Here Are ALL The Responses You’ll Definitely Hear After An Exam

Every student has a different reaction to exams. Some stress out, some binge eat, some remain calm and procrastinate. Again, after they actually take that exam, different reactions can be observed from different students. To learn the human nature and how the mind works better, it’s important we analyse these reactions:

Yaar, what was the answer to this question?”

So, as you can see, this student is insecure. They aren’t quiet sure what the answer was and are relying on others to give them the information they need. They don’t even realize that now that the exam is done, they can’t do anything about the answer they gave already. It’s gone now my friend, get over it.

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“I totally failed.”

This student is a pessimist. They don’t even know how they did, they just know one thing: that they’re gonna fail. The funny part is, most of the time they actually end up doing really well. So, the question is, do they just say they failed to have low expectations for themselves, or because they actually believe they failed? Or were they just dropped as a child? Who knows?

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“Honestly, it wasn’t even that hard.”

The “I’m so cool, nothing ever fazes me” kid. We get it, you’re smart, and you’re the first to hand in your exam but just pls stop. The Einstein shit you’ve got going on there needs to tone down a bit. You might have been raised in a supportive household, but when you say ‘it wasn’t that hard’ to your fellow classmates who didn’t know shit, you might get a chittar or two.

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“The exam was so lengthy.”

The complainer. They complain about everything. From the way the question was worded, to the amount of time they got to answer, to the pen that ran out of ink. They basically blame everything else, besides themselves, for not doing well on the exam. I hope one day, you can actually learn to take responsibility for your actions.

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“Kasam se, I’ll start studying next semester.”

Every friend has been hearing this from at least one person in their friend group since they were, like, born. This student might have a habit of believing they’ll never be good enough, so they end up not trying. They didn’t study, they probably cheated off of somebody in the exam, and now they’re making jhootay waday about studying next semester.  You know this won’t ever be true, so you just nod and smile and say okay.

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“I hope she marks leniently!”

The student who basically leaves it up to the teacher to give them good marks, no matter what horse poop they wrote in their exam. But, newsflash honey, teaches (mostly) give you the grade that you have earned. This isn’t second grade where you get a certificate just for participating, or for just showing up.

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“All the shit I wrote on my hand didn’t even come in my exam.”

This student actually spends a great deal of time cheating, before and after the exam, and ends up still not getting good marks. Half the time, they don’t even know the stuff they wrote on their arms, and look after to see that the answer to question 3 was there all along! Hats off to you folks.

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What other reactions have you observed, and what is your analysis about them?

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