Attention LSE Walon! There Will Be No New Juniors On Campus This Spring Semester

This is not a false alarm, LSE students. With Spring semester right around the corner, this isn’t the kind of news you want to hear but..

You read right. For those of you who were looking forward to new faces, LSE will no longer be getting any juniors in January.


We will only be getting juniors once a year now, and that is in September. Being part of one of the last January intakes; I can tell you it has been one hell of a ride trying to make up for the missed semester. So it’s kinda for the greater good.


Other than that, the university has ended the summer semester last year, so there goes your one chance to catch up on failed or missed courses.


So basically, if you fail a course or missed any; you’ll have to take them in your last year during your thesis or after graduating. That does not sound fun at all. Guess its time to pull up your boots and start working hard, it’s only going to get tougher from here on out. (Par chalo, at least we’re sort of getting a proper summer break now)

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13 Things That Can Ruin Your Entire Day At University

Students are, let’s admit, more on edge than others. We have exam stress, homework stress, parent’s pressures, and everything you could possibly imagine. You name it, us students are stressing about it. Thus, any one little thing can trigger us into having the worst day of our student life, crazy? yes. Here are 13 tiny annoying things that can turn your day into a pretty bad one:

1. Having a bad hair day

Don’t force 2 things: relationships, and ponytails.

Source: Disney

2. Not having enough time for your morning tea/coffee

Students who are caffeine addicts, (moi) will definitely understand

Source: Colombia Pictures

3. Traffic

You can be stuck in traffic for literally 5 minutes and just get really angry, because tbh traffic sucks.

Source: Shoman Productions

4. Bad marks

No you didn’t study all that hard for that test, but still, not cool.

Source: IRK films

5. Phone running out of battery

You also forgot your charger, and now your asking around begging for a charger because that phone right there is your entire life.

Source: Deenga

6. Rain

Not a rain person at all. Fucks up your hair and clothes and makeup and bag and shoes…need I go on? A wet day is a bad day.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment

7. Realising you have a massive pimple on your face

The whole day you actually wondered why people were staring at your forehead. Stupid pimples.

Source: HBO

8. Trying to contact your friends but then realizing you ran out of balance

Then you also learn that your university ran out of cards, so now you just sit alone in the cafeteria waiting for any familiar face to show up.

Source: Danish Ali/Youtube

9. Forgetting  you had a test today

You knew you were forgetting something, so just as you walk in class: surprise!

Source: IRK Films

10. Forgetting to put on deodorant/perfume

You keep low-key trying to smell your armpits to see if they actually smell, and wonder if others can smell you

Source: CW

11. Realising you forgot your wallet at home

Even though there were only Rs. 200 in it, you feel naked and broke. Instant bad day

Source: The Living Picture/Youtube

12. Makeup classes

You had plans at 4 pm, but now because of that makeup class, you gotta say bye to those plans.

Source: UTV

13. When your best friend doesn’t show up

And she didn’t even tell you she wasn’t gonna come, how dare she.

Source: HBO

What other things make a really bad day at university? Let us know!

13 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Finding The Perfect Course

Now that exam season is almost over (hallelujah), it’s time we start thinking about what courses would be appropriate to take next semester. Let’s not lie, general courses are mostly courses students take to boost their GPA up, because major kay courses are hard enough for them as it is. So we are here to help! We have laid 13 questions you need to ask yourself before enrolling in the perfect course:

1. Is this course relevant to my major?

The most important thing to keep in mind while taking another course is whether or not it supports your major. What’s the point of studying biochemistry when your major is Political Science?

Source: EROS

2. Am I actually interested in studying it?

You’ll be wasting time if you aren’t interested in studying a course. 1 and a half hour will feel like a decade.

Source: Paramount

3. Is the teacher a strict, or an easy marker?

DOES SHE GIVE OUT A’s LIKE A HUG? How hard will you have to work to get an A that is the question? If she’s an easy marker, do not think twice.

Source: We Think Films

4. Is the course easy?

Sometimes your major courses are demanding, its important to make sure you take an easy course like creative writing to balance it out.

Source: Eros

5. Will I be able to learn something new?

If this course offers you knowledge that helps broaden your mind, you should take the course.

Source: Deenga

6. Will it come in handy in my professional life?

How helpful will the course be in your professional life? Make sure it offers you skills and information that can assist you in your future.

Source: MTV

7. How will my timetable look?

Nobody wants to sacrifice their sleep and attend 8 AM classes in the morning. Enroll in something that won’t keep you up at night. You deserve atleast that much.

Source: Eros

8. Can I get a good grade?

Sometime you take certain courses just for the sake of increasing your GPA. Be thorough and double check with someone who as already taken that course, to see if it’s easy or not.

Source: Paramount

9. Will the teacher kick me out for short attendance?

Sometimes we don’t feel like attending class, the café seems more interesting than the classroom. Find out if your teacher is strict about attendance policies, because in the end, short attendance comes to bite you in the ass.

Source: Deenga

10. Are my friends taking this course?

Who doesn’t want their friends in the same class? Apart from having a good time, it is necessary you know someone in the class.

Source: IRK Films

11. Does the teachers take classes  regularly?

If your teacher misses classes on a regular bases, its great and all, but the burden of the course will fall on you. So make sure you don’t get stuck in taking make up classes all semester.

Source: IRK Films

12. Am I wasting my time?

If a course isn’t relevant to your major or you aren’t interested, you should definitely think twice about taking it. There is no point in wasting time; instead you should focus on your better courses.

Source: Paramount

13. Did anyone I know take this course before?

Source: Deenga

If yes, what did they say about it? Do they recommend it?
What questions do you ask yourself before taking a class? Let us know in the comments below!

11 Reasons Why Makeup Classes Are The Absolute Worst

As if the classes we already have aren’t bad enough *gasp* makeup classes?! Here are all the reasons why makeup classes are the worst:

1. Makeup classes are like over time – for students

Source: MGM Entertainment


2. That usually take place during your breaks or after when you’re suppose to done for the day *sigh*

Source: NBC

As if the amount of normal classes weren’t enough.

3. Sometimes, you forget that you have makeup classes and makes plans, then have to cancel your plans.

Source: 20th Century Fox

4. Makeup. Classes. On. Saturday/Sunday.

Source: FOX

But why?

5. They don’t feel like an actual class, for some odd reason.

Source: FOX

Maybe because it isn’t a real class *gasps*

6. Sometimes you’re forced to do assignments in them too ::))

Source: ABC

7. The presentation make up classes are such a waste of time *facepalm*

Why am I wasting my time here..?

8. You don’t ever want to attend a make up class but have to just for the sake of attendance.

To attend class or nah, is the question.

9. When you show up, but the rest of your class doesn’t.

Source: Giphy

How dare they..

10. You don’t get any ‘me time’ and start feeling cranky and tired.

Source: Fox Searchlight Productions

Please and thank you.

11. You can’t catch up with TV shows and readings because you have spend half your day at uni.

Source: Warner Bros.

Am I the only person who passes out the minute I get home?


Why do you think makeup classes are the worst?

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Here’s How Kinnaird Is Keeping Revolutionary Poet Habib Jalib’s Memory Alive

On December 7th, Kinnaird College For Women’s Studies is hosting a jam-packed event in celebration of the beloved poet, Habib Jalib!

Habib Jalib’s beautiful poetry, his determination, and the love for his country is recognised all over the world. Being a progressive poet, Jalib wrote against the military coups of General Ayub Khan and Zia-Ul-Haq and protested in the streets against the Hudood Ordinance alongside women.

Source: Wikipedia

Habib Jalib was and still is widely read.

This is because he took the complex ideas of socialism and distilled them into indigenous politics, poetry, and humour. He was a voice for the masses, and his words instilled a greater joy and evoked a sense of pride among them.

Source: Dawn

To commemorate Jalib’s work, the Literature department is hosting an event with honourable guests. Oh, and a free concert by Laal Band!

The guests that will be attending this tribute include Tahira Habib Jalib – daughter of Habib Jalib – Abid Hassan  Manto, a prominent literary critic, and the famous Punjabi poet, Baba Najmi.

At the end of the event, the socialist band “Laal Band” will perform for all the students and faculty present.

Source: Mehwish Khan

The guests will first get a chance to discuss and speak about the illustrious poet, including his life, his work and especially his politics.

Habib Jalib was not a revolutionary who was confined to his poetry. Rather, he was a revolutionary in his life as well. He refused to take a single penny from the government even when he fell ill. In fact, he told former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who insisted on taking him abroad:

“Yeh jo baaqi ward main paray hain, woh nazar nahi arahe?”


The same charisma, determination, and sense of nationality cannot be seen today in Pakistan.

It’s important to pay tribute to the heroes who stood up for what was wrong and worked hard for a better future. We keep poets like Jalib, Iqbal, and Faiz alive because they teach us that a pen is no less than a sword, and you can make all the difference in the world with just that one tiny, but mighty sword.

Source: Huffington Post

His patriotism and literary brilliance can be seen through his work:

“Khet waderon se le lo
Millain luteron se le lo
Mulk andheron se le lo
Rahe na koi Alijah
Pakistan ka matlab kya
La Ilaha Illalah… “-Habib Jalib

Let’s hope we keep such great men alive and keep celebrating them for being awe-inspiring figures.

This SZABIST Student Representing Pakistan In Russia Truly Deserves All Your Shabaashi

SZABIST is known to create and support brilliant minds. And the university just proved that with their very own, Sanjay Kumar.

Via Facebook/SZABIST Student Council

Sanjay Kumar is a student at the Karachi branch of SZABIST. He’s currently enrolled in BE electronics.

So how exactly did he make SZABIST proud? Well, he was chosen from Pakistan, after a tough competition, to work on the 2030 agenda of a sustainable development goal.

This took place at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students (WFYS).

Source: WFYS2017

Energetic and engaged young people from 185 countries congregated at the Festival.

These were people who have already been actively involved in moulding the future of their countries. They spent a week shaping the main trends in global development for 2030.

Participants gathered for this festival from October 14th to October 22nd.

The main aim of this festival, that took place in Russia, was to engage the youth in the different problems that have arisen all over the world. They then had to present possible solutions. Issues such as global warming and terrorism were addressed. Moreover, various recommendations were presented.

Via Tenor

Sanjay was attending to his nation with great pride. Talking about his experience, he had the following to say:

“I also represented Pakistani culture, rituals and customs to the foreign fellows, and tried my best to remove all misconceptions about Pakistan in order to bring about a positive change and success in the world.”

Via Tumblr

The Festival consisted of a diverse programme that had been planned. 

A series of scientific and educational events had been set up. Panel discussions, lectures, conferences, master classes and workshops are a few examples of the same.

Source: WFYS2017

Sanjay went on to discuss this wonderful journey:

“It’s a pleasure for me. Indeed, an honor for me. I would like to thank SZABIST for this because SZABIST has taught me how to face difficulties.”

Sanjay also highlighted how the university has taught him the importance of self-worth.

It’s truly great to see people like Sanjay doing such a great job on a global scale. Let’s hope we keep hearing more of such stories.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments.

Cover image: Facebook/Szabist Student Council

These Unrealistic TV Shows Will Make You Say, “Aisa Kis University Main Hota Hai?”

Alright, I know this is going to sound hypocritical, considering it’s coming from someone for whom Riverdale is a guilty pleasure (I watch it IRONICALLY only, okay?), but honestly, why are TV shows about schools and universities becoming so unrealistic? I mean, nobody carries a Gucci purse to school, Blair. And nobody wears pearls to school (looking at you Veronica Lodge). And while yes, school/college/university is a trying time for many, surely it isn’t full of as much drama or romance as the media would like us to believe.

Via Tumblr

That being said, I feel as though THAT is precisely why we watch these shows in the first place, because they allow us to break free from the realistic constraints of this world, and step into the fabulous world of whatever fictional high school you’re choosing to attend. Below are ten shows that gave us all totally unrealistic expectations of School.

1. Gossip Girl

Source: CWJ

Nope, not even rich high schoolers from New York can look THIS fabulous on the daily. And I fail to believe that ‘finding their soulmate’ is the most important thing in their lives, while they’re in high school, HIGH SCHOOL I SAY. Also, how did they even manage to balance their unending social lives as well as school work and extracurriculars so well? Seems like sorcery to me.

2. 90210

Source: NBC

Okay A) there is too much teenage angst in this show, and B) there is too much teenage sex in this show. Doesn’t even ad to the plot. Nuh-uh.

3. Glee

Source: Ryan Murphy Productions

Yes, bullies do exist. But no way would bullies get away with randomly throwing slushies in your face. There would be some sort of consequence to repeatedly throwing a freaking drink in someone’s face, however minor.

4. Community

Source: Community

What school on Earth allows its students to play paintball inside the school building? What sort of school offers courses like ‘Learning!’ and ‘The History of Ice Cream’? What sort of school has a cross-dressing Dean who is a little too emotionally invested in one particular group of students? (That’d be cool, though.) In all seriousness though, Community is a work of art, and if you haven’t seen it already, you really should.

5. Gilmore Girls

Source: Netflix

No way does a girl with barely any extracurriculars get into THREE Ivy Leagues. Also how does she end up getting accepted into Chilton 2 months into Soph year? Why wasn’t she informed on time? And then, Rory graduated Yale on time, despite having taken an entire semester off. Where’s her summer semester, I ask you?

6. One Tree Hill

Source: One Tree Hill

Okay again, so much drama. There’s like, five people in this show and they all keep dating each other in varying combinations.

7. How To Get Away With Murder

Source: ABC

Law school is nothing like its shown on this show. To begin with, rarely do you study cases from your own century, let alone current, on-going cases. Also, no professor would let a FIRST YEAR CLASS help in on-going cases, or talk to defendants, which would basically mean that Attorney-Client privilege is basically an imaginary concept.

8. Pretty Little Liars

Source: Pretty Little Liars

No high schooler is out solving a murder case. Oh, also, dating your teacher is kinda sorta gross.

9. Teen Wolf

Source: Teen Wolf

Okay since when have high school students had such amazing abs? No seriously, this is NOT what an average high schooler looks like. Also most high schoolers aren’t supernatural mutant wolves, js.

10. Riverdale

Source: Netflix

Good Lord, where do I even begin? Is it with Veronica’s unrealistic high school attire (pearls and pencil skirts?) or the turning of the school newspaper into the Jason Blossom Murder Investigation Headquarter™? Oh, or maybe we could talk about the time when the Principle endorsed a student-run militia assembled by Archie. That seems kinda sorta definitely totally unrealistic. Also Cheryl is totally creepy and no normal teenager talks like that, or walks around in thigh high heels for that matter.

What do you think? Which other fictional school gave you unrealistic expectations of real-life schools? Let us know!

14 Masalaydaar Roommate Confessions, Fresh From Kinnaird Ke Hostels

Who isn’t dying to hear the super spicy details of Kinnaird ki larkion ki confessions? Let me be the first to tell you, they are everything you thought they would be and much MORE. The sources? They will remain anonymous of course, mwahaha. So sit tight and let the excitement commence:

1. Once my friend offered me her burger and then after I ate it, she told me ‘iss mein keera tha.’ 

At least you got some protein?

Source: Al Karam

2. I accidentally farted in front of my senior and she told the warden that ‘isnay mujhse badtameezi ki hai.’

Hmm, talk about a superiority complex.

Source: HUM TV

3. I ate the chocolate that my roommate’s boyfriend gave her, and she still doesn’t know about it.

Who can say no to chocolate though?

Source: Deenga/MangoBaaz

4. Whenever the university office talks to my ‘mom’ for permission for a pass, it’s really just my roommate pretending to be my mom.

Woah, okay. Kinnaird peeps be schemin’.

Source: TUC Pakistan

5. I broke my roommate’s headphones, and then I was like ‘OMG, who did this?’

Playing dumb always works.

Source: Deenga

6. I stole my roommate’s new dress and wore it before she could, and she still doesn’t know.

I hope she doesn’t find out!

Source: Dharma Productions

7. A student was writing an application against the warden to the principal, and another student ratted her out.

That’s some serious ass-kissing.

Source: Danish Ali

8. One time I broke my roommate’s Beats, but then fixed them and put them back like nothing ever happened. She never found out.

That is really quick and slick work.

Source: EROS

9. I forgot to take off my tag on my new shirt and I walked around campus all day unknowingly and my roommate never told me.

She must really hate you.

Source: HUMTV

10. One night my roommate trimmed my eyelashes of only one eye while I was sleeping.


Source: Deenga

11. My roommate started talking to a guy she met online and she really liked him. Little did she know that guy was me using a fake account.

That’s some crazy prank.

Source: HUM TV

12. I read my roommate’s secret diary and she still doesn’t know.

Hot gossip alert!

But also potential Kinnaird drama alert.

Source: Youtube// The Living Picture

13. One time I was picking my boogers and I flicked them and they accidentally landed on my roommate’s food.

Okay, ew.

Source: Deenga

14. Once, I stained my roommate’s bed sheet, and when she saw it I was like, “Haw, yeh you tab ka hai jab tumhay periods huay thay

LOL, I wonder if she actually believed it.

Source: SOCH The Band

Got any juicy confessions? Comment and share!

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The 13 Types of Snapchatters You See On Every University Campus

When social media was down the other day, we were SO glad snapchat wasn’t because it’s definitely everyone’s go to. I mean common, Instagram, Facebook, even WhatsApp copied the ‘stories’, so snapchats gotta be doing something right, right? Speaking of doing something right, one thing students are definitely good at, is snapchat. So here are the 13 types of students you see on snapchat everyday:

1. The Selfie Obsessed

Okay, so this person is literally obsessed with themselves. They will put up 5 snapchats, in university, of literally the same angle of their face.

Source: Deenga

2. The Filter Freak

So this snapchatter puts filters on everything. Form themselves, to teachers, to stray animals, even the cafeteria lady.

Source: Bad Baby Productions

3. The Foodie

Even if they are in University, or go out from University, this person HAS to put up a snapchat of every meal.

Source: Giphy

4. Snapchatting Teachers

This student absolutely loves to put up snapchats of their teachers, with funny filters, with funny drawings, everything. It’s just their thing.

Source: ARY Films

5. The One That Needs To Capture Every Moment

There’s about 25 snapchats from this student every single day, just literally snapping every moment he gets in University.

Source: T Series

6. The One That Puts Ugly Snapchats Of Friends

You gotta watch out for this one, because they will snapchat you at the ugliest angle and put it as their story.

Source: Oriental Films

7. The Vlogger

This super cool kid believes everyone loves to hear their stories everyday, and listen to them talk about what happened to them in University.

Source: MangoBaaz Video

8. The CCTV Footage

Unfortunately because of their phone, everything this person snapchats looks like CCTV footage. Sorry, not sorry.

Source: Al Karam

9. The Word Lover 

These are the students that like to rant, write lyrics, or just simply write long captions. This usually happens over a black picture.

Source: Deenga

10. The Artsy one

Makes a whole 10 seconds video of light and shit, #existentialism

Source: Paramount

11. The Weather Man

Oh, its so beautiful! Let me snapchat the weather!

Source: PakistanInstagram

12. The Groupie

You get low-key jealous because this guy has the biggest friend group in University, and is constantly snapchatting selfies with them.

Source: Deenga

13. The Draw-er

This student loves to draw on people, buildings, literally anything with snapchat tools and make art.

Source: TUC Pakistan

And then, there is YOU! Which one are you? Let us know on the comments below!

There Are Really Only Two Types Of Students At University And The Question Is, Which One Are You?

Everyday in University we face different situations, and every student tends to react in their own way.  But if you think about it hard enough, we are all the same. We can all relate to these two types of students to our own friends, even our own selves. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look, shall we?

1. Waiting for the teacher to come to class

Students that end up reading their novels


Students who sing their heart out while doing a dance number

Source: HUMTV

2. Teacher cancels class last minute

“I did not wake up at 7 am for the teacher to cancel”



Source: Tumblr

3. During Exams

Students who show their whole paper


Students that cover their exam and not let anyone cheat

Source: HUMTV

4. 8 AM Classes

Students who are dressed up and have their hair done


Students who come in whatever they wore to bed

Source: IRK films

5. Presentations

Students who read every word  off the slide


Students who act like they’re your new teacher

Source: Veet

6. Class Discussions

Students who get into a debating competition in 2 mins


Students who say stupid things just to make everyone laugh

Source: HUM TV

7. Getting food from the Uni’s cafeteria

Students who are always asking friends to buy them something


The students who actually buy them the food

Source: IRK Films

8. During a lecture

Students who actually listen and write notes


Students trying to complete their neend from last night

Source: HUMTV

9. Clubs

Students who are actively participating in every single club known to man


Students who would never be caught dead at any club event or meeting

Source: IRK films

10. When the teacher asks questions

The students that shoot their hand right up to answer


Students who sink low in their seats and hide from the teacher so she won’t pick them

Source: HUM TV

11. Reading out loud in class

The student who reads way too slow and mispronounces every word


The Student who uses that fake accent every time they read

Source: HUM TV

12. Due Dates

Students that ask in class when the assignment is due, then ask you when they get home, and still hand in the assignment 4 days late


Students who finish their assignment way before it’s due and give it to others to copy

Source: Momina Duraid

13. Test day

Koi teacher ko yaad na karaye kay ajj test hai”


“Miss ajj apnay test leyna hai”

Source: HUMTV

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!