13 Things Teachers Do That Students Absolutely Can’t Stand

13 Things Teachers Do That Students Absolutely Can’t Stand

No, just because we are millennials, doesn’t mean that everything a teacher does gets on our nerves. We love and respect our teachers, because they have one of the hardest jobs: dealing with us. Now that we have that mushy corny stuff out of the way, let’s talk about why teachers sometimes drive us crazy:

1. When they call on you to answer a question event though you didn’t even raise your hand

How many times has it happened? The teacher asks a question and you immediately start looking at the floor, or pretend that you’re trying to figure out the answer, or just avoid any eye contact possible. Yet you’re the one they choose to answer.

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2. When they choose you to present first

Its time for the final presentations. You come to class ‘knees weak arms are heavy’ and you walk to the back of the class, sitting in a corner, praying; “meri pehli baari na ho” and guess what? The teacher calls your name.

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3. When they try to be funny and you’re forced to fake laugh

We’ve all been through this awkward phase in class, or maybe go through it everyday. When the teacher for some reason makes a joke which is dry af but you have to gather all your energy and let out the fakest laugh because number kis ko nai chahiye exam main.

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4. When they point out mistakes in your exam in front of the entire class

We get it. We aren’t perfect. “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days” even Hannah Montanna gets it, so @ teachers, pls stop.

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5. When they ask you to speak out loud, even though you are

When you read your entire assignment in front of the class and heave a sigh of relief , but then you hear your teacher say “ beta thora ooncha bolo, I couldn’t hear you”

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6 .When they ask you why you’re laughing and tell you to share it with the class

You know that rare moment when your lame friend tells a funny af joke in class and you just can’t contain your laughter no matter how hard you try. That’s great and all until the teacher feels the need to ask you to tell the entire class.. “Beta sab ko batao na itni funny kia baat the, humey bhi hasao”.

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7.  Talk when you’re copying down notes

Okay, it’s like, half the class doesn’t listen to you on a regular basis, and now no one is. I understand you wanna teach but I’m trying to copy down notes here.

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8. When they test you on material they haven’t taught

So you study for a test, and cover everything the teacher taught you in class. But, SURPRISE, the test is on something you’ve never heard of in your life. WHY?

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9.When they don’t have any patience for your questions

That moment when the teacher says “beta app chahey yeh sawal meray say 10 baar karo, magar karo tau sahi”. So you ask them, but instead of answering, they just look at you like WTF? How many times do I have to explain this to you guys? Then say “Meri 2 saal ki bhanji ko bhi yeh samajh aa jaye jo tumhey nai aa raha.” Thank you for that reference.

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10. When they cancel class at the last minute

You’re literally in class waiting for the teacher to come, and a student gets a call from the teacher saying the class in canceled. You’re happy but mostly pissed because you woke up at 7 am for this.

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11. When they say the exam will be easy

Whenever a students asks about the exam there reply always is “ho jaye ga app say, kaafi asaan hai.” Then the day of the exam you’re looking at the question sheet like holy shit I know nothing.

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12. When they asked you about what you learned in the last class

Teachers need to understand the fact that even though we were paying attention in the last class it is almost impossible that we actually remember what we studied. Short term memory loss? Perhaps.

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13.  When they don’t actually read your assignment/tests             

You work hard af to get that 3% plagiarism report, but unfortunately the teacher just ends up skimming your assignments or tests.

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Any teacher reading this article: We love you and respect you and also please try to avoid doing the above. Toodles!