The Story Of BTW – Fast Fashion, Bold, Affordable, And Breaking Barriers

By MangoBaaz Studio | 10 Jun, 2022

Featuring the future of fast fashion, a groundbreaking ‘musical’ fashion show, Metanoia, was hosted by BTW in the recent past to present its collection to a star-studded audience. The show was dedicated to both music and fashion to match the likes of Gen-Z and millennials. The fashion show exhibited vibrant colors, Gen-Z creativity, and also a hit music concert, featuring Danny Zee, Shamoon Ismail, Taha G., and HYDR. The superstars of the music industry donned the trendy outfits launched by BTW, pulling off chic looks effortlessly.

Through this gesture, BTW portrayed its story onstage, putting forth its inescapably unorthodox fashion.

Source: BTW

The owner/director of BTW and the exclusive sponsor of Metanoia, S.M. Umair, experimented with the idea of hosting Metanoia in an attempt to promote art and artists. “We believe in the idea of promoting the talent that exists in Pakistan because they do not get the chance to be highlighted enough,” explained Umair in an interview.

Truly, BTW exists to empower artists and set the vibe for the youth that is, in fact, the prime target market of the brand.

Source: BTW

As the shopping universe expands infinitely with hundreds of storefronts dedicated to every clothing category, more stores log on and give us renewed and revamped options to consider every day. But you must clear your tabs before ordering elsewhere because BTW has everything you’re hunting for – a quilted jacket, a floral dress, comfortable flats, or a trendy mobile cover.

What started as a platform to inspire others to be confident in their style has progressed into an audacious, all-inclusive, and affordable fashion brand that not only commits to creating chic outfits for women and men, but also strikes the perfect blend between Eastern and Western couture.

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BTW has been breaking barriers for the past seven years in Pakistan. Although the presence of BTW in the country has spanned over a brief tenure, the brand’s popularity knows no bounds as it continues to expand its operations nationwide – progressing towards the launch of its third store in Karachi. At present, BTW has made its way to Lahore with five stores, three stores in Islamabad, three stores in Faisalabad, and multiple stores in Sialkot and Bahawalpur.

In addition to the launch of two new stores in Pakistan, BTW is all set to launch its upcoming Eid Collection, flaunting custom cuts and fusion chic, as demanded by the millennials.

Source: BTW

BTW has carved an empowering space for trailblazing women, men, artists, designers, and millennials, providing them the remarkable opportunity to take over the art world, and explore the bold, yet creative elements of their personalities.

Having committed to sustainable fashion, BTW takes pride in its practice of making an impact in the clothing industry of Pakistan – especially in the lives of the artisans who create each article.

Source: BTW

BTW has prevailed through tough times and several vulnerabilities, depending on its paths of self-discovery, inventiveness, and the friendships it made along the way.

Every design, every fabric, and every finished article undergoes a rigorous testing process to account for the highest quality for its esteemed customers – for they do not deserve anything less!

Source: BTW

BTW aims to revolutionize the fashion and design industry of Pakistan by partnering with the young minds and investing in the individuals who breathe life into each one of its products.

Truly, the brand commits to high-end fashion, affordability, thoughtful sourcing, and community welfare!



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