students don’t know where their lines are, but that’s fine- I’ve learned to ignore them now.”

3. Days off? What are those?


“This semester, I’ve only had Sundays off. I know this is what comes with being a TA, but functioning on five hours of sleep, six days a week is hard work. Most days, I have the whole day off with just one class in the last slot of the day. *groans*”

4. Doston kay taaney:


” The only time when me and the rest of my TA friends have time to go out is during long weekends or breaks- or when we’re procrastinating. I’ve had to face the wrath of my friends because of this. There’s only so much emotional blackmail a human can bear.”

5. Free food? Free food!


” The best part about being a teachers assistant is that you (sometimes), get free food from your class. They’re normally little things that translate into ‘please mark my attendance’ or ‘I missed a quiz, mark it please’, but hey, free food is free food. You can’t resist food.”

You definitely can’t human, food is bae.

If you’re a teachers assistant and have some more interesting experiences, let us know in the comments.

Source: Tenor

NED Has Made Learning Chinese Compulsory For Freshman, And People Don’t Know How To React

The world is increasingly becoming a global village, and in an apparent attempt to cement ties between China and Pakistan, NED University of Engineering and Technology (NED) has made Chinese Language compulsory for all Freshman students enrolled since 2017 as a Non-Credit course.

Source: NED //    

According to the notification, students are required to register for the course by the 15th of December.

The course aims to equip the students with a basic knowledge of the language, and is not aiming to produce fluent speakers at this point of time.

NED, however, is not the first university to offer a Chinese Language course. 

National University of Modern Languages (NUML) has also seen an increasing enrollment in it’s Chinese Language program ever since the inception of the CPEC Program.

This step from NUST signifies that the university believes that it will help strengthen the ties between the two countries, and would help its students be “a leader in enabling Pakistan’s social and economic transformation,” as it has envisioned.

Following the notification, many took to social media to express how they felt about the new curriculum.

Some people lauded the university for its efforts to expand the students’ horizons, but believed that such steps should be made voluntary, and not compulsory:

While some people were of the opinion that there are more important things that should be focused on apart from language:

One highlighted how its a hassle for the students who are finding it difficult to balance the alien language with their regular subjects:

While a few were a little skeptical about the entire agenda:

And there was one who showed a rather troublesome aspect of the policy:

Only time will be able to tell how this policy affects the students of Pakistan, and the dynamics of the country.

What do you think about NED’s new policy? Let us know in the comments!

11 Reasons Why Makeup Classes Are The Absolute Worst

As if the classes we already have aren’t bad enough *gasp* makeup classes?! Here are all the reasons why makeup classes are the worst:

1. Makeup classes are like over time – for students

Source: MGM Entertainment


2. That usually take place during your breaks or after when you’re suppose to done for the day *sigh*

Source: NBC

As if the amount of normal classes weren’t enough.

3. Sometimes, you forget that you have makeup classes and makes plans, then have to cancel your plans.

Source: 20th Century Fox

4. Makeup. Classes. On. Saturday/Sunday.

Source: FOX

But why?

5. They don’t feel like an actual class, for some odd reason.

Source: FOX

Maybe because it isn’t a real class *gasps*

6. Sometimes you’re forced to do assignments in them too ::))

Source: ABC

7. The presentation make up classes are such a waste of time *facepalm*

Why am I wasting my time here..?

8. You don’t ever want to attend a make up class but have to just for the sake of attendance.

To attend class or nah, is the question.

9. When you show up, but the rest of your class doesn’t.

Source: Giphy

How dare they..

10. You don’t get any ‘me time’ and start feeling cranky and tired.

Source: Fox Searchlight Productions

Please and thank you.

11. You can’t catch up with TV shows and readings because you have spend half your day at uni.

Source: Warner Bros.

Am I the only person who passes out the minute I get home?


Why do you think makeup classes are the worst?

Comment and let us know!