Things Every BNU Student Gets To Hear On A Daily Basis

If you’re a graduate of BNU or are currently enrolled in a program, you’re going to find these funny. If you don’t go to BNU, you “better” read on because when you say these things, they hurt man.

Here are just some of the things a BNU student gets to hear, sometimes on a daily basis:

Hae Allah. LSE say bhee rejection agae thee?

Via: Tumblr
No you dimwit maybe I wanted to pursue something different? Kill me.

What are you on?

Source: Ali Sethi// Youtube
If I’m from BNU, I must obviously be a druggie because we all know students in other universities think joints are bones.

Tarogil Campus? Isn’t that near Multan?

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NO dear God, NO. It’s near Raiwind and we commute there every day, just like we commute back every day.

Sunna hai girls walk around in shorts on campus?

Yeah. We also wear bikinis and take classes when it’s Thursday.

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All the rich, spoiled kids study there don’t they?

Source: Ali Gul Pir// Youtube

Yeah and we will beat yo ass if you call us that again.

How do you guys travel so far on a daily basis?


Mostly on our rich no-brainer private jets but a car when we feel modest.

You know you’re going to have a hard time getting a job with a BNU degree?

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Bitch, I’ll be on billboards, on your T.V and you can sit yo ass down in your office and stalk my……. Instagram (I realize I’m going overboard, bear with me)

Aap ke sath toh bohat saari models parhti hain naKoi set kara do na aik.

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Ever since you’ve gone to BNU, you have this attitude about you

Via: Adele VEVO// Youtube

Yeah and I’ve also learnt to stand up for things I believe in. P.S we call it sass.

Your GPA isn’t even significant.

Via: IRK Productions

Neither is your face.

Apki wo pad wali university hay na?

Via: Eros
Jee. Dil say laga kay rakhtay hain.

We’re BNU. We’re #harami. We’re #Hawhaee, #Allahmaafkaray #Manhoos and we LOVE it.

Cover Image via: Beaconhouse National University/Facebook